MEME: White Raged!

White conservatives are angry!

Those ding-dang dumb liberals are lettin’ in more and more immigrants and Muslims and promoting blacks and queers over the interests of god-fearing good white Christians! They just ain’t gonna take it no more!


They’ll stop those liberals from turning their country into something other than the white haven god meant it to be even if they have to sell the whole dern country out to the Russians and forego democracy! Just like these two fellers:

Those garsh darn blacks and Mexicans and feminists and Muslims and immigrants and queers and trans whatever you call ’em ain’t going to get their country not if they can help it! Make no mistake, it ain’t economic insecurity that is driving this white rage, it is racial resentment and bigotry.

In a classic case of cutting off your nose with the bath water, these folks seem to rather have anything else, including destroying the country, rather than allow liberals and progressives to be elected much less enact laws.


White Raged

To make matters worse, the Repubes are willing to go right along with them. The Repubes aren’t even pretending to be democratic any more. They are happy to gerrymander, disenfranchise voters, lie, cheat, and steal to enact their political agenda. They are now being full fledged authoritarians seeking a permanent majority much like the tin-horned dictators of Central and South America that Reagan liked to demagogue were presidents-for-life.

The Repubes in Congress aren’t trying to stop Russian interference in the mid-terms because they are hoping the Russians will throw the election their way. These white conservative voters are more than happy to let the Russians manipulate our elections just to enjoy the cheap thrill of pissing off the liberals.

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  1. looking forward to hearing more about your writing on the 18th century British Culture that has had such an impact on American culture !!!

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  2. looking forward to your 18th century British culture post and what it had regarding the American response… Being a history nut , I am waiting with bated breath!!

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    • Howdy Francese!

      In my late teens and early twenties, I was in the Coast Guard. I was stationed on Wormly Creek off Chesapeake Bay just outside of Yorktown, Va. Somewhere in this warren of small waterways was an isolated community of lobstermen or maybe they fished for something else. But, they were so isolated that their English was closer to that of Colonial England than modern American English. We couldn’t understand them when we encountered them. The language in England of course went on evolving into its modern form.

      Our culture is a lot like that. The culture in England continued to evolve and grow. Our culture was a little more stagnate because of the natural isolation the States were in for our first hundred years or so. It wasn’t until the First World War that we really contacted the rest of the world and began being heavily influenced by outside cultures. We still are far more like Colonial England than any of the other colonies… besides New Zealand who were colonized much later but are much more isolated. Somehow, they turned out to be much nicer people as a whole.

      Maybe I will be writing that post…



  3. Have you noticed that the ragers all seem to show the physical signs of long term alcohol and drug abuse? From the huge hard beer bellies, to the horrible skin, to the deep lines around their mouths to the red broken-capillary noses………..

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    • Howdy Suze!

      Alcohol and drug abuse does make it that much easier to express your inappropriate deep inner emotions inappropriately… and be more easily manipulated by those needing that anger for short-term gain. I’m afraid that the short-termed nature of our politics is now catching up with us.


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    • Howdy Bob!

      I find the whole white racial outrage reaction to be some of the most telling and disgusting of all. Thirty-plus years ago when I was doing my batchelor’s degree, the theory was that lower socioeconomic class whites looked at blacks and Hispanics and said to themselves, “I might be poor, but at least I’m not them,” as the explanation of the racism that is so prevalent, and that it gets exploited by politicians.

      Change is hard, especially changes that cannot be prevented or controlled. The demographic changes are going to happen no matter what unless we’re willing to commit genocide. And change is hard for those who have never been expected to change to accommodate anyone else. And, again, it is exploited by politicians.

      I keep wanting to write a post or two about the influence that 18th century British culture still has on American culture, especially white culture. It really is the root of most of our problems. It requires more research and development time than what I’ve got to give it right now, though.


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      • I’ve thought recently that the way out of the denial at the root of the white rage would have to resemble a national progress through a version of the 12 Steps of AA.

        Thinking of 18th Century British culture, one item that come to mind is the debates around the Poor Laws and who were and were not the Deserving Poor. That debate has continued unabated to this day.

        There is a huge fear that afflicts haters. If they did not hate, what, then, would they have to do? Love? Admit the truth of “there but for fortune”, and practice empathy and generosity? Enlarge their definition of “Us”? In hating, such fate need not be contemplated.

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        • Howdy Bob!

          Hate, bigotry, racism all simplify the world. It makes it easy to deal with things and people who are different and challenges that demand change. There is little risk in being a bigotted hater. Unfortunately, our world is complex and getting more so. Attempts to simplify the world is actually quite self-destructive. Ultimately, it ends up hurting everyone.


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