Narcissistic Personality

Will He or Won’t He? No One Knows: The Implications of having a Narcissist in Power

For the past day or so, my Twitter feed has been filled with rampant speculation about what the the Ol’ Pussy Grabber will do in response to the recent damning developments in the Mueller probe. I don’t know, maybe yours are, too. Maybe you don’t have a Twitter feed, in which case you’re lucky because mine some times feels like an albatross tied around my neck. Or maybe it’s your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, or one of the other dozen or so wildly proliferating social media platforms that I don’t know about, and if I did know about them, wouldn’t understand them any better than I do the ones that I don’t use.

Social media… the bane of our existence, amirite?

The Rampant Social Media Speculation

Speculations seems to fall into three broad areas: (1) the way he’ll leave office (resignation, defection, or committing suicide); (2) protecting his children from harm — some how; and (3) lashing out in some deranged, unpredictable, and, ultimately, self-destructive way (it goes without saying that whatever form his lashing takes that it will be destructive to a lot of people if not all of us).

I’ve spent a significant amount of time — Mrs. Psy claims wasted too much time; thanks, honey! Love you, too! — watching the talking heads on the boob tube (I guess boob tube fell out of favor because of Internet porn because it could be taken too literally? Given the shyte that people are willing to shout at one another on national TV, I sometimes wish it were porn — I know, dear, we don’t do that in our house — and in some ways it is. Okay, honey, I’ll stop with the side bar commentary and get to the point. I know I’d have more readers if I could just cut the keyboard diarrhea, but thanks for pointing that out… AGAIN. Luv ya!)

He’s a Narcissist!

My point is that no one in all of this speculation takes his diagnosis sufficiently into account. He’s an unproductive malignant narcissist. If they had we would not have the endless rending of clothing, gnashing of teeth, scraping of boils and wails of Is there no bottom? after every outrage perpetrated by morally bankrupt soulless caricature of a human being.

His narcissism is really the driving force of his being. His entire existence is defined by his need to keep his ego inflated kinda like those like those dancing, giggling, bouncing grotesqueries that businesses use to draw attention to themselves. To be the human equivalent of THAT must be exhausting to say the least.

The Implications of being a Narcissist

But, there are other implications: (1) a narcissist, literally, believes his every thought to be the best most intelligent most penetrating most insightful mostest everything that there has ever been since his last thought. (2) A narcissist, literally, believes his every thought is true. There is no doubt in his mind that what he is saying is true no matter how outlandish the claim is. It’s as if the neurological hardware that underpins shame, embarrassment, and judgment are missing. It is as if he has no ability to distinguish fact from fiction unless forced to carefully use his cognitive rational thought processes to focus on it. (3) A narcissist, literally, believes that since he is the best exceptions will be made for him, his needs, and his desires. (4) A narcissist, literally, cannot learn from experience. No misjudgment, failure, or lapse is ever his fault, so he never needs to analyze the reasons for it occurring beyond having associated with who ever he blamed it on. A narcissist, literally, cannot reflect on his behavior and make adjustments. And (5) a narcissist, literally, cannot stand when his incompetence and misdeeds — of which there are always many — are exposed as his fault beyond any reasonable doubt. In other words, when he is held accountable. When this happens, it is described as a narcissistic wound — the hole in the dancing, giggling, bouncing grotesquery that threatens to cause it to deflate — not only does he lash out, he seeks to utterly destroy that which is causing the wound. Not only must it be destroyed but any and every thought or memory of it must be completely vanquished. And, if that doesn’t give you a chill, ain’t nothing will.

The implosion of his life is playing out in real time as Mueller builds his case and approaches his final report and recommendations. Using these five points, we can predict how the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is going to react.

Applying the Implications of being a Narcissist

First, he doesn’t believe he’s in any real trouble. When he says there was no collusion, he means it. He doesn’t mean that there was no collusion, though; he means that since it didn’t happen in the precise way it is being described THAT version of collusion didn’t happen. See?

Second, he believes that an exception should be made for him. After all, who wouldn’t want the absolute best human being ever born to human kind in his position doing exactly what he’s doing? He is the best so there is no way anyone can ever understand exactly what he is doing. We’re not good enough to judge him. We’re not his peers.

Third, he absolutely believes that his every plan will work! He is, after all, the very model of a very stable genius! So, how could HIS plans NOT work? He thought of them, after all. So, even if Mueller knocks down one of his “defenses” — and it is pretty clear that they were coordinating the lies that they were telling to Mueller, but now Flynn, Gates, and Cohen have pulled the curtain back on that — he’s got another one that is better!

Gaming Out the End Game

It’s painfully obvious that Mueller has out maneuvered and out played him to even the most casual observer. But, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is not the most casual observer. He is a very motivated  as in motivated reasoning  observer. He starts with the conclusion that he is perfect so everything he does is perfect and then only looks at the evidence that demonstrates his perfection! Every now and again you’ll hear something about how he is frustrated that he isn’t getting credit for all the great things he’s done: he can’t see that he hasn’t done anything. So, he believes to his soul that he’s going to win this thing. After all, it isn’t obstruction of justice, it’s fighting back, right?

Coping with Anxiety

Yes, he has moments of anxiety and fear when he gets a glimpse of how close the walls are getting, but the equilibrium returns as it does for all of us when we are emotionally discombobulated. For him, it means his narcissistic delusion of perfection will re-exert itself. He’ll explain to himself how all of this is really working in his favor. He’ll tell himself the tales of perfection that he always does. When that coping mechanism stops working, and it is struggling to cope with his current round of difficulties, he is grumpy and unhappy and behaves irrationally. His temper is  out of control. 

Coping Mechanisms Breaking Down

As Mueller closes in, and all Manafort’s reporting back has done has shown his lawyers how bad his situation is; and Cohen’s exposing of the coordinated lie has demonstrated his own perjury in his written answers that he wrote himself so very easily… kinda like his doctor’s letter, remember that one? As Mueller closes in, his coping mechanisms start breaking down. He lashes out more and more often. The period of the cycle shortens drastically. Eventually, he will realize much like Hitler did in his Eagle’s Nest bunker that there is no escape. His narcissistic facade is utterly destroyed. It will be like the ending of all of the action adventure flicks you’ve ever seen with the evil genius’ lair exploding for only the vaguest of reasons.

He is the most destructive person I’ve ever seen. He leaves destruction and ruin behind him wherever he goes. And, he’s completely oblivious to it. To him his wake is filled with shining testaments to his towering achievements. To the rest of us there’s a logjam of flotsam consisting of ruined lives, corpses, bankruptcies, and failure. In his fight to save himself, he will destroy everyone and everything around him. When it was his business, that was one thing. He could declare bankruptcy, stiff consultants and contractors, and hunt up another mark. But, this is the country and the world. He will literally destroy us all.

Running out of Options

The best scenario for all of us is after impeachment gets underway and the Repubes in the Senate have told him that they will vote to convict, we wake up to the news that he has committed suicide. But, that’s not likely to be how this plays out.

He cannot defect to Russia. Russia doesn’t want him. His only value to Putin is as a useful idiot. The operative word there is useful. As soon as he is no longer useful — about the time he leaves office or until he’s entirely wrecked the Western alliance system — they’re done with him.

He won’t protect his children — whatever that means. He’ll throw them under the on rushing bus of the Mueller probe in vain hopes that there body will derail the train or sate the hunger of the beast. He won’t hesitate to sacrifice them. He will feel no guilt or remorse. He might say he does, but he doesn’t. 

Wild Card: Congressional Republicans

The only wild card in the end game is the Repubes in Congress, particularly the Senate. At what point do they cut bait? Amazingly, they didn’t abandon him in the face of losing the House as the Repubes did with Nixon. Probably because they could keep the Senate. Ryan’s remarks as his speakership ends shows us how deep into groupthink the Repubes are. They cannot accept any culpability in their own demise… at least not publicly.

This does not bode well for the rest of us. If the Repubes don’t hold him accountable for his misdeeds, then he could very easily destroy the entire country either figuratively or literally. He’s already doing incredible damage just by being his usual self, damage that will take at least a generation to undo, but we’ll never recover our position as the world’s undisputed leader.

A Saturday Night Massacre?

So, what could the Ol’ Pussy Grabber possibly do in his orgy of destructive anger? He could Saturday Night Massacre Mueller and the DoJ. The Repubes will just continue whistling their same old complacency song, though. The resistance would then hit the streets in protests. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber over reacts to restore order to the streets. Thousands arrested. Martial law declared. People die. Rioting ensues? Sure, maybe. That’s sounds like it could happen.

War: Conventional or Nuclear?

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber starts a real shooting war? He could start something with Iran, right? And, given the alliance structure of the Middle East, it could plunge the world into a huge conflagration. But, you know, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is a lot of bluff and bluster. He might could do this, but given his complete lack of understanding of the chain of command — he did lose an entire carrier group after all — I some how doubt he has the executive functioning necessary to circumvent the objections of the Joint Chiefs and start a real shooting war.

He nukes North Korea? Why not? It sounds outlandish… kinda like the notion that Russia was using a social media driven disinformation campaign to elect the Ol’ Pussy Grabber did. I remember hearing about this in 2016 and thinking, Really? Could it really be happening? It sounded like the plot of a far-fetched political thriller kinda like luring a dissident reporter to your consulate and dismembering him with a bone saw sounded like the plot to an episode of Blacklist.

The Role of the Supreme Court

I mean, what does a total meltdown by the Ol’ Pussy Grabber look like? Mueller can’t indict him as a sitting president because it is against DoJ policy and the Supremes are not likely to support it given that he’s packed the Court with hand picked judges based on their likelihood of disallowing any damaging court case against him. His sure votes are Kavanaugh, Gosuch, and Thomas (he’s as easily bought as a pound of potatoes, as long as you’re giving the money to his wife). Alito and Roberts are actually iffy. Beyer is unlikely. And our three stalwarts, the Notorius RBG, Sotomayer, and Kagan will be nos.

So, yeah, all of the speculation about him leaving office without being voted out or convicted of impeachment amount to so much wishful thinking. All of the speculation about him “protecting” his children is a misjudgment of narcissism. And, any speculation about him doing something deranged and violence underestimates the powers of bureaucracy to resist authority… hopefully.

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  1. from your computer to God’s ear!!!!!! As my New England ex husband expressed…. “He ( Trump) can’t find his ass with both hands…..( neither could the ex!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. unfortunately, Gentlemen…..He doesn’t have to know how to launch a nuclear strike…… that could be shown to him at any time….. and I will bet that the Military will have their own ” way to handle it” ….. and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Military would find “justification” here for taking over and telling ” fearless leader” to go pound sand.” or even putting him in a physical position to not be able to go forward with this crazy ideas.. In other words…. he could be declared nuts…….and given a brand new wrap around jacket to keep him warm while being held in a ” special ” room with no sharp implements .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Francese!

      I’m hoping that the military treats him like they treated Nixon when the Secretary of Defense asked that any military orders coming from Nixon be run by him first before being carried out. Luckily, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is not a process or detail person. He doesn’t have the attention span or the short-term memory to be able to follow complex sets of instructions. And, the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense have already declared that tweets are not part of the chain of command.

      The truly sane solution to our Trump problem is the 25th amendment. But, the people around him, for what ever reason, won’t exercise the option.



    • Howdy Bob!

      I know at Nixon’s end, the fellow did. I’ve always harbored the fantasy of the Sec of Defense saying, “You’ve got a side arm, son. If it comes down to it, use it!”


      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course, if Trump did get his hands on the Football, there’s little reason to think he was actually paying attention when he was briefed on how to use it. There’s all those codes and pages and target lists and complicated stuff. He could well end up just throwing it against the wall screaming, “Where’s the damned button? I want my button!”


        • He did lose an entire carrier group once and the Joint Chiefs announced that a tweet isn’t part of the chain of command, so I think you’re right: there is a very good chance he doesn’t know how to launch a nuclear strike.

          Liked by 1 person

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