Brett Kavanaugh: Life Course Persistent Antisocial Behavior. Not Qualified for SCOTUS

Here’s something interesting about sexual assault that I did not know: there is a class of people who commit antisocial behavior an adolescent or young adult, but then by their mid-twenties, quit being antisocial and join the rest of civilized society. Sexual assault and perjury both qualify as antisocial behavior, just in case you were wondering. That type of antisocial behavior committer is called adolescence limited. Well, there you go. Old Boof K is off the hook, right? He’s just an adolescence limited sexual predator. Or is he?

The other class of antisocial behavior committer is called, life course persistent. These are people who continue committing antisocial acts throughout their lives. While they may or may not turn into lifelong criminals, and they may or may not continue to be a sexual predator, let’s say, they continue being an antisocial behavior committer.

“Do they go on to be loving parents and loving husbands and model citizens? We don’t know that,” said Swartout. “But I would say that it does make sense that you’re not seeing the reports of sexual violence continue.”

We don’t know when Boof K committed his last sexual assault. It could’ve been back in the late ’80’s while he was at Yale or it could’ve been last night. We don’t know. We do know that he is smart and has some executive functioning — unlike the Ol’ Pussy Grabber who is highly executive dysfunctional — so over the years he could’ve just gotten better at keeping his incidents sexual aggression hidden. Again, look at the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, he certainly kept his crimes hidden from view. Given the privilege afforded right white guys in this country, Boof K could be a chronic sexual predator and the entire society would help him keep it hidden from view. God knows Mitch McConnell has done his share of covering up for Boof K and the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

I maintain that since Boof K is a chronic perjurer — he just can’t seem to help himself — he has continued his hobby of being an antisocial behavior committer. He’s only been before the Senate Judicial Committee how many times? And during all of his confirmation hearings, he has committed perjury. Manny Miranda and the case of the stolen Democratic senator’s emails, anyone?

Senator Patrick Leahy (D – Kind Old Fart) has conveniently complied a list of Boof K’s perjuries using his tweeter:

It’s a nifty link taking you to a press release with links to his various twitter threads about each of the categories of his perjuries. Other threads include the lies he told about his involvement with vetting the W judicial nominee, Judge Pryor, in 2004;  his lies about his substantial work on the W judicial nominee, Judge Charles Pickering (not to be confused by the similarly named Judge John Pickering who was impeached in 1803); his lies concerning his work on W’s warrantless wiretapping program prior to 2004; and his lies about his involvement in the W policies concerning the detention of US citizens who had been captured and labelled enemy combatants back in 2001.

Here’s his Manny Miranda and the stolen emails thread:

Isn’t it a fascinating modern world we live in when a kindly septuagenarian, almost an octogenarian, can use social media platforms effectively to communicate important an damning information about Supreme Court nominees? Okay, so his intern did it, but still, isn’t it just fascinating and modern?

Seriously, that’s a whole lot of perjury that he committed during his stalled nomination to the Appeals Court (2003 – 2006) during which time the American Bar Association downgraded him from their highest rating of well qualified to qualified, and during his current nomination to the Supreme Court because if he coped to the lies he told back in 2003 & 2006, he wouldn’t succeed this time, and him succeeding and being elevated to the highest court of the land is what it all about and certainly justifies a little perjury here and there.

This type of lawless rule breaking strongly suggests that he feels he does not have to be held accountable that he is somehow special and exceptions should be made for his behavior. You know who else feels that way? Every other narcissistic personality disorder out there. If he feels he should be allowed to perjure himself before a Senate Judiciary Committee,  what laws will he be willing to break as a Supreme Court justice?

If chronic perjury doesn’t count as evidence of lifelong antisocial behavior, then I don’t know what does.

Anywho, go ahead a read the Huff Post article. I’m so disgusted by thinking about Boof K, I’m going to flush my lower colon and brain with grain alcohol and then shower in a mixture of gastric acid and bile. Maybe then I’ll feel clean again. That we’ve come to this is just more evidence that we are indeed the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid.

A Rape Researcher Explains Why Some Men Can Assault Someone And Never Do It Again

As questions are raised about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s teen years, a psychologist shows how ideas about serial predators can be wrong.

Anna Almendrala 4 October 2018

Those who defend Judge Brett Kavanaugh against allegations of sexual misconduct in high school and college point to his “immaculate” professional reputation and three decades as a loving husband and father as proof that he couldn’t possibly have assaulted Christine Blasey Ford and exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, as the women claim.

“Kavanaugh may have been a rowdy, at times unruly, youth,” writes Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker. “But barring future evidence to the contrary, this doesn’t make him a sexual predator.”

But the three-decade absence of any other sexual misconduct allegation is not proof that the Supreme Court nominee is innocent. And that line of defense betrays a fundamental misunderstanding about the types of men who commit acts of sexual aggression against others.

In fact, it is actually fairly common for sexual offenders to commit their crimes only in their teen or early adulthood years, said Kevin Swartout, an associate professor of psychology at Georgia State University.

“We have this group of guys who offend in high school, and if they offend in college, it’s within the first year or two of college,” said Swartout. “By the end of college, they just don’t offend anymore.”

HuffPost talked to Swartout about his research to learn more about this group. While Swartout was not saying that Kavanaugh was among this group of youthful sexual offenders, he did say that his research shows it’s possible for young men to assault women and then go on to never behave that way again.

Swartout studies the social factors that influence violence against women, as well as how alcohol use is linked to aggressive behavior. In general, he said, people who exhibit antisocial behaviors like sexual assault break down into two groups. Researchers call the first group “life course persistent,” which means that they perpetrate antisocial acts throughout their lives and may even turn into career criminals.

But there’s another type of antisocial behavior known as “adolescence limited.” These offenses are committed in teen and early adulthood years, but a mix of things like a changing social context, the full maturation of the brain and their entry into adult society lowers the risk of future antisocial behavior.

Continue reading at the Huffington Post: A Rape Researcher Explains Why Some Men Can Assault Someone And Never Do It Again | HuffPost

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  1. thanks for the bits on Patrick Leahy…. I went to school with him ( albeit he was a senior when i was a freshman.)… our parents were friends… Pat was always a ” straight shooter” and interested in politics. Glad to see that he is still working with a great wit and a sharp as a tack perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Francese!

      Always love the six degrees of separation thing. For my part, I was acquaintances with Gov. Ann Richards (Texas) and ex-director of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and I was part of a treatment team for a country and western superstar’s daughter. I sat next to him in the office filling out paperwork while he bitched about cancelling a show because his daughter needed to be admitted for psychiatric treatment. A real gem of a fellow. Ann and Cecile are both sweethearts. Oh, and I was acquainted with Molly Ivins, too. And any number of Texas State legislators. I tell ya what, with a pedigree like that, you’d think my blog would be more widely read.

      Also, too, Kathy Griffins and one of the lesser Kardashians follows me on Twitter. Kellyanne Conway gave me a snide reply. And Ambassador Michael McFaul liked one of my replies to him!

      I’m glad to know that Leahy is actually as nice as he seems on TV. As good of an argument as Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, et al. are for term limits, Leahy and Feinstein are solid arguments against.



  2. Those who are defending Judge K. and joining him in his DARVO are defending, not just him and his privilege, but their own and the whole system of UN-accountability, misogyny, etc. they depend upon for their enrichment and fragile egos.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Bob!

      They depend on the one-sided patriarchy for their position and privilege and to keep enriching the donor class. They know where their proverbial bread is buttered. It is, however, like Madison warned getting harder and harder to prevent mob rule or genuine democracy.


      Liked by 1 person

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