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A Quickie with Mz Millie Weaver

We’ve all seen dumb and stupider on social interwebs. But, there has gots to be something seriously wrong with some of these folks, though, so let’s have a look at the dumb, stupid, and the holy crap in my socks batman what just happened from earlier in the day on Tweeter.

Here’s a series of posts by someone claiming to be a reporter working for Alex Jones’ Infowars. Who knew there could be such a thing? A reporter? I guess she reports the shit that falls out of her ass because… okay, judge for yourself.





Well, libtards, I guess we all been told. Publicly held businesses can’t ban individuals based on offensive behavior that violates their standards because they have fewer rules than corporations? Oooh! Me head hurts!

The Founding Father’s were right. To maintain a democracy you need a well educated electorate who understands the Constitution, the functions of the government, and which government organs are responsible for fulfilling which responsibilities. We no longer have that. It seems that at least a third of the population doesn’t even understand the basics of how our democracy works.

Our world is far more complex and convoluted than that of the late 18th Century. It takes a considerable effort to understand taxes, health care, diplomacy, and economics. If you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to understand the basics of each, you can’t make an informed choice at the ballot box. That’s why we have people that believe trickle down economics works, crime is getting worse, our national debt works like personal debt (it don’t; really, it don’t), and the richest country in the history of human kind can’t afford anything it damn well pleases to afford.

David Souter, who is not a Founding Father, but a retired Supreme Court justice, helpfully explained the following:

Democracy cannot be sustained by the ignorant and uneducated, especially by a population that does not have a strong grasp of civics and how their government works. A people who are too ignorant of their government that they don’t know who is responsible for the various functions of government, then we won’t vote to solve our problems. If we vote, we will vote for emotional reasons.  And, if we can’t even conceive of the problems much less the solutions, we are far too willing to hand the reins of government over to the false prophet who proclaims that I alone can fix it.

I guess things have got to get worse before they can get better, but how much worse and how much more of this level of just utter stupidity can the republic survive?

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  1. I remember having to pass a test on both the US and my State (Illinois) Constitutions to graduate High School. I wonder whether that is still the case. Granted, the test was pretty basic, and probably not as detailed as the one immigrants have to pass to become citizens (Who may know our system better than most native born at this point.), but at least it was there.

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  2. I used to think we were a nation of intelligent people. Oh I knew we had illiterates..we even have some with reduced metal facilities…but on average Americans were intelligent. How crushing emotionally to have it reinforced every day that we are a nation of buffoons and ignoramuses. sigh

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    • Howdy Suze!

      God does have a way of humbling even the most modest of us. “Okay, God, message received. Got it. You can stop now. Really. Message definitely received. Please stop sending it.”

      With each passing day, either people seem to get stupider or stupider people decide to step out of the shadows and into the limelight. I didn’t think it could get worse than the “I’d rather be Russian” twins, but Mz Weaver arrived followed by Ms McDowell. Y’all have national platforms of sorts. You should be able to do a little better than that.



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