Meme: #YouAreYourVote

Voting counts. Voting matters. You vote for a candidate, and you own that candidate’s policies and governance. You have enabled that candidate to enact the policies, laws, and governing style that they did. You own it. It’s yours.

Ours is a winner take all democracy. You win, and you govern.

What if you voted for a candidate that didn’t have a chance of winning? Then you voted for the winner. You either voted for the candidate that lost, or you helped the winner win. It is a binary choice, and it is winner take all.

Check out these memes that emphasize the point. Let me know what you think… and make ’em go viral!

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  1. I personally believe you should flood the internet with those memes beginning in 2019 and sharing them several times a day every single day until the next presidential election.

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    • Howdy Suze!

      The 2016 election was the great civics lesson for the US. 2018 and 2020 are the tests. We’ve got to pass them. We’ve got to understand what voting actually means.

      I’m astounded that we haven’t done a better job in preparing our electorate for their duties. But, now looking at it, it almost seems like it is a conspiracy at work to achieve these ends.

      I’ll do my best to publicize these ideas on social media! Thanks for the good word.


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