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Election 2020: The Way A Narcissist Loses An Election

It is a very slow coming and dissatisfying end to Election 2020. There is no big celebratory moment a la Obama in the year ’08. There is only this long slow slog as votes are counted, litigated, and re-counted. The disappointing muddled conclusion of the election is a fitting ending for a narcissist losing. It is the vengeance and retribution of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber writ large.

There are so many things to discuss about Election 2020 that I hardly can decide what to write about next. Here’s my first reaction: the implications of a narcissist losing an election.

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What will Trump do?

A Narcissist

He’s a narcissist, so he’s as predictable as he is manipulable. He may be malignant or a sadist and have little executive functioning, but the most salient point is that he is a narcissist. So, we’ll focus on those implications.

A narcissist is a black hole of shame wrapped in a flimsy over-inflated Mylar-balloon containing a delusion of perfection. Anything that reminds the narcissist of his shame is an injury, often called a narcissistic wound. Such an injury causes him to decompose emotionally, and for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber that means rage and lashing out. The person or thing causing the injury must be destroyed.

Narcissistic Wound

Losing the election is a huge narcissistic injury. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber cannot allow that to happen. He’s using all of his inadequate coping mechanisms to prevent it from happening. As his efforts fail one-by-one, he will become more and more desperate and destructive.

Alone, the narcissist can do little or nothing to change the world, to change his life. But, if his enablers help him, he can do terrific damage. The narcissistic pathology co-ops and deludes those around him into believing the narcissist’s delusions. As the Ol’ Pussy Grabber sturm und drangs around the WH and demands that the Bidens be persecuted, votes confiscated, state legislators appoint slates of electors for him, votes be thrown out, and all the other mishegas that he exudes from the dark pit of his soul, the question is, what do his aides, family, and followers do? Because it is all just ranting until someone acts on it. Who knows if his aides and family will be able to contain him?

Narcissistic Beliefs

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This is why his public rants and lies are so dangerous. He is encouraging people to act upon his delusional beliefs. There are several that are significant:

  • An exception will be made for him: Narcissists are convinced that the rules don’t apply to them, and that an exception to the rules will be made for them. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber is convinced that he doesn’t need to follow the election laws because he is so special an exception to those rules will be made for him. He feels entitled to winning in spite of the votes cast.
  • Fantasies of success, power, brilliance, and beauty: Narcissists live in a fantasy world in which they always are powerful, brilliant, and successful. As the Ol’ Pussy Grabber descends into the hell of losing the election, he will live increasingly in his fantasy world and act like the rest of us do, too.
  • BULLING OTHERS INTO DO YOUR BIDING: Narcissists will use those around them, demand complete obedience, loyalty, and adulation, and expect others to put up with their BS and like it. Right now, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is hard at work bullying everyone who will quiver in front of him to DO SOMETHING to win him the election.
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Many people over the past four years have speculated wildly about the Ol’ Pussy Grabber committing suicide when events go against him. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber will always believe that he is on the cusp of winning. Even when he is being buried under the avalanche of electoral loses, he will entertain of a fantasy of powerful, brilliant, success. This will continue up to and past 20 January 2021.

He will have his dark depressed moments when his rage is exhausted and reality presses up against him. Suicide is an act of impulse in a low moment when the suicidal plan beckons. If he has the means of committing suicide at hand, he might could do it. What means does the Ol’ Pussy Grabber have? Does he have easy access to a gun? Easy access to an overdose of medication? A place to hang himself? A structure to jump off of? What means does he have easy access to? I would argue few other than medication. The completion rates of overdose suicides are low.

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  • Don’t expect the Ol’ Pussy Grabber to commit suicide or resign. It doesn’t mean that he won’t, but it is very unlikely.
  • Do expect that he will give increasingly shrill and explicit orders of destruction to government entities and his followers that — touch something that resembles wood — will not be followed.
  • Don’t expect him to concede or acknowledge losing.
  • Do expect him to constantly complain of fraud and the election being stolen.
  • Don’t expect him to govern or do anything productive.
  • Do expect him to alternate between ranting and raving and withdrawing and pouting.
  • DON’T EXPECT him to participate in the transition and the inauguration.
  • DO EXPECT him to continue to work to steal the election up to 6 January when the new Congress certifies the election results.
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  1. Mary Trump said something in a recent interview about DT and what he’s going through right now, and she said something I have been thinking about the past few months. She said that he’s likely to “try to take the country down with him.” That was my biggest worry about the period between the election and inauguration day. He can cause so much damage the next 10 weeks.

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    • Howdy Tally!

      Yes and no. Trump rarely does anything himself. The only thing he does is talk. He gives orders and others carry them out. That is the thing about would-be aspiring dictators, they don’t get anywhere if others don’t help them. He won’t be able to damage the country if people in his administration don’t help him. So far, he’s had a hit-and-miss track record of how much help he’s getting. With him on his way out, he’ll probably get far less help from the bureaucracy of the federal government and even his own cabinet members.

      The damage he can cause seems to me falls into several large categories:
      (1) Encouraging the militia movement and lone wolves to actually harm people a la the plot against Gretchen Whitmer and the sad 17 year old in Kenosha. Luckily, the Proud Boys seem to be more bluster than action, so his encouragement of them to wreck mayhem during the election seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
      (2) Physical harm that he can cause himself like literally burning down the White House, which I doubt he’ll do, but I actually worry about.
      (3) Continuing his grift and grabbing tax payer, campaign, and Republican Party dollars with both hands.
      (4) Continuing to cause lots of harm through neglect and inaction as he has with the #COVID19 pandemic and failing to re-unite separated children.
      (5) Trading state secrets for sanctuary from prosecution and foreclosure in some country, but he lacks the executive functioning to actually pull this off.

      I don’t see him starting a war or using our nukes or arresting people.


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      • I really doubt the nukes and war option, but I can see him going after everything he can, signing executive orders left and right to try and screw people over and figuring ways to milk more money out of the government for his properties and use up the expenses.

        Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll just chow down on McDonalds and sulk for the next few weeks. I highly doubt he’ll do anything beneficial for the country, just have that Constipated Bulldog look on his face and cross his arms and pout in between (even more) incoherent tweet-blasts.

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        • Howdy Tally!

          I don’t see him putting a lot of effort into it. He’s not put much effort in to anything else. He might give orders and Tweet, but whether anyone actually does what he wants, I don’t know. I mean, he did lose an entire aircraft carrier group once for days.

          Losing the election is such a huge narcissistic wound, it has put him off his game. As he court cases fail, it will be even more so. He’ll punish his base for not having elected him by holding superspreader events. He might could help in the Georgia senate rate by holding a couple of rallies there. If he doesn’t, you know he’s out to screw the GOP.

          In two weeks, we’ll know which way he’ll go. It’ll take about that long for many of his court cases to be tossed.


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  2. I can picture Trump resigning in a distinctly narcissistic way, the “You can’t fire me. I fire you, all of you who have let me down, the real losers. So I’m out of here. You’ve all climbed into the big hand-basket an have a nice ride to Hell.” His narcissism has to put the blame anywhere but on himself. Expect him to fire many (perhaps all) of his Cabinet Secretaries and advisors, his primary enablers first. He is already souring on Fox News (and there are signs is is becoming mutual – they don’t have much use for a loser). And he may get to the point of ranting what he actually thinks of the crowds at his rallies. That would be brutal. Whatever else, he is compelled to find some way to exit a winner in his own eyes.

    I made another connection on the subject of the election being “stolen” from him. He’s a real estate guy. That has been his life. He buys things and owns them. At some level he feels that he bought the White House, that symbol of the Presidency, and now owns it in perpetuity. Therefor, if he doesn’t sell it, it can only be stolen from him. Of course, he will be facing losing some things he does own. Deutscha Bank has said that if he loses the election they will call in his loans immediately.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      Live by transactionalism, die by transactionalism. When you cost your partners more than you deliver — ratings for Fox News and the percentage for money laundering for Deutsche Bank — they tend to drop you. His isolation will be of his own making because he cannot cultivate relationships beyond the transaction.

      I cannot image him resigning or conceding since both would be a narcissistic wound for him like having #COVID19 is. The only way to get him to even remotely engage in the transfer of power traditions is to appeal to his need for adulation and praise, but I don’t think that will work.

      He will blame everyone else. He will jactate. He will rage and lash out. My biggest fear is that he will literally burn the White House down. The best outcome is for him to just withdraw from public life kind of like Nixon did. We could see him move to Mar-a-Lago on Monday and just golf for the next 72 days.


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          • No, because he will not get those guarantees – some, maybe, but not blanket. He’s done too much damage to too many people and interests to get a completely free pass, and he is compelled to seek his narcissistic nourishment in some form. An isolation such as Kane suffers in the movie would be intolerable to him unless he did collapse into profound depression such as to need institutional care.

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            • Howdy Bob!

              He will certainly be prosecuted by both the the SDNY (unless pardoned) and NY State’s attorney general’s office once he’s out of office. There is no compelling reason for anyone to negotiate those prosecutions away unless Trump has something to trade for it. He’s either got to make losing the election such a pain for everyone that they will trade with him or predicate it on the state secret thing. It’s going to take a week or so before we know whether any of his court cased will bear fruit for him — they won’t since there are no laws being broken and no harm being done to him or any class of citizen, so they’ll all lack standing, if that is the proper term. After that, we’ll see.

              It would be in Trump’s best interest to try and compel such a negotiation. I don’t think he can make himself enough of a pain in the ass to do it, though. But, making himself a pain in the ass is one of his specialties.


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