The Unproductive Malignant Narcissist WATCH: the Trump Tower, edition

Ever since the Ol’ Pussy Grabber woked up last Sunday morning, grabbed his tweeter in  his meaty stubby chubbies, and choked out his confession to collusion, there has been much rending of clothing, gnashing of teeth, and scraping of boils amongst the punditry

class concerning the hows and whys of it all. These confusions follow several themes: he’s changed his story so many times on the Trump Tower meeting, he’s confessed to breaking the law, no laws were broken, collusion ain’t against the law, and what is crime, anyway?

Let’s face it, the meeting in the tower is not complicated, it ain’t confusing, and it sure as shit ain’t a secret. That dern fool Don-Don done published all of the emails that led up to the meeting showing that they were expecting to get dirt on Clinton and the Ol’ Pussy Grabber done fessed up to writing the cover-up letter with Hope Hicks, who, incidentally, is riding around Air Force One with him even though she is a witness against him.


The mystery ain’t whether or even why he confessed to breaking the law, AGAIN; the mystery is why more people don’t know why he did it! Here’s the thing, AGAIN: he’s a narcissist! What else do you need to know about him?

Okay, you should also know that he has no executive functioning skills. He can’t control his emotions or his impulses. That’s why he tweeted. For him, it’s like premature ejaculation. He just can’t help himself. Nor does he want to help himself, but that’s the narcissism part.

The Narcissistic Wound

So, the Mueller investigation is starting to close in on Don-Don and his malfeasance at the Trump Tower meeting, so the Ol’ Pussy Grabber gets anxious, not because he cares about Don-Don (he don’t; narcissists are incapable of love or altruism), but because Mueller is one step closer to proving that the Russians helped him get elected. The anxiety is about him being exposed as a fraud. It is a narcissistic wound.

The narcissistic wound occurs when the narcissist feels he is in danger of being exposed for the fraud that he is. The most important task for the narcissist is to present this perfect front to the world. Everything in the narcissist’s life is devoted to keeping the facade of perfection spit polished and gleaming. To pierce that hot-air filled caricature is to threaten the narcissist’s very existence.

The G-7, the NK Summit, and the Narcissist: Disaster is Striking

With all that free-floating fear and anxiety, he cannot sit still; he has to fight back. Having the fake facade pricked makes the narcissist one of the most dangerous of all cornered beasts. He will lash out in any way he can and destroy everything to preserve the precious image of himself as perfect. America, we is expendable.

Narcissism: Supremely Confident; Supremely Foolish

But, it is worse! Isn’t confessing to looking for dirt on Clinton from a foreign government admitting that the law prohibiting accepting anything of value from a foreign government by a campaign? Well, it sure as shit is, Sherlock. And, ain’t confessing that you’ve broken that particular statute hastening his own self-destruction? Well, it sure as shit is (I’ve always said that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is the kinda guy that will hang himself if you give him enough rope; unfortunately, he’s gonna hang a lot more of those around him before he swings). So, why would he do it?

The narcissist believes that he is special and exceptions will be made for him. He believes his own bullshit smells like coffee and the sneers of disgust are just signs of how much everyone else envies his skills and abilities. (a) He literally does not believe he’ll be caught because he literally believes he is a stable genius. (b) He literally believes he has not broken any laws because he says he hasn’t. And (c) he literally believes that even if he has broken a law, exceptions will be made for him.

The narcissist believes that he is infallible and is supremely confident that every thought is spot on. He does everything with the smug self-assurance that it is the right decision and will not fail no matter how ill-advised, inane, or imprudent. And, once it fails, it is everybody else’s fault.

So, he tweeted that tweet because he’s an unproductive narcissist trying to preserve his narcissistic facade. There is no grand scheme or plan or insight or understanding. There’s just self-aggrandizement.

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  1. And the confusion of the punditry arises from their need to look smart by discovering the brilliant and secret strategy that isn’t there, and being able to talk about it 24/7 on cable news from whichever zone (I’ve given up thinking of political orientation in linear, Left-Right, terms.) they represent.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      When everything is a commodity to be sold, then you have to constantly be supplying the new and improved version. I think Putin has finally realized that the way to beat capitalism is to buy it. It is evident now that he has been shopping for Western politicians for decades and is now reaching critical mass. He’s used our highly emotional cultural issues of gun ownership and abortion to divide us.

      There is a post about the use of priming through advertising and social media in there. That is something that I’d be willing to devote time for research and development…


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