Programming Break: Update from the Silk Road

Here at the Psy, we are not too revealing of our personal life (it’s an editorial decision, you know). But there have been some exceptions usually occurring when life intrudes on posting, and this is just one of those occasions! As you may know from the blurb on the previous post, I am traveling for a week in the hinterland of far Western China! I have finally found some WiFi with enough bandwidth to allow a post to be made without causing me to throw the phone across the room and scream in frustration. Thank you Sheraton Urumqi.

Another first: I’m writing this post on my phone, which is amazingly tedious! Now for some pictures. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Wow! You are exploring a world I would be fortunate even to be able to locate on a map. In your photos, you look incredibly happy and comfortable in your own shoes, Jack. I’d be terrified. Thank you for bringing us with you, and for softening your editorial stance just a bit and revealing a bit more of yourself. What an adventure!

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    • Howdy Wendy!

      It was the trip of a life time! I was absolutely enraptured the entire time and thankful to be alone. It was such fun.

      I’ve been working on the editorial stance, too.



  2. So happy to see that huge smile on your face! Have a great time, eat too much, sleep too much, explore too much…oh wait there is no such thing as exploring too much! belay that last thought. Stay safe.

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