Antisocial Personality Disorder

Scott Pruitt’s EPA: When Groupthink and Psychopathy Collide

Of course the Ol’ Pussy Grabber thinks Scott Pruitt is doing a great job: (a) Pruitt is doing exactly what the Ol’ Pussy Grabber wants, which is easing the way for polluters to make more money without cleaning up after themselves or even apologizing and (b) Pruitt is acting like a wealthy smug prick, which is the exact kind of person that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber respects.

So what the actual fuck is actually up with Scott Pruitt? According to Nicole Wallace during the 5 April broadcast of her Deadline: White House show on MSNBC, there are no fewer than six whistleblowers in the EPA tattletaling on Pruitt to the White House! Three of them are political appointees that agree with Pruitt’s agenda there. How bad does it have to be to have Sen. Jeff Inhoffe’s man, Ryan Jackson, chief of Pruitt’s staff, ratting you out to mom?

The personnel office, though, probably just handed him a vodka tonic and implored him to join their conga line. For fuck’s sake.

Five of the whiny little titty-babies who don’t think the government should be paying for soundproof phone booths and bulletproof vehicles for cabinet members — don’t they know this SCOTT PRUITT!?! He’s fucking important! — have either left, been reassigned, or been demoted.


First, it is a real sign of groupthink. By punishing people who have raised questions, he is silencing dissent within the agency. Let’s just count ’em down like we’ve been doing for the past few days here at Ye Olde Blogge.

The leadership favors a solution and a better one has little chance of being accepted: Scott Pruitt is hellbent on his entitled corruption, and he ain’t going to be dissuaded Inhofe’s man or not! Fuck that. He’s a cabinet officer by god. Either you’re kissing his ass or you’re hitting the road.

High stress: How distressed are the senior staffers both the political appointees and the career people to be witnessing this level of corrupt bullshit? Flying first class or on military flights? Staying at a lobbyist’s Airbnb for $50.00 a night? Taking seven people, one of whom hasn’t actually done any work for three months, but was paid for it, to Morocco with a two day lay over in Paris to lobby the Moroccan government to start using liquid natural gas which the lobbyist apartment owner represents the company that has the only terminal for exporting liquid natural gas… what the fuck does the EPA have to do with exporting LPG anyway? Of course, these people are highly stressed.

In addition, they are being asked to strike regulations without regard to the impact either short term or long term. They are just taking a buzz saw to it all and burning it all to the ground. These people are distressed.

Low self-esteem: When you’re a professional and you’re being asked to be a party to some skeevy shit, you start to question your life choices. That’s the point of being a professional: you uphold a level of ethical standards commiserate with your license.

So, Scott Pruitt ain’t making good choices. He’s off spending taxpayer money willy-nilly in a big old orgy of entitlement. Well wouldn’t you? You land yourself in a position that has a blank checkbook and no oversight, wouldn’t you just spend to your heart’s content?


What stops us from doing things that we know are unethical even when no one is watching? Well, it is an internal sense of guilt, shame, and propriety. Scott Pruitt, quite simply put, ain’t got those. He is regularly violating the rights of others obviously without remorse. Right now, Pruitt is either directly violating laws and regulations or is skirting them. He is obviously manipulating others to help him avoid complying with clear ethical and spending guidelines.

It strongly suggests that Scott Pruitt is a psychopath or has Antisocial Personality Disorder as defined by the DSM 5 since psychopathy is not a listed diagnosis.

Let’s walk through the diagnostic criteria:

  1. Failure to obey laws and norms by engaging in behavior which results in criminal arrest, or would warrant criminal arrest — It is clear to the most uninterested and casual observer that Scott Pruitt is engaged in systematic massive corrupt and fraudulent behavior.
  2. Lying, deception, and manipulation, for profit or self-amusement — He’s definitely lying about all of his expenses and reasons for his expenses for his own profit either directly or indirectly.
  3. Impulsive behavior — I don’t know how impulsive he is. You needn’t meet all of the criteria to receive the diagnosis, though.
  4. Irritability and aggression, manifested as frequently assaults others [sic], or engages in fighting — While Pruitt hasn’t been engaged in physical fights that I know of, he certainly has been aggressive and assaulting his staff with punitive acts when they tattle on him.
  5. Blatantly disregards safety of self and others — Whether you agree with the absolute necessity of the EPA regulations, simply undoing them with the stroke of a pen leaves many in harms way. They don’t call it Cancer Alley for nothing.
  6. A pattern of irresponsibility — His reckless disregard for spending and behavior guidelines is exceedingly irresponsible. The amount of money spent on military flights alone is criminal.
  7. Lack of remorse for actions — It is obvious that he is remorseless. He’s been warned. He’s been given an explanation. Yet, he’s persisted.

It is clear that both the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and Scott Pruitt are cut from the same cloth. It is clear that both are doing grave harm to the country because neither of them experience remorse for their actions. Their level of entitlement blinds them to any injury that they inflict on others on their way to achieving their selfish self-serving goals.


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  1. This may be a bit tangential, but I was thinking about how 45 constantly talks about those who he sees as ripping us off – in trade, its every (yes, EVERY) other country – Amazon is ripping off the USPS – environmentalists and regulators are ripping off job creators – and so on, and on, everybody except the loyal members of his gang of kleptocrats (Until they prove sufficiently embarrassing or disloyal to be thrown to the wolves) . The key is projection. Trump’s life long business model has been about ripping off anybody he can, employees, contractors, creditors, and his defense is in really seeing that as what everybody else is trying to do to him. That is the nature of the world he lives in, the “state of nature” where life for all but the winners is mean, brutish, and short. That is how an insecure predator can look in the mirror (I was going to say “sleep at night”, but he doesn’t seem to do that much.) And when his deceived followers realize they are being ripped off, his response will be, “Its not me, its them (whomever).”

    The group think of Affluenza Frat Boy Kleptocrats.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      Affluenza Frat Boys is a very apt way of describing the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s cabinet. What you’re describing as projection is actually a gaslighting technique in which the accused simply accuses the accuser of whatever the accused was just accused of. It’s one of the keys to recognizing a narcissistic personality disorder. The other aspect of it is that the narcissist is never to blame for anything. Therefore, it is always someone else’s fault. If our economy isn’t doing well, it is China’s, our trade partner’s , Amazon’s etc. fault. They are ripping us off. When whatever foolish knee-jerk reaction the impulsive Ol’ Pussy Grabber has doesn’t work or blows up in his face as his China tariffs are doing right now, it is because of their cheating ways and he’s so tough he won’t stand for it. When he was a private citizen, he could get away with a lot of this crap by (a) suing people or just threatening to sue them. he has enough money to drag proceedings out long enough so that they are not worthwhile. And, (b) to take advantage of corrupt officials. He’s finding that in the political world that that shit just stinks up the joint.


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