Oxford commas are right. Here’s who invented them. – Vox

I know that Oxford commas aren’t exactly something that lend themselves to snarkiness, sacasminess, or profaneyness or are even considered a big part of life and everything or even have much psychology behind them. But, I have a thing about the Oxford comma — the careful reader will note that I almost use an Oxford comma except for those times that I don’t! — so I’m pressing this article onto my blog. It’s my blog. I’ll publish what I want unless someone connected to what I’m linking to and publishing writes and asks me not to, which they have, and I have.

Oxford commas are indisputably correct. But do you know where they come from?

Thanks to a Maine trucking lawsuit, the Oxford comma is back in the news.

The controversy? As the New York Times explains, a recent overtime lawsuit hinged on the interpretation of a state law — and whether it should be read as if it had an Oxford comma or not. Of course, including a comma would have made that clear from the beginning.

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    • Howdy Mac!

      No one complains until you start talking about it, and then you find that opinions are very strong. I’m amazed at how hard people fight to keep their wrong-headed thinking (that is a little Psy of Life sarcastic humor there).



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