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What Will It Take To Derail The Trump Train?

It’s 2023 and I had thought that Ye Olde Blogge would be done psysplaining the Ol’ Pussy Grabber by now. I had thought I’d written my last about the national asshat, but the human caricature defies expectations, does he not?

Since being expunged from government service, he has been busy. Last year we were treated to a fun game of hide the salami when he grabbed the White House by its top secret documents. Hrmph! I distinctly remember being told that when you’re a celebrity, they let you get away with it.

Trump’s 2023 So Far

He’s been doing the old legal in and out with multiple criminal investigations taking place in several jurisdictions all of which he has managed to escape from, but 2023 promises to be different. Just read through this list!

  • INDICATED: He’s been indicted by DA Alvin Bragg in NYC in a court of real live American justice of law.
  • LIABLE: He’s been found liable for sex crimes and defamation against E. Jean Carroll to the tune of five million buckaroos. Like he’s actually going to pay that, but still.
  • FINED: After his company was fined $1.6 million dollars after its CFO Allen Weisselberg was took the fall for their tax avoidance scheme.
  • TOSSED: He paid a million smackers for the privilege of being laughed out of court when he tried to sue Clinton for lying about his collusion with Russia to cover her court costs. Schadenfreude and karma rolled into one.
  • DISMISSED: The New York State Supreme Court tossed his ridiculous case against NYT for publishing his tax documents.
  • GOING TO TRIAL: The New York State case against him for fraudulent business practices is going to trial in October. He also dropped his case against the AG immediately after his case against Clinton cost him a million. Once burned, twice shy, amiright?
  • GRIFTING: He’s cranked up Ye Olde Machine de Grift and running again.
  • CONVICTIONS: His seditious allies have been found guilty guilty guilty.
  • INSURRECTIONISTS: The folks who stormed the capitol for him on 6 January have tried all manor of defenses and none of them have worked. They’re all going to jail. I’m sure the choir members will have their sentences extended for that crime against humanity.
  • THE SPECIAL COUNSEL: Jack Smith seems to be wrapping up the investigative portion of his assignment after interviewing Mike “High-Breasted Queen” Pence for five hours — either they asked A LOT of questions that Pence took the fifth on or he sang like an eight year old in a boys Catholic choir.
  • RIDING HIGH: In the Repube primary polls, he’s riding pretty darn high and he’s strutting like he’s cock o’ the walk or sumpthin’.

Other than the grifting machine, things have not been looking good for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. Luckily, Ron DerNazis has shat him a solid and agreed to run against him in the primary. It’s Trump’s strongest look, stamping out the burning sack of shit on his stoop while shouting spittle inflected impotent threats at the fleeing kids… only, Trump can bring real harm, so theirs that.

The CNN Gift to Trump

Which brings us to the real reason for this post, the CNN infomercial for Trump’s brand that has all the punditing punditeers stamping their wee little feet and shaking their wee little fists in outraged punditry about. Friend o’ Ye Olde Blogge, Tengrain, summarizes it all with extra heaping helpings of snarky, sarcasticky, profaney commentary:

UPDATED: About Last Night… | Mock Paper Scissors

I did not watch CNN’s “town hall” last night, I did not expect it to be anything other than an in-kind donation to Lord Damp Nut’s third run for the presidency. It was a bad decision to put a documented liar and certified sexual predator on live teevee.

Turns out, it was even worse than I could have expected: the live audience —BY DESIGN— were Maine New Hampshire Republican primary voters, who to a person were supporters of the 4th Reich and so they laughed at Hair Füror’s jokes and cheered him on. From what I can tell from this mornings reporting and hot takes last night, the crowd cheered when he:

UPDATED: About Last Night… | Mock Paper Scissors

Trump’s Diagnosis

After identifying and explaining all three parts of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s diagnoses: unproductive malignant narcissist.

  • Unproductive: He has very poor executive functioning. Executive function includes such things as planning, executing plans, emotional control, and  impulse control. It should be amply evident by now that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has virtually zero skills in any of these domains.
  • Malignant: This term reflects the addition of anti-social personality disorder or psychopathy symptoms to the predominant personality disorder, in this case, narcissism. Given his penchant for revenge, vindictiveness, cruelty, sadism, and obvious remorselessness, I’d say this is clear as well.
  • Narcissistic personality disorder: Well, it speaks for itself. He is the textbook case of narcissism, but for a review of the symptoms please see, The Narcissism of Donald J. Trump [sic].

There has been rampant speculation among the chittering inhabitants of our screens that having been found liable for sexual abuse and defamation, meaning he’s a rapist, the Repube politicians and the base might could abandon him. You can stop laughing now. They did. They said they thought that. Okay. I’ll wait till you can get up off the floor.

The lengthy infomercial that CNN colluded with him to provide demonstrated otherwise. The hooting and howling gibbonous attendees proved otherwise. Every seditionist, misogynist, debt-defaulting, Putin-supporting, anti-American statement he made was received with derisive laughter and a sound quite similar to hogs at a feeding trough.

Ain’t no one abandoning no Pussy Grabber, no way no how. We may have pared the base down to only the die hard true believers.

Trump’s Narcissism

We should be reminded of the fundamentals of narcissism:

DELUSION OF PERFECTION: The narcissist must preserve their delusion of perfection, the facade of flawlessness they flaunt to the world at all costs. It insulates the core of self-hatred and doubt from being directly experienced.

NARCISSISTIC WOUND: When the thin skin of the narcissist is pricked, they must patch the puncture by destroying anyone or anything that dared point out an imperfection in the narcissist. When we say destroy, we mean quite literally destroy. Trump was trying to destroy our democracy when he was in office by weakening its institutions and guardrails. On his way out of office, he made a frontal assault upon it. Now, he’s back for another try by running again.

Now, this is the important part: he won’t stop trying to destroy our country until he succeeds or he dies. Literally. It is why he took the secret documents. He wanted to or did use them to damage our country. Luckily, he doesn’t have sufficient executive functioning to carry out such a plan on his own, and he’s rendered himself so disreputable that only people of Rudy Giuliani’s and Boris Dipshit Epshteyn’s caliber will work for him, so they aren’t likely to be able to pull it off, either.

NARCISSISTIC COLLAPSE: Collapse occurs when the hubristic overreach of the narcissist fail and there is absolutely no hope of keeping the facade inflated. Once the narcissist is flaccid, they can only stare into the abyss of their own souls. Destructive suicide becomes the only option.

Derailing the Trump Train

The closer to the undeniable end the megalomaniacal narcissist gets, the more likely they are to go nuclear and try to destroy the world and themselves. Luckily for us, Trump won’t see the end coming. It’s not like Hitler watching the Allies literally encircling the Eagle’s Nest. He’ll believe to his soul that if he goes to jail — ankle-monitor in Merde-a-Lardo with easily justified reasons to leave — he will still be able to prevail.

Mass psychosis has so twisted the MAGA crowd that they will believe to their souls that he is the victim of the proverbial witch hunt and is the only person who can deliver them to the white supremacist nirvana predicted of in legends of old.

The closer we get to trial and conviction, though, the more shrill and bombastic Trump will become and more violent MAGA will become. His one weapon is stochastic terrorism.

We only thought he was being hyperbolic when he said, he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it. He wasn’t. He was being prescient.

There is no derailing the Trump train until he is utterly humiliated by electoral defeat and rejected by the MAGA crowd. He will continue shouting at clouds until the day he dies and there will always be at least one or two MAGAs standing on his lawn egging him on.

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21 replies »

  1. I don’t know if my last comment went thru or not!

    I suggested we examine the collapse or destruction of various religious cults, and then work to use similar destructive principals on the TrumpGOP cult.

    Because their stance is definitely religious; the raving anti-abortion anti-women beliefs, the hate filled anti-gay and trans people, the racist fear of being swallowed up by dark skinned hordes, and last but not least! the gibbering, drooling worship of firearms as holy icons that protect them from… whatever they are so afraid of.

    If Trump is tried and convicted of the many horrible crimes he as admitted to committing, he will become a Martyr. A new Christ.

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  2. How have religious cults been destroyed in the past? I’d study that subject closely, and then try to apply similar destructors to the Trump/GOP cult. It has a strong religious frenzy to it, especially the anti-abortion, anti-gay & trans people, the latest book banning, and of course, the gibbering, foaming-at-the-mouth worship of firearms as symbolic of…. something something freedom… GOD!

    If Trump is tried and convicted for the crimes he’s openly confessed to, he’ll be considered a martyr. Ish.

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    • Howdy Willow!

      Yes, Trump would become a martyr if tried and convicted, which might make things worse, especially in the short run and, especially, since he’d probably be held at Mar-a-Lago under house arrest wearing an ankle monitor with generous provisions for travel. However, he needs to be tried and convicted because we need to use our institutions to rein in this authoritarian push.

      I’m not sure how religious cults have been destroyed in the past other than leaders arrested for crimes and removed from the group.

      The good news is that MAGA seems to be shrinking. Only about 20% of the total population voted for Trump in 2020 and many of those who voted for other Republican candidates split the ticket and didn’t vote for Trump, which is good and bad.

      I did take a close look at how the European witch hysteria played out in the Late Middle Ages and into the Age of Discovery. The good news is that these things do end as society changes. The bad news is that it took three hundred years or so to run its course. The good news is that our society is changing at a much faster rate. The bad news is that bad actors are working to propagate the MAGA hysteria. So, there is that.

      I feel like our only hope is the vote. Get out the vote. Vote in overwhelming numbers. The Republicans have to be handed catastrophic loses that gerrymandering and voter nullification cannot overcome. We’ll see if we can manage it. We won in 2018, 2020, and 2022 but not in near enough numbers to stop the authoritarian power grab of the Republicans.



  3. Liz Cheney predicted, “To my Republican colleagues I say there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone but your dishonor will remain.”

    I’m afraid white nationalists and other racists won’t accept or recognize any dishonor at the core of their messiah or hateful ideology.

    Trumpism is white nationalism. When Trurmp is gone white nationalism will remain. They will embrace the term “Turmpism” as a term for patriotism.

    I’d like to think criminal convictions and electoral defeat would dishonor him, but even Hitler still has his fan club.

    Trumpism will continue to have a home in the Republican Party.

    In the meantime there are plenty of GOP goose-steppers like MAGAt Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) to carry the banner.. He howled at a Trump rally in Nevada, “No, they’re not soft on crime, they’re pro-crime. They want crime! They want crime because they want to take over what you got. They want to control what you have. They want reparations because they think the people who do the crime are owed that. Bullshit!”

    He made it clear again recently with, “You think a white nationalist is a Nazi? I don’t look at it like that. I look at a white nationalist as a Trump Republican,”

    Well, then. They are what they are.

    While they fear racial “replacement”, there’s another assault on their struggle to make America White Again.

    The greatest threat to white nationalism is coming from our younger people. Kids these days! They’re not afraid of socialism and they are not as racist as their parents. No wonder the radical Right wants to raise the voting age. Time wounds all heels, but only if our species and civilization can hold out long enough.

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    • Howdy Dave!

      I couldn’t agree more or say it better, even though I’ve tried.

      They aren’t even trying to hide it any more. They have reached the hubristic overreach stage. Hopefully, they haven’t gerrymandered and voter suppressed their way to complete insulation from voter accountability. One need only look to North Carolina where they keep getting a legislative super majority but lose the statewide offices.

      We’ve had great success mobilizing the anti-Trump vote in the past three elections, and still only just barely won. If the media succeeds in legitimizing the Republican white nationalism and anti-democratic stances, then we might not have the enthusiasm that will keep them from a complete take over.



  4. I am imagining prosecutors in various jurisdictions watching the CNN event, taking notes, and saving clips. He literally, voluntarily, and publicly confessed to almost every potential and already leveled charge against him. He’s beyond saying he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue. He saying, “Hey, look I shot somebody on 5th Avenue.”
    Yes, the MAGA base loves it and won’t stop. The Republican politicians and would-be politicians who will be in primaries next year are terrified of them, except those who are them. And, the narcissistic delusions of perfection and “everybody agrees with me” from living in the info bubble of Fox “News” have the ones in office in maximum overreach mode on every culture war issue. Meanwhile, a large portion of everybody else are suffering Trump Fatigue and want to change the channel to see a new show (They comprise a significant portion of the low information and low frequency voters.)

    I don’t know what all that means beyond the necessity that the GOP needs a crushing defeat in the next election.

    Then, there’s a question that comes to mind: How do you derail something that is already off the rails?

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    • Howdy Bob!

      Trump is definitely rattled by his legal jeopardy. You know this by his on-air confessions of his crimes. Since he can’t manage hist thoughts or compartmentalize, these are the things that are topmost on his mind, and he can’t stop himself from saying them. It’s also a boast, of sorts, saying I did these things and daring the prosecutors to build a case against him. Of course, he believes he will prevail. He believes his appeal of the E. Jean Carroll verdict will succeed. He believes he will be found innocent in the NYC case. He believes he will not be indicted by New York or Georgia. The man’s hubris is breathtaking.

      Of course, the prosecution — including any new case E. Jean Carroll brings against him and CNN — will be mining the broadcast for evidence, especially of state of mind. Hopefully, though, it will be viewed by most of the country — the 276 million of us — who didn’t vote for him in 2020 as a horrific foretelling of what a second term would bring and drive people to the polls in droves. Democrats need only use select snippets in their commercials, “Do you really want four years of this? Vote Democrat.”

      How do you derail something that’s already gone off the rails? By getting out of the way. What’s the old political belief? When your opponent is self-destructing, stand back and stand by? Something like that.


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      • Well, when a train is going off the rails you don’t want to be in it’s way. And, the MAGA legislators and some of their state governors just keep the anti-abortion bills coming, and talking of de-funding libraries, and DeSantis just signed a truly hideous religious freedom law for medical people from doctors all the way down to ambulance drivers, and including insurance providers to allow denial of treatment based on religious belief. They can’t help themselves any more than Trump can from telling the bald faced truth of their hate.

        And, if some sort of deal can be reached on the budget-debt ceiling puzzle, there’s no way the Freedom Caucus radicals will vote for significantly less than all they want, they barely agreed to the monster they did pass, so it has to be some degree of bi-partisan, and pretty certainly McCarthy’s last act as speaker.

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        • Howdy Bob!

          The problem with places like Florida and North Carolina is the extreme gerrymandering. That may keep the state legislature and House in their hands, but state-wide elections may turn against them.

          It seems to me that there has to be a point where you can’t gerrymander a false majority, but I don’t have the time and quite likely the ability to try to figure out the sweet spot for it. Right now, the GOP is winning the majority of seats with about 40% of the vote. If that percentage falls to 30%, will they be able to keep a supermajority in the state legislature? That’s the question, isn’t it?

          Right now, they’ve strapped themselves to divisive social issues and keep trying to legislate their rhetoric. That’s the problem with having drunk the Kool-Aid, you start believing it instead of just throwing red meat to the stooges and blaming the liberals and other boogeymen for the failure to deliver a rightwing dystopia.

          I doubt the Freedom Caucus and others will accept any legislation that is passed with Dem votes, so, unlike Boehner and Ryan before him, he’s not likely to keep his job when he asks Jeffries to whip Dem votes for it. Fortunately, the general public seems to blame Republicans for this mess, whether that translates to individual House members, I don’t know. The effect of Dem commercials showing debt ceiling crisis images and associating it with the Republican majority in order to flip districts is possible, though.


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          • When you add the debt crisis, which, however it may get resolved will still leave us with a government shutdown in October with no budget passed (for which the voters have never thanked the GOP), to the continuing horrors of the anti-abortion laws, and the at least weekly carnage of mass shootings, and so on, the Democrats have plenty of ammo.

            There was a lot of chatter and condemnation when some truly horrific vids were put up on social media of that shooting at the mall in TX. It got me thinking about two such images from Vietnam that marked a sharp turn against the war. One was the little girl running with her napalm burns, and the other of a guy being shot through the head. The video of a cop killing a man by kneeling on his neck had a similar effect in regard to BLM. Statistics and sanitized descriptions rarely, if ever, change hearts and minds.

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            • Howdy Bob!

              The advent of phone cameras, especially video and live streaming has changed the perspective of many people. It’s one thing to hear about an unarmed Black man getting gunned down as he runs from police, it is another to watch it happen. One lets FAE blame the Black man for his fate, the other evokes mirror neurons.

              Just like the assault on Edmond Pettus Bridge galvanized public support for the Civil Rights movement, George Floyd’s murder brought widespread support for BLM in a way that the cold-blooded provocation and murder of Trayvon Martin could never do.


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              • Exactly. Bearing witness, willingly or otherwise, is fundamentally different from hearing a story. That brings the twofold danger of the combination of AI deep fakes and social media, that on one hand people will believe the false, and on the other hand give up trusting any of what they see on a screen.

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                • Howdy Bob!

                  That’s the problem with deep fakes and all other lies. Even if you’re trying not to be influenced by it, you are. We are built to believe our senses. The mere exposure effect is a well established research finding.


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  5. What it will take, to derail the “Trump” train, is for his supporters to see what a true liar he is, but, unfortunately, all the supporters of the Republican Party got into that daze (under the not-so-magical wand) of Donald Trump’s manipulations (I mean, let’s face it, a good businessman can get a DEADMAN to buy a coffin!), there’s no way, that the masses are going to wake up, until, it’s, too late, for the U.S. too!

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    • Howdy Taurus!

      I think that his supporters know he’s lying and just don’t care. I think they want to believe the lies and don’t see it as mattering in the least. It is the most dangerous trend in our politics. Reality cannot be ignored for long in the real world before it bites you in the ass, and politics can only be about the real world.

      Given the number of times Trump has declared bankruptcy and the number of failed businesses, I would hesitate to call him a good business person, but he is charismatic and manipulative. His supporters have been steeping in white grievance and outrage for about forty years, so they are well into mass psychosis, which means they will believe just about anything.

      Fortunately, there are less than 74 million ardent Trump supporters. Seventy-four million is the number of votes he received in 2020. Seventy-four million is about 20% of the US population. The other good news is that the number doesn’t seem to be growing.

      Trump alienates more people than he attracts. With any luck, that trend will continue and the 2024 turnout will be the highest in history and his loss will the greatest yet.


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      • But, there are still those, who are his, faithful, followers, and, to deter them is, next to, impossible, and, as long as there are those who are, biting into what Trump’s selling, his ego will never be, deflated, and, that’s no good for, anyone!

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        • Howdy Taurus!

          You are correct that there will always be those who are buying what he’s selling, but I can’t help but think that between his age, changing US demographics, and mounting election loses, his influence is limited. When he was indicted in NYC he had called for protests outside of the courthouse, very few showed up to protest. That doesn’t mean that he is not dangerous. He is. He still stirs people to violence. Many of our mass shootings and the shootings of people making innocent mistakes have been provoked by him.

          I’ve posted this in the comments a couple of time recently, so forgive me if I’ve used it in answer to you earlier:
          Trump received 74 million votes in 2020, which was more than in 2016.
          There are about 350 million American citizens. Seventy-four million is about 20% of the population.

          Given that his actual support is only a small percentage of the overall population, his influence is waning. He just doesn’t draw more support for him and the Republican Party, he draws opposition to him and the Republican Party.

          Even if Trump were to have a heart attack and die tomorrow, we wouldn’t be free from the authoritarian and fascist threat in the US. The Republican Party is advocating public violence and undermining our government and way of life.

          Trump’s supporters, Fox viewers, and Republican voters all know that they are all lying about the 2020 election and most of the culture issues and various conspiracy theories. It isn’t important to them, owning the liberals is what is important. They are willing to live in hardship as long as they can be as bigoted, misogynistic, and trollish as they wanna be. It is as simple as that.



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