Meme: The Repube Tax Plan

We’ve all seen this story play out time and time again. It is like some kind of sick Oedipal complex that we play with ourselves in which we desperately want to believe that this time the sweet words being cooed into our ears will be true and we will all ride over the rainbow bridges on unicorns holding hands eating heart-shaped cupcakes and singing Kumbaya while we ascend to Nirvana to live in a blissful life forever and ever, Amen.


Seriously, the Repubes have just factored in the economy crash and the eight years it takes for the Dems to fix it. It ain’t no Laffer Curve; it is the Laugher Cycle because the motherfuckers are laughing all the way to the bank while we are left scratching our asses wondering how the ding dang dumb libels have done it to us AGAIN and wrecked the economy under another Repube presidency.

It is clear that the Repubes sincerely believe that the way to make a more perfect union is to transfer as much wealth upward from the middle class to the wealthy class. The wrecked economy and Dem president to fix it are just part of the cost of the plan. They’re giving the stooges just enough to keep them hooked while they drain the blood from them.

We are the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid and deserve every bit of the pain and misery these bastards — that we keep electing!! — inflict upon us. If we as a nation cannot figure this out and vote accordingly, there is no fucking hope for us.

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    • Howdy Juan!

      For the first time it looks like the GOP has paid a price for their trickle down economics. There were significant crossover votes in many of the states that Trump took in 2016 and part of it was the tax plan, the ACA, and a lack of real job creation, as well as disgust with Trump and his handling of his office.

      The trickle down effect is so predictable that you’ve just got to believe none of the Congress folks who vote for it actually think it will work in any way other than it always has. You’ve got to believe that they are just playing their constituents in the cruelest most cynical way possible. That their constituents fall for it is the saddest part. There’s a reason red states take in more federal aide than they pay out in taxes.



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