Barnum Bailey There's a useful idiot born every minute

Meme: There’s A Useful Idiot Born Every Minute

Reading time: less than a minute
A punny meme to use on friends, family, neighbors, and trolls alike. Be the envy of all you survey on your social media with this handsome meme!

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Anatomy of a Troll

Quick dip: 2 minute read
Shallow dive: 4 minute read
Deep dive: 6 minute read
Internet trolls pop up almost as often as racists and white supremacists do nowadays. The funny thing their trolling techniques are so much alike, it’s almost like there were some degree mill popping them out, and an agency licensing them, and a continuing education requirement. But, that would be silly, right? Well, I dissect a troll after a Twitter encounter. Come see the oozing dripping guts and other viscera! It’s educational.

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