MEME: Sheroes of the #Resistance

As I sat at my dining room table fretting over the coming vote on Boof K, I was struck by a story on ABC News about the women of Maine and Alaska who had traveled to DC to meet with plead with Senators Collins and Murkowski, respectively.

I reflected on all of the effort in protesting this grotesque person being elevated to our highest court to make some of the most difficult and impactful judicial decisions that our country can face.

I reflected on all of the women who have shared their stories of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. I reflected on all of the ways we have reached for them to show our support and our compassion.

And, I knew that no matter how dark it gets, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how much we suffer as a people under the #NewCruelty that has come to characterize this authoritarian Repube government, we would survive.


Yes, this is that Annie! The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow moment! Yes, my inner Pollyanna has emerged! We should revel in all that we have achieved and will achieve tomorrow and the next day and every day until this evil sadistic regime has been driven from office and our democracy restored.

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  1. There is cause for hope. As I write this we are 35 minutes away from the scheduled Cloture vote in the Senate. Within an hour we may know how effective those pleas are with Senators Collins and Murkowski.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      I stayed up and watched the whole thing unfold on CNN. I actually got to hear Collins, Flake, Manchin, and Murkowski cast their votes. It was a weirdly low key and decidedly low tech way of proceeding with people wandering around and either shouting their vote when called, walking up and giving it, or walking near and giving a thumbs up or down. It was at once thrilling and boring. I guess the way democracy should be, except they were voting for a decidedly non-democratic judge.


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      • The US Senate truly is a peculiar institution. I didn’t watch or listen to the whole thing, but caught a few snippets of Republicans DARVOing, they who refused to even consider a judge nominated by A Democrat President for the Supreme Court (as well as many for lower courts). I’ve come to the conclusion that the only remedy is a Constitutional Amendment that requires all Presidential appointments to be confirmed by a super majority (3/5 or 2/3), to eliminate the partisan temptation to “go nuclear”.

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