The Unproductive, Malignant, Narcissist WATCH: Declassifying Devastating Documents, Edition

How cray is this? The Ol’ Pussy Grabber said to the New York Post that he would authorize the declassification of documents “devastating” to the Democrats if they go the presidential “harassment” route by investigate him. Crazy right? But, he didn’t stop with the cray-cray there. It goes on! Specifically, he threatened to declassify the FISA and other warrant applications that the Mueller probe used! Wow! Now THAT’s really nuts, right? I mean that could expose methods and sources and all kinds of shit that could really damage the FBI and the way they conduct investigations. How crazy can you get? Well, okay, we’re talking about the bottomless pit of madness, so it gets worse! He then claims that these documents would expose a conspiracy between Mueller, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign to bring him down!

Now, that last claim really tears at the bounds of credulity because (a) it means he’s read these FISA and other warrant documents and hahahahahahahahahahaha, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber don’t read (he’s probably dyslexic, really, that’s my guess) and (b) there was such a conspiracy, but there ain’t one.

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber knows that there is no conspiracy so releasing those documents won’t expose squat. The Dems know this. The casual observer knows this. His followers believe him. How fucking gullible can someone be? There’s motivated reasoning — having a conclusion and then only using information that supports that conclusion to argue for it — and then there is schizoid reasoning that has to break the laws of physics to support your conclusion.

So, what’s he doing? Why’s he telling this lie: he’s gonna release him some big bad classified documents to expose the deep state conspiracy to stop him from making America great because everyone but him hates America.

He’s had plenty of opportunity and time to expose the witch hunt as he acknowledges to the Post, but doesn’t because… it’s better to do it later? It’s better for the country not to know how bad it’s been? Hell, he has no executive functioning. If he knew there was a smoking gun of a Mueller-FBI- Clinton campaign conspiracy against him, he woulda blurted it on the way to Marine One already. He woulda climbed up the steps to Air Force One with one of the FISA warrants stuck to his shoe. He woulda told Putin or the Prime Minister of Djibouti about it in the Oval Office. If it were true, he couldn’t keep that to himself. He’s incapable of any kind of self control, planning, execution of a plan, or managing his emotions.

Everything adds up to he’s bluffing. So why? Why’s he telling such a transparent lie and trying to pass off such a weak bluff?

It all traces back to his narcissism. First, he thinks his every thought is genius — he is the very model of a model stable genius after all — and no one could know that he’s not bluffing. He thinks if he threatens someone they will be shaking in their boots fearing the big bad counter-puncher. Narcissistic delusion.

Second, the Mueller probe is scarring him so much that he can’t even enjoy watching pee-hookers piss on the Resolute Desk and American values any more.

Third, he’s experiencing a narcissistic wound. He is feeling as if his incompetence is being exposed — it was never very well covered up, but his narcissistic delusion was always sufficient to keep him from perceiving it — and that the up coming House investigations are going to be exposing it even further. When a narcissist is cornered and wounded he lashes out and tries to hurt and scare his opponents.

The good news is that he’s bluffing to try to intimidate the likes of tough as steel former prosecutors like Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell and other tough mothers like Elijah Cummings. Sorry, mo’fo’ these guys are loaded for bear and they are coming for your ass. Just like Mueller has out maneuvered the Ol’ Pussy Grabber at every turn, the House Dems will, too. Mostly because the Ol’ Pussy Grabber cannot think strategically and cannot execute a plan to save his life.

The problem is that if the Dems do keep pushing and they should, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is willing to destroy us all to save himself.

So there you have it. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s narcissism explains yet another idiotic statement and shot to the dick.

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  1. The first word that come to my mind is TIMING. He and his team (i.e., Rudy Cray-Cray Giuliani) have just realized how utterly they have been out maneuvered (even trapped) by Mueller by way of letting Paul Manafort (and others?) think he was getting away with lying to them and passing along that good news (“Hey, Don, they don’t know about ____ and _____ and ____.”) to the White House so that Trump could tell the same lies in his written answers. The truly devastating document is likely to be Mueller’s report to the court about those lies. I think the Mueller team never believed Manafort’s promise to cooperate was sincere. BTW, if Manafort did meet with Assange in 2013, it was not as Trump’s man. Then, he was clearly working for Putin. Some commentators think Mueller didn’t know about those meetings. I find that hard to believe, given the intense surveillance of Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy by multiple intelligence services. It’s a pretty save bet that that is one of the things Manafort lied about.

    The handling of Manafort by Mueller seems to have been a mirror image of the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      You gotta think Mueller knows his way around the prisoner’s dilemma, don’t ya? And, I think that is the biggest problem Trump and his cronies have had. They’ve never been under the intense scrutiny of a federal investigation. They’ve only been under investigation by the state where they could roll on their wealth and cronyism. This is the first time their white wealthy privilege doesn’t get them a get out of jail free card. They are not prepared for the tools and tactics that Mueller has used.

      Then there is Trump’s narcissistic over confidence. He literally thinks he’s the best and a genius. He cannot conceive of Mueller out smarting or out maneuvering him. Worse, though, he’s surrounded himself with narcissists, sycophants, and leaches. None of them are willing to genuinely help him.

      If it weren’t so sad and serious, it would be funny. But, he is literally destroying parts of our country and culture that we may never be able to repair.


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      • Even if those narcissists, sycophants, and leaches were willing to help him, they would have to tell him he is wrong about something. He clearly sees that as disloyal and trashes them if they try. So, all they can do is enable him and tell the same agreed upon lies when they are asked questions by Mueller and committees on Capital Hill, and live in hope of a pardon.

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        • But not any more. Cohen kept records: notes, recordings, emails, text messages, and any other way of documenting their conversations. He was prepared for this day. He knew it was coming. Between those and all of the other documentation the special counsel has subpoenaed, they’ve disproved just about every lie. Now, the only option is to get the next and nearly last plea deal.


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          • In reference to Cohen’s plea of lying to Congress, Senator Burr said his committee had heard testimony from over 200 people and has already made many referrals to DOJ for prosecution for lying to Congress.

            If a lot of people were telling the same lies, then it smells like conspiracy. And, like Cohen, the truly smart ones kept a CYA file.


                  • Those who are not completely deluded must know they are potential scapegoats to Trump. Therefore, they have to choose whether to try to prove they are loyal and hope he stays in office long enough to pardon them, or seek mercy with Mueller and tell all.

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                    • The funny thing about staying loyal to Trump is that eventually, he won’t be loyal to you. As soon as it is convenient for him to throw you under the bus, under you go. No one, including Ivanka, is immune. Everyone goes under eventually. Banking on getting anything from Trump is a bankrupt idea. It ain’t gonna happen. There are those deluded few who aren’t going to see it coming and are going to be very confused when it does happen.


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