How Dick Gregory Forced The FBI To Find The Bodies Of Three Slain Civil Rights Workers — Still Crew

I had the great good fortune of finding this article over to the Wonkette. and, now, I’m passing that exact same great good fortune on to you. I betcha your last fortune cookie didn’t predict this one!

Not only is this article informative, authoritative, and provocative, it reminded me of the importance and necessity of righteous indignation as a motivating force. The #Resistance is a marathon and we need motivation to see it to its bitter bitter embattled end.

It is the perfect counter-point to the Charlottesville Nazi-Fest, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s assault on all things not white, and the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe (if you haven’t donated, please go to the Hurricane Harvey Donations page).

As if any of us needed reminding of the horrors that white America visited upon black America and the ways we continue to torture black Americans in particular, this will do that reminding.

How Dick Gregory Forced The FBI To Find The Bodies Of Three Civil Rights Workers Slain In Mississippi

The real story of how Dick Gregory helped find the bodies of three brave men killed during Mississippi’s Freedom Summer.

David Dennis, Jr. Writer. Editor. Aug 30

My father knew James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Mickey Schwerner were dead as soon as he got the call that they were missing. Their bodies weren’t found until 44 days later.

What happened between that phone call and the discovery of their bodies is a story that’s been bastardized by Hollywood, overlooked by those intent on ignoring America’s painful history and mired in misinformation. But anyone involved in the 1964 Freedom Summer in Mississippi knows one undeniable truth: Dick Gregory’s heroic battle with the FBI is the reason those bodies were found.

As Mississippi director for the Congress of Racial Equality, my dad, David Dennis, Sr., sent Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner to Longdale, MS to investigate a bombing at the Mount Zion church. What my father didn’t know at the time, but is sure of to this day, is that the KKK perpetrated the bombing to lure the three workers out and kill them. The Klan also prioritized Mickey Schwerner as a target. The young, fiery organizer was a dynamo at rallying black people to register to vote. Schwerner offended the Klan most of all because he was white. A traitor. And he was Jewish.

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