Democratic Primary Debate #2, Day 1 LIVE BLOGGED

10:55 PM: Here is my live blog, but I screwed up by not stacking them from oldest to newest and not tracking the times. Okay. I was too caught up in the action. There are plenty of typos. I’ll clean some of them out, others, meh. I have a decent tracking of what was said with commentary. It was a fast moving debate. Luckily, they had some commercial breaks to catch up on commentary.

7:25 PM: Here is its almost a half an hour before the beginning of the debate. My headphones are charged. The computer is plugged in. I’ve had a Guinness. Maybe I’ll eat. I don’t know.

We got back from our “camping” trip at 3:40 something, unpacked, caught up with the family and dog, and looked at the news. At least the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is consistent: same shit, different toilet.

I’m totally excited about being in the same time zone as the debate. I’m up at a decent hour. I don’t have to set an alarm, stay up, do this over coffee, or anything like I’ve had to do in the past 25 years for these big events! Life — at least in my little corner of the world — is good.

I’m off to make nachos and pour another beer.

8:00 They are on time and introducing the candidates. Unfortunately, CNN won’t be broadcasting it on the Interwebs here in Canada. I have to go to the cable. Luckily, I have a lovely niece who can work the multitude of remotes necessary to get such a thing.

If we can put a person on the moon, why can’t we make a freaking TV easier to use? Really?

8:10 The national anthem is being sung. They’ve covered Warren with the flag in the shot. Do you think that was intentional?

And commercial break

8:13 They’re back and explaining the rules.

8:14 Opening statement: Bullock starts. Wish list economics. Can’t wait for a revolution — too subtle of a jab at Bernie?

Williamson: An extraordinary possibility to thrive. Never actualized the ideal… False god of corporate profits. — Is it possible that this could resonate.

Delaney: Jabs at Warren and Sanders impossible promises McGovern, Mundane, and Dukaka? Unify country create jobs every where yadda magic son of construction worker four amazing daughters. Loses focus.

Ryan: Pit in the stomach as families pay bills. Politics are broken because left of right. Not about left or right. Not about reform, but building solutions. Bold realistic clean break fro m the past.

Hickenlooper: 2018 we flipped 40 seats but they don’t support the far left policies of the front runners. I’m great expanded the things we want. We didn’t use massive gov’t expansion. Got people together to get things done. Solutions to problems. Worked together to create jobs.

Klobuchar: Let’s get real: we debate and we got to beat Trump. Poor working-class background. Had it with racist attacks and saying one thing on TV but they aren’t real. I have bold ideas and realistic. Integrity worth of the nation.

O’Rourke: Discover greatness at moment of greatest need. Redeeming America from lawless Trump. Serving everyone. Americans first. Well enough, educated enough, paid enough. Meet challenges at home and lead abroad. Confront endless war and climate change. More perfect union.

Buttigieg: Country running out of time. Bigger than the emergency of How does Trump get within cheating distance — great line. My generation has lived endless war and climate change. By 2030 the average house will cost 500,000. We have to summon the courage to walk away from the past and do something different.

Warren: Trump disgraces the office every day. Anyone on the stage will be a better president. No matter who, I will work to elect ’em. Trump is part of a corrupt rigged system. We will not solve the urgent problems with small ideas and spinelessness. We need big structural change. I know what is broken and how to fix it.

Sanders: 87 million are un or under insured but the healthcare industry made 500 billion. Thousands are homeless, yet Amazon didn’t pay taxes. 50% live paycheck to paycheck, yet 49% of the profit goes to the top. Fossil fuel industry is subsidized. Defeat trump and transform. He combed his hair.

8:25: Sanders: Delaney calls Medicare-for-all political suicide. Delaney may vomit. Sanders says Delaney is wrong. Small cheer. Canada guarantees healthcare and spends half of we spend. Right not privilege etc.

Delaney: We can create free healthcare, but we don’t have to take insurance. Bad policy.

Warren tries to break in but she’s gravelly. Put off.

Sanders: Stability and and freedom of choice without bankruptcy get rid of profit industry.

Delaney: Why do we take something away.

Warren: No no no.


Warren: Not about trying to take healthcare away from anyone. Stop using Repube talking points. Tells story of friend Addy Barkins. ALS. Good health insurance but it is exceeding.

Exceeded time but gets next question about offsetting costs of Medicare-for-all in terms of raising taxes on middle class.

Warren: We will lower costs for middle class. Back to Addy. Laughter. It’s not funny. Begging friends and strangers to cover costs. The basic model is taking as much in premiums

Follow-up: would you raise taxes on middle class?

Warren: Costs will go down

Bullock: 12 year old had a heart attack. At the end of the day of ripping healthcare away from anyone. Wish list economics. We can get there through public option… cut off

Buttigieg: We don’t need to speculate. We can test it by using Medicare-for-all-for-those-who-want-it.

Follow up: You are for raising taxes on middle class

Buttigieg: It is a difference without distinction.

O’Rourke: No one will pay more in taxes. We are offered a false choice. Medicare-for-America uninsured covered by Medicare.

Who’s offering a false choice

O’Rourke: Cut off.

Bullock: Not at all. It took us decades to get ACA. Let’s build on it. Negotiate drug costs.

O’Rourke: Every estimate of expanding ACA still leaves millions uninsured. Our plan ensures everyone is insured.

Question Klobuchar: Sets up Warren and Klobuchar. Do you lack the will to fight for Medicare-for-all.

Klobuchar: We need the public option to bring healthcare costs for everyone. I don’t buy that it is not moral to not have a public option. People can’t wait. My friend’s son died gets emotion.

Sanders: Clear up one thing. Millions have insurance who can’t go to doctor and go bankrupt. I’m talking about …. Jake your question is a GOP talking point… cuts him off.

Warren: It works great for the wealthy. It works great for insurance company. It take real courage to fight back. They do not god given right to suck profits from the middle class.

Delaney: No one else understands the business.

Sanders: It is not a business.

Delaney: Bettercare is paid for without raising taxes.

Turns to Hickenlooper: Do you lack the political will to fight for Medicare for all.

Hickenlooper: Not at all. Public option as a choice for evolution.

Turns to Warren: We’ve done this before and insurance suck money out of the system? Why do we have so many forms? It gives the insurance companies to deny.

Bernie and Warren both get lots of applause. Little applause for others.

Williamson: I have concerns.

Buttigieg: it is time to stop worrying about GOP. They will always call us crazy socialist. Let’s put it out a policy that is right.

Sanders: No one can defend the dysfunction of the current system. Insurance have spent 4.5 billion on lobbying.

Ryan: This plan will tell union members who gave away pay to get healthcare. Allow people to buy in to Medicare at age 60.

Jake: 600,000 union members would give away their insurance. Will Medicare-for-all be as good.

Sanders: It will be better.

Ryan: you don’t know that

Sanders: I do know that I wrote the damn bill. Without the money for healthcare they will get better pay.

Ryan: He doesn’t know everything. The only thing union has is good healthcare.

Delaney: Sanders bill will lower quality because it will continue Medicare rates. Underpaying healthcare providers, then two-tiers for wealthy and everyone else.

Sanders: M-4-all Maybe you did that and made money, but not everyone will

Delaney: Sanders math is wrong. Hospitals will close.


Dana: Decriminalizing crossing the border.

Buttigieg: Illegally crossing will be illegal. We need to change because bad. We’ve been talking about this for my lifetime. We can have border security and be a nation of laws. Trump could fix it because of bipartisanship.

Dana: You showed your hand about decriminalizing. You disagree about decriminalizing

O’Rourke: Ending all the bad stuff and assist Cent Am. So, people should follow our laws — crickets.

Warren: The problem is that criminalization statute allows Trump to kidnap children. We need border security. We also need to live our values. I’ve seen the cages.

Dana: Would you decriminalizing

Warren: Yes but that’s not the point.

Hickenlooper: We need secure borders. DC kicks the ball. How hard can it be. It should be fixable.

Warren: One fix is decriminalize. It takes Trump’s tool… applause.

Klobuchar: Immigrants are America. Seek asylum in the Northern Triangle. Path to citizenship.

Dana: Free healthcare and college

Sanders: We will have strong border protection. Trump demonizes a group of people — Sanders is making good points. dominating in part by the moderator. — Why are people are walking 2,000 miles? We will use the hemisphere to rebuild the northern triangle.

Dana: Bullock healthcare

Bullock: Debates are detached from people’s lives. If we decriminalize and give free stuff we will multiply immigrants. Trump is demonizing immigrants. We can get to safe borders, citizenship path.

Warren: We have to be clear about what we want to do clear immigration, path to citizenship, we do not pay into Trump’s hands.

Bullock: You are playing into his hands. It isn’t criminality it is Trump.

Warren: You’re saying ignore the law. What the law is, we will lock people up. That’s not going to work. Criminalizing asylum seekers is wrong.

Ryan: Decriminalizing is wrong. Even with decriminalization… if they are seeking asylum. Undocumented people can pay for healthcare, too. It sounds pretty crazy.

Sanders: Healthcare is a human right. It applies to everyone.

Williamson: This is what is wrong with politics. We need to talk about solutions. Sickness not health is the problem The system is

Gun Violence

Big shootings this week.

Buttigieg: Epidemic has hit my community, too. Consoling grieving parents. mass shooting of killings every day. Usual reforms listed. A 13 year old asked about school safety and cried. We should be dealing with this so that you don’t have to. 90% of Americans want something.

Hickenlooper: The fundamental nonsense of government. We can’t solve something that everyone wants. We did the reforms in Colorado.

Klobuchar: It is not just about a system or words, it is the NRA. I am a leader on the issues. Trump folded to NRA. I will not fold. We will reform. Gets emotional about 6 year old.

Buttigieg: We’ve been having this conversation since I was in HS during Columbine. We know what to do and it has not happened.

Klobuchar: Our political system is the NRA and other corps control politics. After Stonewall and Moscow Mitch is blocking it.

Bullock: I own guns and hunt. I’ve been personally impacted by guns — 11 year old nephew killed. Kicking Koch out of Montana. It is a public health crisis. and kick dark money out — about time someone said.

O’Rourke: Money buys influence access and outcomes. CDC cannot study guns. Ban dark money. People not bad people.

Sanders: I meant that we do not have magical solutions. Fight the NRA. In ’88 I called for the ban of assault weapons and lost the election. Usual reforms.

Buttigieg: Still the same conversation. Proposing solutions: amendment for dark money, DC statehood. People look at me funny. Gets applause

Bullock: We can make changes. Disclosure laws. We stopped the Koch bros. We can kick them all out.

Williamson: The NRA has us, so do so many companies. Amendment public funding for federal campaigns. some of these people on the stage have taken money from PAC, do not have moral authority. Yadda yadda yadda. Makes a strong point.

Commercial break.

Man, this is exhausting. But so far here’s the score card:

Sanders is sounding pretty strong. The moderators are giving him time, though.

Williamson has really impressed. She is sounding more coherent than last time.

Warren has gotten lots of applause along with Sanders on healthcare and immigration.

The white guys not Buttigieg or O’Rourke sound like white bread smeared with mayo vocalized. What?

Buttigieg is making some solid points and sounding good.

O’Rourke sounds vague as always.

I don’t like the way the moderators have been trying to drive conflict: Klobuchar is Warren right that you aren’t willing to fight for M-4-A? Will you raises middle class taxes? Thank god there is some push back.


Jake: Want someone to beat Trump. Hickenlooper can Sanders beat Trump?

Hickenlooper: M-4-A and green new deal mails the election to Trump. Trump is malpractice personified? Lists problems with Trump. Focus on criticizing Trump so Am can come back.

Sanders: Every credible poll has me beating Trump including the battleground states. Hickenlooper rolls his eyes. We will expose Trump as a fraud. Lists Sanders’ accomplishments.

Hickenlooper: Forcing America to make radical changing — Sanders throws his hands up — You can throw your hands up — Sanders, I will and does it again. — We are governors who have done it.

Sanders: I was a mayor and every other country does it, so it isn’t radical.

Ryan: Polls schmolls. We have to focus on people who shower after work.

O’Rourke: Texas is a battleground state and I went to every county and stuff and more stuff.

Bullock: I won a Trump state. We need to win back some places we lost. It is not left or right wish list economics — he must think that’s a winning line.

Warren: I’m a capitalist not as a safer choice than Sanders. It is a way to describe who I am. We can’t choose a candidate we don’t believe in because we are too scared to do anything else. We win when we know what’s right and fight for it.

Delaney: We win when we run on solutions and not fairy tale economics. Detroit is working because of

Warren: Why does someone run for president just to talk about what we can’t do and what we shouldn’t fight for. — Great line. — Ready to fight.

Delaney: When we created social security we didn’t make private pensions illegal. Healthcare is that

Warren: He talks about workable solutions, but we’ve tried it and insurance companies suck money.

Sanders: Detroit was mentioned Detroit was almost destroyed by bad trade policies — Sanders is changing my mind a bit.

Why are so many people wearing black?

Klobuchar: Who on this stage are making promises just to get elected? What a fucking question. We’re running against a guy who has told 10,000 lies. Are we going to get elected by promising free stuff.

O’Rourke: Leadership is delivering on our commitments. El Paso VA had the worst delay times. We prioritized getting it down. And we reformed the VA and Trump signed the law.

Dana’s back: Climate Crisis.

Dana: Delaney why is the GND not right

Delaney: Because it ties it to too much else. Carbon tax with rebates. Climate court. Bets on US economy.

Warren: Climate crisis is existential crisis. Plan: green industrial policy to innovate and create. Open source research and build it in America.

Hickenlooper: The guarantee of a job is a distraction. Everyone has good ideas. America does best practice. We need to work internationally.

Warren: I put a real policy on the table to create 1.2 million new jobs. There is a trillion dollar worldwide market. No one will talk about it. Just what we can’t do.

Ryan: My plan is to have a manufacturer officer to start making electric cars and batteries, charging stations, solar panels. You can’t get to climate without sustainable agriculture and sequesters carbon into the ground. Move away from farm subsidies.

Sanders: I’m tired of Dems who are afraid of big ideas. GOP isn’t afraid: they give rich people tax breaks. We can take on fossil fuel companies.

Ryan: You don’t have to yell. We have to invent our way out of this.

Sanders: We have got to be super aggressive. I don’t disagree with Tim. We have to take on FF. We have to have sustainable. Transform transportation

Bullock: All agree we have to address climate change. GOP doesn’t acknowledge that CC is real. I’ve done it in my state. Dem are part of the problem.

Sanders: I’m talking about a just transition so we can create millions of good paying jobs. — He and Warren sound very similar. I’m afraid that he is getting the better.

Bullock: I was a union guy. Plans written for press releases. Bernie was agreeing until then and then grimaced.

O’Rourke: Wind and solar are fastest growing. Farmers asking for

Buttigieg: We all have similar plans. We will deal with CC only if we win. I can stand next to Trump and have clear contrasts.

Klobuchar: Kimber from Michigan asks Klobuchar about her plan to prevent another Flint. First one with an infrastructure plan. Issue for union job. Trump promised it, but has done nothing. I would put in a trillion dollars and capital gains tax.

Williamson: Flint is the tip of the iceberg. There are more flints out there. Trump gutted clean water act. I lived in Gross Point. Flint would not have happened there — applause! Dark psychic force of Trump. Makes a strong point of connecting with PoC’s over infrastructure. Applause.

O’Rourke: We can heal racial divide… it doesn’t just offend. Hate crimes are on the rise. The country is changing. We must stand up to Trump, but we must embrace our differences.El Paso line.

Hickenlooper: Our core value is working to a more perfect union. As mayor I did stuff.

Warren: Domestic terrorism is motivated by white supremacy. We need to call it out. Trump is advancing racism in all of the major issues. We must fight back across all those areas on race. Education must be restored, but also acknowledges racism inherent in it. Big applause for her specifics.

Buttigieg: I can convince African American: The racial divide lives in me. — what the fuck? — Community participating in reforming use of force in policing. Lists ways that black people are discriminated against.

Klobuchar: There are non-racists that voted for Trump and I’ll appeal to them. No one can justify what Trump is doing. Economic opportunity means opportunity for everyone. I know that because I lived it. — What?

O’Rourke: The legacy of slavery. Reparations to correct

Williamson: 500 billion dollars is payment of debt owed not reparations. People heal when there is deep truth telling. The economic gap has never been dealt with. Every black family was promised 40 acres and a mule. That would be a trillion dollars today — big applause. She’s scoring points.

Sanders: 70% of Americans are in favor of cash reparations. I like Jim Clyburn’s 10-20-30 plan. We have to rebuild distressed communities. I have a plan. It is the Thurgood Marshall plan.

Commercial break. We got a lot of people running for VP here tonight. No one is gaining on Sanders and Warren simply because they are holding their own. They are getting the biggest applause lines. The only other person getting consistent applause is Williamson.

The audience sounds pretty flat, though. There isn’t a lot of energy coming from them.

Jake is the moderator who is being so dickish. The others are not so bad.

There is more squabbling in this debate. There are pre-planned zingers. And, attention grabbing lines. Everyone seems much better prepared this time.


Economy: Tariffs

Ryan: Trump was on to something when he talked about China. China has been abusing the US economically for a long time. We’ve been moving our money either up to the 1% or to China. — And, we’re back to the chief manufacturing officer.

Ryan: I would have to evaluate Trump’s steel tariffs.

Delaney: I don’t understand: Trump builds walls and beats up on immigrants. Dem pres candidates want to build eco walls and beat up on Obama. I support Trans Asian Trade

Warren: Our trade policy has been for companies. We are going to negotiate our deals with unions, environmentalists, human rights at the table — Delaney has an outburst

Delaney: That is the Transpacific partnership. We can’t isolate ourselves from the world. Her plan prevents us from trading with UK and EU.

Warren: — Sanders keeps trying to interrupt — What Delaney is saying is extreme, we want policies that benefit American workers. If someone wants access to our markets, then they must meet our standards.

O’Rourke: Tariffs are hurting people? When have we gone to a trade war with allies? We will have allies against China.

Sanders: I voted against NAFTA and TPP. They are disastrous. Warren is right. Companies want fed contracts.

Hickenlooper: Delaney has a point. Trade can be therapeutic. Trade wars are for losers. China has 25% of our total debt. Tariffs tax the MC and tax cuts to the rich.

Warren: Trade deals are not about tariffs. Look at NAFTA 2 is for pharmaceutical companies to make more from Canada and Mexico. — She sounds great on the issue.

Bullock: I agree with Warren, in part. We need trade deals protect workers. We cannot use tariffs to do it.

Buttigieg: The GM plant closing, I will retrain workers? This happened in south bend before I was born but still picking it up 20 years later. Gig economy. Gig economy should be unionized. — He’s been thanked, but not cut off. — Christian senators are blocking $15 minimum wage.

Delaney: I will be taxed by Warren’s wealth tax. Rich people need to pay more. I should pay more. We have to have a real solution: raise capital gains rate. — He sounds scattered. — Wealth tax is unworkable.

Warren: Explains her wealth tax and what she can do with it.

Delaney: Back to capital gains rate. — Warren looks like she’ll vomit a kitten. — Dana is cutting him off. Warren wants to respond, but can’t.

Buttigieg: I don’t support student loan forgiveness because I’m not sure. Something not fair about Sanders plan.

Sanders: The major issue that is not talked about is massive wealth inequality. We need a political revolution. Wealthy pays fair share.

Williamson: Gov’t should pay for wealthy to go to college because gov’t spending stimulates the economy. College debt forgiveness will stimulate the economy. Why are you people Dem because you don’t believe in using the instruments of gov’t to help people!

O’Rourke: Support two-year college but full rides. Forgiveness for certain people’s student load debt. Most coherent answer.

Klobuchar: Focus on the people who need it most. Doesn’t make sense to send wealthy kids to college for free. Refinance student loan debt. And make it favorable for some.

Jake: Foreign Policy

Sanders: US can’t be the police person of the world… Trump is a pathological liar; I tell the truth — applause. War in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need foreign policy that focuses on diplomacy. Will go through UN to bring countries together.

Hickenlooper: 1/2 of soldiers were national guard. I sent them off and mourned with families. To deal with climate change and stuff talk to everyone not tariffs.

Ryan: I will not meet with NK unless we’re close to deal because it doesn’t work. Demilitarize our foreign policy. Engage with these countries all of the time. Long tedious work. Presidents monitor that.

Klobuchar: We agree, but I think we should meet with people. Trump is a go it alone doctrine. Pivots to joke with Putin

Klobuchar and Buttigieg are about the same height?

Buttigieg: I will withdraw from Afghanistan in my first year. I thought I was one of the last troops to leave. Talk about Cong authorization with three year sunset.

O’Rourke: Home form Afghanistan and Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, etc. We will use diplomacy.

Hickenlooper: I will keep some troops in Afghanistan due to humanitarian needs to protect women and stuff. Look at the progress in Afghanistan!

Warren: I will make it US policy that the US will not be first nuclear weapon use because it makes the world safer. We’re not going to do it. It reduces the likelihood that misunderstands or accidents happen. Military brothers story. We should not be using military to solve problems that are not military.

Bullock: I don’t want to take nuclear weapons off the table. — Warren looks bewildered by his answer — A position of strength to negotiate down.

Warren: We don’t increase trust by saying we might be first. Especially after Trump Iran proliferation.

Bullock: We need to get back to nuclear proliferation… de-proliferation. We don’t want Detroit to be gone before we would use. We need deterrence.

Buttigieg: Voters should take age into consideration because of vision and generation. Something about NZ PM — what? — Now talking about Trump’s enablers in Congress and now racism. Looks into camera and challenges GOP congress to consider history recording of them.

Sanders: It is vision not age. My vision is a fight for healthcare, we cannot take money from medical industry. A new vision: we must cancel student debt because lower standard of living.

Don Lemon seems to give candidates — the major candidates — opportunities to run their stump speech.

Now that we’re nearing the end, some of the candidates are losing the threads of their responses. There is some wild jumping about from issue to issue with non sequiturs.

Many shots have been taken at Warren and Sanders, and they’ve handled them. They are prepared. They’ve got their issues and lines down. It is substantial. They also, are taking it to Trump. It almost seems like an agreement, or everyone saw the last debate and realized they needed that balance.

Back: Closing statements

Bullock: Made it four blocks in life from my house to the governor’s house. — ha ha — I’m running to win back the places we lost — stumbles and hesitates, chokes on words —

Williamson: We need a plan to solve hatred and white nationalism. We need more than wonkiness. We need to get to causes. Corporate overlords… politics… override dog whistles… make amends for our own mistakes… love

Delaney: JFK seek the right answer. Trump is symptom is the disease of divisiveness… I will cure the disease with national service and solve problems and work together and yadda yadda yadda… real solutions and not impossible promises.

Ryan: Pundits are … I captured your imagination. United the country. Real policies. New and better… economy, education, healthcare… We imagine the country we want.

Hickenlooper: I loved it (tonight)! Track record of proven success: his story and accomplishments. Progressive and pragmatic.

Klobuchar: We have to listen to people. Casey Jo’s mom got hooked on opioid. She will fight against the pharma companies. I win. I win. I win. Cross the aisle stuff.

O’Rourke: We are divided and polarized. Trump uses fear to keep us apart. Hope in one another and include everyone. Town hall meetings to remind me of who I serve. My run for senate.

Buttigieg: Bad news: we’re in trouble. GDP is up. Life expectancy is down. Good news: it is not too late. Climate change and race and economy. Walk away from what hasn’t worked. Defeat Trump and GOP.

Warren: Her story. Opportunity. Every budget and policy is about who will get opportunity: billionaires or our kids. Our gov’t has been on the side of the wealthy — mentions Native Americans — we beat it by being the party of big structural change with grass roots. Building it person-by-person.

Sanders: His story. Trump is a racist, sexist, and homophobe. Running to transform the country and help working class. Remarkable experience: took 15 diabetics into Canada to buy insulin for 1/10th the price. Same thing across industries. Go to BernieSanders.com.

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  1. Thank you, Jack. Now I can listen to the commentary in the morning with half and ear for the “Who’e electable?” Who won? “Who’s in and out?”

    Some time, probably next Spring, SCOTUS will issue a decision on the ObamaCare case, possibly right in the middle of the Primaries. If they wipe it out, Medicare for all will suddenly look pretty good to a lot of people. Will the “Conservatives ” on the Court dare to tie that albatross around the neck of every Republican running for the sake of ideological purity?

    All the talk of having to raise taxes for M-4-all is so fucking stupid. All the necessary money is already being paid to the insurance cartel. I think that pretending not to understand that should be a dis-qualifier no matter how much somebody may like the current system.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Bob!
      On the 14 hour plane flight from Toronto to Guangzhou, I gave lots of thought to that very point: the media has really failed us these past few decades. Once they caved to the liberal bias lie and started accepting the made-up facts and outright lies of the GOP, our democracy was lost. Listening to the questions from the CNN moderators was maddening. I was hoping for lots more push back than what was given. Hopefully, the DNC will learn from these debates and make further refinements for their future ones, like mandating the topics that can be asked about. It was inexcusable that so little attention was paid to the economy with a GM factory closing not ten miles from where the debate was held. It was inexcusable that so little attention was paid to Russian meddling and election protection. It was inexcusable that CNN colluded with the 1%-ers and “attacked” the leading candidates by making them defend against GOP talking-points.



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