Meme: One of These Things Doesn’t Belong!

As if Hurricane Harvey weren’t enough crappy crap to deal with, the North Koreans weigh in with a missile shot over Japan after our brilliant negotiator double-dog dared ’em to. Surprise! They did. It wasn’t to everyone but the brilliant negotiator. So, not only do we have to weather the “leadership” of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber in dealing with North Korea, but now through the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe. So, brace yourself for some bracing “leadership.”

In celebration, I made this meme, may it go viral!


One of these things doesn’t belong!

I saw these pictures assembled on Twitter, but the captioning is mine. The contrast is clear. I wrote in the Unproductive, Malignant, Narcissism WATCH page, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is a germophobe. He’s said so himself when he was trying to explain why he would never watch Russian hookers peeing n the bed while he does something that no one wants to imagine. Unfortunately, this is one of those polar bear things. Clean up on blog five! Clean up on blog five! The collective readership just collectively vomited!

There ain’t no way no how, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is hugging or shaking hands with or “kissing” one of those survivors. Pussy, beautiful, whatever. He ain’t doing it. You don’t know where those people have been or the last time any of them bathed. Yuck!

I love the way he boasts about the size of the storm and flood as if it is like his words or brains or people he surrounds himself with. You know he has the BEST words, the BEST brain, the BEST people, and, now, the BEST storm! Because it is only the BEST for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber! Just like he congratulated that poor soldier for earning a purple heart. Just like he bragged about the size of the crowd that turned out to see HIM!

Fuck. Is he stupid? Is he narcissistic? Is he both?

But, the meme shows how real presidents respond to disasters. No body did it better than President Obama. No one had to do it more, either. But, look at the expressions on the faces of our three most immediate last presidents:

  • That girl kissing Clinton? He is genuinely moved and touched. Look at his expression. You can practically hear the aw!
  • Look at the hug that Dubya is giving that woman in Mississippi! I’m surprised she’s still breathing! And Dubya looks concerned. He wasn’t the brightest president that we’ve ever had, but he could be moved by human suffering.
  • Look at the expression on President Obama’s face. He knows how bad Sandy was, but he is grimly determined to do what had to be done. He knows that he can’t personally do much for that woman, but he’s doing what he could.
  • Now, look at the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. He’s grabbing the Texas flag by the pussy and wearing one of his proprietary hats! He’s proud of the size of the storm, the depth of the flood, the amount of damage, and the crowd that has turned out seeking comfort and leadership but getting empty fucking boasting instead.
  • He didn’t even bother going to see any of the flooding or get close to people. He did lie about it, though, because of course he did.

Remember how Clinton responded to Flint, Michigan? Personally visiting without turning it into a big campaign stop even though it was during a campaign. Personally giving staff and her assistance without making it into a publicity stunt. Sure, she was emotionally unavailable and seemed fake and had her emails and Benghazi, but does anyone doubt that she would’ve handled Hurricane Harvey like a common Obama?

Given that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is quickly sidelining himself in terms of relevance — his Secretary of Defense isn’t banning no transgender troops no matter what the Ol’ Pussy Grabber tweeted. Obviously, Kim Jong Un don’t give no fuck what the Ol’ Pussy Grabber says, he’s got big fuck you’s for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. Our allies are quickly moving to the Oh fuck, it’s that guy, again relationship. Did you see his press conference with the Prime Minister of Finland?

Can you image?

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  1. Howdy Suze!

    Hurricane Harvey has affected me more than I realized. I have many friends in Texas and the Houston area. Luckily, my mother is out of state, though. The seventh grader has had a helluva lotuv homework this week, too. Just trying to get her organized and on track seems like a full time job. Christ what a waste of time most homework assignments are. Anywho, it has been a hard week. And, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and North Korea are not helping! Ark or bomb shelter or TARDIS, but I need something to help me survive this mess!



  2. I am seriously considering digging a HUGE hole in my backyard and mixing up huge amounts of cement and building my very own, wonderful, terrific, incredible huge and ginormous shelter for when the bombs come….cause if this president isn’t banned from office fast, I figure the bombs they are a comin…..

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