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The Republican Stooge Voter: The How & the Why Of It All

Well, I’ll be a gall-darned pie-in-the-sky Little Mary Sunshine! Here I thought if I went away to the hinterlands and didn’t blog for a week that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber would surely implode or blow the world to kingdom come! But, he didn’t. Instead it was just business as usual. More of the same. A little distraction here, a big-assed lie there. Some more Russian collusion now, a bit more of a cover-up then.

What is unfortunate is that the Repubes and the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s sometimes mutually exclusive, sometimes in agreement, sometimes quarrelsome, sometimes harmonious agenda keeps hinking its way forward: the nuclear option taken in the Senate and Gorsuch confirmed. And Dems still not getting it!

To paraphrase what I heard some commentator-type proclaim with utter confidence on AM Joy over the weekend: When Trump supporters realize how badly he’s screwed them, they’ll turn on him, and his coalition will fall apart. Oh, reeeallly? What in your experience of conservative Christian voters makes you think they’ll realize when Trump has screwed them. When have they ever realized when one of their politicians have screwed them? Babbi Jindal? Spam Brownbrokeback? Bait-and-Switch McCan’tel? Seriously, how much more screwed do you have to be than living in Cancer fucking Alley, Louisiana or Knee-deep in Poverty, Kansas or The Coal Jobs Are Coming Back, Kentucky? Kynect is a website that Kentucky can keep if it wants to! Just a Jesus-fucking moment here folks! How often can you beat a dog before it bites you?

They ain’t never gonna realize that they been screwed. They are complicit in their very own screwing! I’ve written before about Republican stooge voters and the things that motivate their complicity in their sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Let’s just review them here, shall we? From my very first post on 2 May 2016 until this very day, with this post, I have desperately been trying to understand how Repubes keep getting votes when it seems so painfully clear that they are simply robbing the middle class to enrich themselves and anyone richer than they are.

The Death Paneling of the American Body Politic saw me explain the stubbornness with which lies like death panels live on with using social identity theory and confirmation bias. Pretty nifty, right! Unfortunately, it don’t kill the derp dead like you think it should. That shit has done stained the consciousness of the conservative Christian voter and there ain’t no detergent goin’ to scrub it out! It’s in there and, brothers and sisters, it’s in there good.

In The Illusory Explanations of Wingnuts, Explained! I explained the seductive ease of believing derpy bullshit like transgender types are only wanting to use the bathrooms of the other gender to commit father rape right there in the Group W stall! Unfortunately, conservative Christian voters have a tendency to stop thinking and start accepting as the Stone Cold Steve Austin gospel truth once whatever derp they stepped in smells like shit to them. They don’t demand that it press into the patterns of their souls like shit will or that it won’t stain their cuffs with its greasy shitty self like shit will. Hell they’ll step in road kill and call it shit because that’s easier than working out exactly what kind of foul smelling offal is seeping out of their posteriors. And that’s what the illusory explanation is all about.

Now, you’d think that something like a fine oiled wealth transferring machine like the modern grifty Repube party would want to at least keep two sets of books like any common numbers runner, right? Well, sir, I explain why that ain’t true in Groupthink or Group Cluster… Explaining the Modern GOP. Back in the Ronnie Rayguns day, the Repubes knew they were peddling a crock of rotting fish, but they been totin’ that reeking crock so long that they now think it is caviar! That is to say, they eat whoever in the party disagrees with the official party line that giving the country’s wealth to the top one percent will fix everything. Christ, whatever you think about Cryin’ Ryan, he sincerely believes that if every person in the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid would give all their money to the top one percent or whatever percent of wealth he ends up in, the entire United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid would magically fix itself right up. You can’t make this shit up. That’s groupthink for you.

Many smarter folks than me have tried to figger out the stranglehold the NRA has on the balls and anuses of the Repubes. But, I give it a go in Guns, Politicians, the NRA, & Votes. Seriously, the Repubes in our Congress just passed legislation restoring the Second Amendment rights of the mentally ill and a mentally ill man ran into a San Bernardino elementary school and shot two nine year olds in cold blood, one dead — also, too, accidentally — in pursuit of his ex whom he also shot dead before shooting himself dead. Sure glad he had his Second Amendment rights to murder an innocent Child of God right there in the school. Of course, if Betty DeVos had her way, we coulda had a running gun battle with lots of other casualties up down the halls and across the playground soaking the whole damn school in blood. Okay, steady down here. Anywho, a lot of it seems not to be based in reality and reasoning, but in preconceived fix roles that people imagine themselves to have. You know, like grieving parent after a maniac shoots your innocent little baby child of god dead in her school. Fuck these people.

Poor Whites Voting Republican was my first real attempt to address the actual conservative derpy Christian voter who would rather shoot themselves in the head than vote Dem phenomenon. I relied mostly on emotional decision making to explain the horrendous decisions these people make over and over, one election cycle after another, generation after generation until they are burying the entire family because they live in Cancer Fucking Alley and can’t figger out how it all come down to that.

In Identity Politics: the Root of all Stupid, I addressed the role of white identity politics and how we tend to down play the idea of white identity politics because, well, white is normal, so you can’t have white identity politics, duh! See, even liberals, people of color, transgendered folks, and undocumented immigrants can’t quite wrap their minds around the idea that the root of the stupid that elected the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is white people and their ethereal paranoid fear of being subsumed by the Other. White is the normal that all of experience is filtered through.

We turned to sociology in The Making of the Republican Stooge Voter: A Review of “Strangers In Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right. We used Arlie Hochschild’s deep story to explain how wronged and ignored and underappreciated those white conservative Christian voters feel by the liberal elites, so they’ll just keep voting for the Babbi Jindals that will keep selling them like so much cheap resource to the international companies and living in Cancer Fucking Alley. That’ll show us liberals what happens when you take white conservative Christian voters for granted! Ha! We’ll all sit over here and die of cancer! You can lead a horse to water, but you can only drown it, amirite?

And lastly, in Deaths of Despair: The Republican Stooge Voters Are Right, They Are Being Left Behind, I reported on how white conservative Christian voters are literally committing fast and slow forms of suicide rather than vote in their own self interest. This is such a depressing litany of just whatthefuckness that it almost saps my very will to continue writing, thinking, and living, but there is light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel of futility and suicide.

Because I think we can take all of these elements, the motivated reasoning, confirmation bias, group identity, roles and expectations, emotional decision making, deep story, groupthink, and illusory explanation and add one more itty bitty thing, and it becomes much clearer why people vote Repube when it really hurts them.

Repube politicians repeat their simple lies endlessly until they themselves begin to believe it — trickle down economics, anyone? There is a convincingness of repetition and simplicity. It’s the soundbite effect, if you will. And, for Chrissake, no one does it better than the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

Believe it or not, if you’ve heard a statement once — no matter how ding-dang dumb it is — and you hear it a second time, you’ll rate it as more valid and true than anything you hear for the first time. Maybe we’re not just the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid, but have evolved into Homo Fucking Stupidians. Jeez.

Now that we are believing the death panels — thank you, you fucking Quitter! — we will then FREAKING ACTIVELY AVOID INFORMATION that contradicts our beliefs. We just tune it out. Become deaf. Don’t pay it no never mind. If it is bad news, we don’t want to know about it, so we don’t look. If you are presented with evidence that your two votes for Babbi Jindal ended up selling you like so much sand to an international oil company for their use in making a profit and giving you and every other family member cancer because they turned your neighborhood into Cancer Fucking Alley, you just ignore it in some kind of deadly stupid cognitive dissonance of a dance with your unconscious.

So, let’s just pretend that Babbi Jindal is out schlepping for votes, and he tells you that things are shitty and getting shittier and its all the liberals faults. He repeats his lie endlessly, his simple seductive — as gross as that juxtaposition is — lie often enough, you the white conservative Christian voter begin to believe it. Then Babbi Jindal is elected, sells you cheap to some oil conglomerate, turns your neighborhood into Cancer Fucking Alley, things really are shitty and getting shittier, and you know what you do? You blame the fucking liberals and completely ignore any evidence that it is actually Babbi Jindal who done it to you and your family and your environment.

It is literally, the increasing inequity in our society, corruption in our politics, and rudeness of our public that is making us much more unhappy. We are literally becoming more unhappy while the rest of the world gets happier.

So, we get this huge reinforcing cycle of cynical simplistic lies that makes our world worse in every way imaginable and instead of seeing the trees in the forest for the lying exploitative festering sacks of roadkill they are, we see the forest as evil liberals promoting the interests of blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ+, undocumented immigrants, Muslims — Muslims for all love! — and other undesirables over our own pure white conservative hardworking virtuous Christian interests. And before you know it, you have gainful employment at starvation wages filling sandbags to keep the rising sea levels that are definitely not being caused by global warming from swamping the houses of the rich and famous while you live in Cancer Fucking Alley dying of cancer and every other environmental calamity that you’ve been sold to.

And now, god help me, I’ve described how all of this comes together in real time to create a lie that will live in infamy in the hearts and minds of all our godly goodly white conservative Christian voters. It is the Jefferson Beauregard Sessions’ story of filthy undocumented immigrants coming to rape our women, use our toilets, sell our drugs, buy our drugs, and commit murder and mayhem on the Mayberry-esque streets of the UFSoFS! It is “Against this filth”: How Social Identity, Cognitive Ease, & Repetition Keep the GOP in Office

Sweet Jesus beat me with your dirty diaper and let the randy goat hump my leg, is there any hope. Quite frankly, this is all so exhausting that I no longer know. I used to think that if we could understand the causes of behavior, we could change it, but now… it seems almost overwhelming.

Well, that’s your post exploring the shit show that the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid has become with psychology for today. Enjoy. I’m going to go pleasure the goat now because it couldn’t be any worse than what is transpiring right now in our country.

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