Meme: GOP, Racism, & the Southern Strategy


Meme: GOP Racism

There just no denying that the GOP has actively courted the white racist vote since 1964 when four Southern states went for Barry Goldwater over Lyndon Johnson. Nixon certainly codified the strategy, but no one went as far as Reagan who launched his presidential bid in Philadelphia, Mississippi the site of the infamous Zion Church bombing and murder of three civil rights workers.

The GOP continues to divide America racially and milk the middle class to the benefit of the upper class wrecking the economy at the same time. It’s time to wake up and smell the sewage seeping out of the GOP septic tank.

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    • Howdy Shmaltz!

      Just catching up on some commenting and correspondence — sometimes work and family life…

      I’ve enjoyed your insights into the Democratic Party’s dynamics, so I will enjoy reading about your findings on the GOP, too. I have a deep appreciation for your devotion to research and detail.



    • Thank you sir for your reblogging! Much appreciated… again! I’ve just published a post along these same lines exploring the psychological roots of white supremacy. I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.



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