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Who Knew Trump’s Mental Breakdown Would Involve Drawing Dicks On Hurricane Maps? – Wonkette

Sharpie-gate as the kids are calling it is a thing, I guess, and it exemplifies the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s narcissism. Everybody knows that he has been obsessed over the gaff for days. Why can’t the idiot leave it alone? Why doesn’t he just let it die a quiet death? The question is right square in Ye Olde Blogge’s wheelhouse. See for yourself.

Please note: the video came from the article Who Knew Trump’s Mental Breakdown Would Involve Drawing Dicks On Hurricane Maps?

His obsession with it is embarrassing. It’s pointless. Other than a few confused Alabamians — and that is a redundancy, isn’t it? — it didn’t hurt anyone. If the Ol’ Pussy Grabber never mentioned it again, only snarky blogs like Ye Olde Blogge trying to show off their snarky sarcasticky profaney chops would ever bring it up again.

From Who Knew Trump’s Mental Breakdown Would Involve Drawing Dicks On Hurricane Maps?

Quick aside: Did you notice the small disclaimer at the bottom of the map? If anything on this graphic causes confusion, ignore the entire product. Too bad, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is probably dyslexic and can’t tolerate the effort that it would take him to read something like that. He coulda just followed the suggestion, amirite?

It is his narcissism, of course. His extreme narcissism explains EVERYTHING. It is the only thing you need to know. It breaks down like this:

(a) The narcissist thinks he’s the best. Well, of course, he does, otherwise, he wouldn’t be a narcissist now, would he?So, when he said Alabama, it was right. There can be no question about it, it was correct.
(b) The narcissist can’t admit error. And, why would he? If everything a narcissist says or thinks is the best, then it must be correct. To the narcissist, he is always right. If he thinks he’s right, how can he have been mistaken? Case in point, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s hurricane.
(c) When facing criticism, the narcissist will go ballistic and nuke anyone who dares to suggest he is incorrect. It is classic overkill. He does it because nothing less than utter destruction of the criticizer. So, people in the press and on twitter are laughing and pointing fingers at him for saying Alabama was threatened on the day he tweeted it have got to be destroyed, i.e. fake press. If the press is fake, it literally isn’t doing it’s job and fake don’t really exist. Hold on to this one, especially.
(d) The narcissist cannot learn. If the narcissist is always right and makes no mistake, how can he learn from his mistakes? He can’t. It is by definition. So, whatever led to the original tweet including Alabama, cannot be examined by the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. Whatever led him to sharpie in the bubble to include Alabama, cannot be examined. He can’t learn from the first mistake or the infinite number that he’s made trying to cope with the fallout.
(e) The narcissist must soothe his anxiety about being found out to be less than perfect. Because somewhere down in the prefrontal cortex, he realizes that this is fucked up, so it causes him lots of anxiety. It is ever vigilant for any hint that someone somewhere thinks he’s an incompetent dope. Living with that level of anxiety means that you have to soothe yourself, calm yourself. It’s impossible to live like this. This explains his jactation of I’m the best. I have the best words. I have the best brain. I hire the best people, and all of the other crap he says. It also explains the painfully obvious and illegal defacing of the US Weather Service’s map. He’s trying to soothe himself.
(f) The narcissist thinks that he is fooling us. The narcissist thinks he’s so smart that no one will ever figure out that he has pulled a fast one. Incidentally, it is also the reason that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber says the quiet part out loud so often. What fun is it to have a diabolical plan that fools everyone if no one knows that you’ve just pulled off your diabolical plan to fool everyone. Ergo, he tells you.

When you see someone going to such great lengths to gaslight you into believing that their inconsequential mistake wasn’t a mistake, you know they are fucked up and you should stay as far away from them as possible. Unlike the boss who pulls this shit, you can’t just quit your job and go work at McDonald’s until you find a better job. You can’t quit government like you can your job. What are we all going to do, go live in Canada until he’s out of office? Unlike your professor who pulls this shit, you can’t just drop the class and take it again next semester with someone who is saner. You can’t drop your government and live in anarchy until a saner government is elected.

When we find ourselves drowning in this petty narcissism, we have to fight back. That fighting back means calling your representative and Nancy Pelosi and demanding that they open formal impeachment proceedings. It means volunteering for campaigns. It means volunteering for a political party. It means donating to candidates and parties. It means writing letters to the editor of the local paper. It means social media’ing intelligent requests at your members of Congress.

Who Knew Trump’s Mental Breakdown Would Involve Drawing Dicks On Hurricane Maps?

President Things-Knower drew dicks on the hurricane chart, OK? The dicks is on ALABAMA, OK, YOU SEE?

Evan Hurst September 05, 2019

Hahahahaha, this is so alarming, but Donald Trump has been tweeting hurricane maps since yesterday, and he doesn’t show any signs of stopping. We’re witnessing some sort of mental breakdown, right before our very eyes. Because the world’s stupidest president in the history of all presidents cannot just accept that he fucked it all up last week when he said Hurricane Dorian was headed toward Alabama, because he cannot just say OOPS I DID IT AGAIN, he is going to obsess over “setting the record straight” until he feels we all understand that ACTUALLY ORIGINALLY all the forecasts said Dorian was on a collision course with Alabama, NO WRONG ABOUT HURRICANE, NO WRONG ABOUT HURRICANE, YOU’RE WRONG ABOUT HURRICANE!

We don’t want to make light of an extremely dangerous situation, both for the people currently in the path of Hurricane Dorian, which strengthened back into a Category 3 last night and is already doing damage in the Carolinas, and for the syphilitic squirrels who (allegedly!) live inside the president’s brain, as they must be sooooooo scared right now. But LOL WHAT IS HAPPENING? “Hurricanes go to Alabama” is his new “Deep State.” It is his new “EXTREMELY CONFLICTED ROBERT MUELLER!” It is his new “JAY POWELL THE FED GUY IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

OK, let’s back up.

This latest round started on Wednesday, when Trump gathered all his bestest aides and the press around for Hurricane Storytime, like presidents do. It was actually supposed to be an update of sorts. But it all went terribly, horribly wrong.

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  1. I was thinking that if today’s young people would reflect on the damage to this country as a result of Trump’s narcissism, then today’s social fed “me” syndrome might transform into a more giving medium.

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    • Howdy James!
      I agree. If we could literally see the damage, especially younger folks, we would be a lot more up in arms about it. The problem is that the issues are complex and far removed. Now that we’re seeing the results of climate change, we’re much more likely to do something about it. But, have you noticed how little you’re hearing about the Amazon fires any more? I doubt they’re out.

      Unfortunately, Dems are not likely to demagogue climate change the way the GOP demagogues immigration. Fear is a great motivator.

      My greatest fear is of the #resistance. The tendency to take to social media, put up a mean post or meme or something about your favorite political issue and enjoy the false feeling of accomplishment from it. That’s one reason I’m pushing call your member of congress. It is a simple act — I admit intimidating — but it will actually accomplish something rather than writing a social media blurb.



    • Howdy Bob!
      You know I find that all you need to do is mix and match your responses to his behaviors. He has a remarkably small repertoire of behaviors that recycle with alarming frequency. Any given comment can fit a number of different scenarios.


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        • Howdy Bob!
          His one trick is narcissism with it’s corollary, lying. Today he said he “canceled “a “secret” with the Taliban and Afghan gov’t at Camp David, and that he could “win” the Afghan war in a week. Don’t believe either. The first one is as likely as not a lie or a severely distorted stretch of a truth. The second is an empty jactation by a man who is hopelessly lost in his narcissism and trying to soothe an anxiety that will never leave him.


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          • That the “secret” meeting is a lie is almost certainly true considering that the Taliban have consistently refused to talk to the Afghan government about anything. If this man were not in such a dangerous position, watching him would be alternately terribly sad and hilariously funny.

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