Narcissistic Personality

Quickie: No Investigation! No Investigation! You’re the Investigation! The Depth of the OPG’s Narcissism

The big news stories of the week have been the Comey testimony, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s reaction to it, and the Repube’s excuse for the OPG, he’s an idiot. From each we can gain significant insight into the bubbling cauldron of toxic septic sludge that is the collective soul of the OPG and the Repubes. Put on your hazmat suits because this deep dive is going to be grosser and more corrosive than most! We’ve got massive bloated egos to lance just like the biggest most horriblest cyst the world has ever seen.

The Self-Destructive Depth of the OPG’s Narcissism

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s contention that Comey’s testimony verified that the OPG wasn’t under criminal investigation shows the depth his narcissism: (a) he is unconcerned about anyone else under investigation, (b) he is unconcerned about the possibility of Russian interference in our elections, and (c) his victory in the election is still a scab that he can’t quite quit picking at.

The first contention is an easy one to demonstrate. A narcissist is only concerned for himself. He only sees the world from his perspective in terms of how he is personally affected. Oh, but wait, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s obstruction charge will stem from attempting to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn! Doesn’t that demonstrate concern for Mike Flynn? Ha! Ha! I’ve run circles around you logically! No. No, it doesn’t. It strongly suggests that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is extremely concerned with the damage that the Flynn investigation can do to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. He certainly hasn’t tried to stop the investigation into anyone else…

The second contention that the OPG is unconcerned with the Russian influence campaign in US politics is evident because has never once indicated any credible concern that the possibility may be true, even though it is an existential threat to our country. In fact, he has quite famously gone in the opposite direction and questioned the possibility. If he were to accept the premise that Russia’s disinformation campaign had indeed influenced the elections or even existed, it would diminish his puny tiny electoral victory.

And the third contention demonstrates his narcissism because any question to the legitimacy of his victory diminishes his narcissistic self, his over inflated self that he presents to the world. Like the barely inflated over-sized creepy-ass seedy dancing doll things that are used to advertise small businesses and events, he has to constantly be blowing air up his own ass just to keep himself going. Questions about the legitimacy of his victory, the size of his victory, the size of his inauguration, his popularity in the polls, and anything else that questions his brilliance, dominance, and perfection becomes a narcissistic wound and threatens to deflate that narcissistic self.

Failure to Learn

Friday night, Lawrence O’Donnell opined on his MSNBC show that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber cannot learn, and, then, went on Joy Reid’s show to repeat it. He is correct. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber cannot learn because he cannot make the associations that underpin learning in the rest of us. A narcissist can only make associations with himself. And, any narcissistic wound creates such anxiety that all associations that might be made in that moment are disrupted and weakened by the flood of cortisol that flows through his brain. So, the OPG asks Comey if he’s under investigation, and Comey tells him that he isn’t at this moment under criminal investigation, but if he were to make it public, then he would have created a duty to correct should that status change. All the OPG hears is that he is not under investigation and since an investigation constitutes a narcissistic wound, he obsesses over it. His bloated over-inflated narcissistic self cannot exist if there is even one person who thinks that he might be under criminal investigation. The possibility fills him with so much anxiety that he cannot think his way through this problem, that he cannot manage his emotions, that he can only pick at the scab. Therefore, he doesn’t learn from the conversation.

Of course, the Repube’s, we’re looking at you Paul Ryan, is that he is too stupid to know any better has got to be the worst defense in the world. The Repubes want us to accept that they’ve ceded the executive branch of government to an idiot — smacks of Warren G. “America doesn’t need a first rate president” Harding — because it is better than the Repube’s losing, amirite? Fuck these guys.

Narcissism explains nearly everything you need to explain when it comes to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. It also predicts nearly everything you need to predict when it comes to him, too. But, what explains the Repubes going to the mat for this disgusting oozing self-serving boil on the face of humanity? Christ, just lance the mo’fo’ already and get us all out of the OPG’s misery!

Explaining the Republican Support

The common wisdom is that the Repubes have supported the Ol’ Pussy Grabber so that they can get their legislative agenda through, but that is wrong. If they impeached the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, they’d have President Pence who would be far more effective at working with them and have fewer conflagrations threatening to burn the White House down. Wouldn’t that be better? Not to mention that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber also threatens their continued majority in 2018. So, what gives? What’s the downside of impeaching the OPG?

This is about pride. The Repubes are still smarting over Nixon. They ginned up some bogus impeachment of Clinton, investigated the dickens out of Clinton, obstructed Obama all in part as revenge for Nixon and to prove that the Dems are just as bad as the Repubes and everybody does it. But, none of it satisfied their thirst for revenge and false equivalence. Look at the presidential scandals beginning with Nixon:

  • Nixon (Republican), Watergate (obstruction of justice)
  • Carter (Democrat), NONE, although he did have hostages in Iran, but if it weren’t for a treasonous Reagan, they would’ve been released before the election.
  • Reagan (Republican), Iran-Contra (He shoulda been impeached for it. It was treason!)
  • Poppy (Republican), NONE, but “miscommunicated” with Saddam Hussein about invading Kuwait. Not a scandal or illegal, but shesh it sure made a huge mess for someone to clean up… and we’re still waiting.
  • Clinton (Democrat), marital infidelity (obstruction of justice)
  • W (Republican), NONE, but allowed 9/11 to happen by ignoring intelligence reports, started an illegal war, put two wars on credit, and plunged us into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression… still, he was relatively scandal free!
  • Obama (Democrat), NONE, in spite of endless Repube investigations
  • The Ol’ Pussy Grabber (Republican), Mike Flynn investigation (obstruction of justice)

See a pattern here? Think there is a reason that the Repubes want to create a false equivalency between their corruption and the pretend corruption they accuse the Dems of having?

Isn’t it funny in an ironic kinda way that the oozing slug that now occupies the White House so closely resembles Nixon and now seems to be a re-litigation of Nixon. If we don’t impeach the Ol’ Pussy Grabber for obstruction, then we should never have impeached Nixon, his resignation notwithstanding, since the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s obstruction is just as clear and ten times as bad.

We have an out-and-out narcissist in the White House who literally cares only for his own well being and is willing to do and say whatever to advance what he perceives to be his interests in that moment; and we have a Repube party that is willing to do and say whatever is necessary to advance their agenda regardless of the effect it has to the country, its citizens, or the world. Great.

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