Women have been drugged and raped by men for centuries. This medieval woman fought back — and won. – Vox

We here at the Psy really like rape. Er, I mean, we’re interested in rape, which is to say that rape is very much on our minds… Ugh! I mean that after having worked for a rape crisis center and sexually transmitted disease clinic and as an HIV test counselor and as a case manager for people with AIDS and as a therapist, I have a very distinct attitude towards rape and that is that it is not okay. I refuse to call the pustular slug currently defiling the White House anything other than the Ol’ Pussy Grabber to remind us all that he is a confessed rapist. I write frequently about psychopathy, narcissistic personality disorder, lack of empathy and the ways it affects our interactions, namely making sexual assault more likely. See my collected rants of Brock “I’m a rapist who likes to jam splintery jagged hunks of wood up the ass of unconscious women behind dumpsters” Brock for my true feelings on sexual assault.

While I was preparing to write a very personal story about a rapey situation that I was once a party to in celebration of the Bill Cosby rape trial, this article caught my eye. It combines my love of history, irony, and rape. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Women have been drugged and raped by men for centuries. This medieval woman fought back — and won.

A lesson for the Cosby trial?

In southwest England in 1292, Isabella Plomet brings a legal complaint against Ralph de Worgan, a local physician. She alleges that he abused his medical position to drug and rape her.Br

 Drug- or alcohol-facilitated sexual assault is perceived by many as a recent concept, with campuses and anti-rape activists mobilizing to raise awareness. But this remarkable case, recently discovered by medieval historian Gwen Seabourne — with its distant echoes of the Bill Cosby trial — shows how a 13th-century jury recognized sex with an intoxicated person as assault and punished the perpetrator accordingly.

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  1. the male sense of entitlement and the negotiations for sex, has always been problematic.. Taking “no” for an answer is not what many men see as important or necessary. The law in many cases winds up as ambiguous at best and often not even considered. Interestingly , there are even Man on Man rape, which we almost never hear about , but does exist. The victims are often ignored or accused of being ” cock teasers” . and unfortunately most of the courts seem to find it difficult to prosecute. It looks like there is a slow turn for the better in the manner that the courts are now approaching these conflicts. Women are less afraid of confronting the perpetrator and now stand a chance of getting some justice. Hopefully Men will soon be able to have the same results in court and will not be held back by feelings of ” guilt ” or the courts not taking them seriously . ….funny how things can turn on a dime as some perps are finding out.


    1. Howdy Francese!

      When the Ol’ Pussy Grabber was elected there was a noticeable uptick in the reporting of some of the lesser sexual assaults: unwanted groping, verbal threats, and that sort of thing. I truly worried about an increase in sexual assaults great and small. It’s too soon to see anything in the reported statistics, though.

      I very much like the varying degrees of empathy approach to interpersonal abuse and violence. It really makes sense to me as a way of understanding the phenomenon of sexual assault. I once volunteered at a rape crisis center and a mental health hotline and talked to many rape survivors including men. It is a terribly traumatizing and life changing experience that thankfully most men on even their worst days are willing to indulge.

      However, I also believe that all men are capable of sexual assault, the only difference is in how many circumstances will you lose enough empathy to commit the act. Some are wider and some are narrower.

      It is also true that women can sexually assault men. These are less widely considered as any male victim of a sex crime is, but the popularity of female teachers being charged with sexual abuse of students testifies to the changes in our views.



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