Meme: Internet Trolls

Inspired by my interactions with two of the weakest dumbest trolls on Facebook. Christ, these two yahoos couldn’t even figure out that the person who created the board, gets to set the rules for the board. My rule: give me substantive but snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney argument, and you will get one back, but give me some thin stream of weak diarrhea and I’ll hand you your ass with a sweet invitation to fuck right off.

But you came after me!

You’re goddamned right I came after you. You posted to a board for a blog that advertises itself as snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney! What the fuck did you think was going to happen.

But, you can’t post something to the internet and expect everyone to like it.

I don’t. I want people to argue with it. What I don’t accept is someone sticking their head up my ass and complaining about the stink. Give me something other than your sad tropes, cliches, stickers, gifs, and memes or fuck right off.

I don’t think the poor dumb fuck ever got it.

Anywho, Brian and Daniel, this one is for you! I hope you both limp for the rest of your lives after I took a hunk outta your dumb flabby hairy white asses.


Seriously, when the national dialogue is about how our democracy was taken over by a foreign government, the federal government abandoning Americans to their fate after a natural disaster, disrespecting our fallen soldiers and their families, actively suppressing the vote to the point of altering election outcomes,

And these yahoos want to be respected for stickers, memes, gifs, and cliched accusations of fake news. Fuck them. The stakes are too high to be worried about their privileged asses feeling their liberty to post whatever garbage they want, when they want, where they want and have that be the sum total of their “intelligent” discourse on the matter. Obviously, they have not read my blog.

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    • Oh, you and me both, sister. You and me both. It so thoroughly frightens what people think is informed discourse. Not to thoughts to rub together to hope for a spark of an idea to make a flame of an argument.

      I’m ready for the future anarchy or enlightenment. I just can’t stand the present moment of stupid incompetence much longer.


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