Meme: Minimizing is Normalizing


Minimizing is Normalizing

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  1. so the circus is still in town and getting more and more unbelievable . It is fascinating to watch as Trump’s world is crumbling around his ankles. I am sure our ” friends” in other countries are either bug-eyed over all of this or bellying up to the bar for another round and a good laugh. What is fascinating to me is watching how the world is responding to all of this bullshit. Sure makes my life look positively boring….( for which I am very pleased)


    • Howdy Francese!

      The other day I was just boggling over how much… the shear volume of scandalous crap the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is involved in. His son is caught literally stealing from children with cancer, and it isn’t front page news because so much else is going on. No one thought information overload could be weaponized and used against us. I am amazed at how all of this is working… in fact, that’s a post for the weekend!



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