Narcissistic Personality

A Quickie: He’s a NARCISSIST! He ain’t lying about being #COVID19 Positive!

Update 3 October: I know it’s the day after posting. I’m an idiot. The other way we know his #COVID19 infection is most likely real — hey, anything is possible — is that he hasn’t been blurting and telegraphing it for the past several days, weeks, months like he does with all his other super evil genius plans like using the courts to steal the election.

Say it with me kids, “He’s a narcissist!” It is all you need to know. As a narcissist, he can’t bear to portray himself as having any flaws. It is one reason he didn’t wear a mask and put himself at high risk of infection. It is why he went to the fundraiser after finding out he had been exposed. He felt like he was okay, so it was okay.

He’s a narcissist. He sees being infected with anything as a flaw. Something less than perfect. As a narcissist, he sees himself, literally, as perfect. Having the covfefevirus means he’s less than perfect. He can’t tolerate that. He wouldn’t willingly claim that he is infection.

He’s a narcissist. He wouldn’t even tell us that he’s infected with the covfefevirus if he didn’t have to.

He’s a narcissist, so let’s go through the list and see how the symptoms compare to a fake claim of covfefevirus positivity and making an infection public as a last resort. From The Narcissism of Donald J. Trump:

  • Having an ego so bloated that you think you are more important than you are — Important people don’t get the covfefevirus. Seriously. You’re important. You won’t get it.
  • Deluding yourself that you are exceptional even if you haven’t ever done anything exceptional except being an exceptional ASShole — He has the best genes — he wrote a letter for one doctor and told another to make this claim — so he wouldn’t get the fucking virus.
  • Lying through your teeth about everything you’ve done and your talents and your skills — He’s so good, he doesn’t have to worry about being infected.
  • Fapping to fantasies of your own success, power, brilliance, beauty — He’s so powerful and brilliant, he’ll outsmart the virus. His beauty wouldn’t tolerate being masked.
  • Needing to have your ass-kissed constantly — Everybody tells him that he’s too good and too strong to get the virus. Believe me. Everybody says so.
  • Needing special favors and exceptions to be made for you because you are some kind of a special fragile snowflake — The covfefevirus will make a special exception for him because he is a special snowflake.
  • Expecting others to ask how high after you’ve screamed jump at them and like it! — He told everybody around him not to infect him with the covfefevirus. That should be enough, right?
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want — No body wears masks or social distances around the Ol’ Pussy Grabber because that would be acknowledging that there is a risk and danger from the covfefevirus that we’ve already turned the corner on and should be opening the economy and resuming school and sports so he can be re-elected.

There really is no way that the Narcissist-in-Chief would ever claim to be infected with #COVID19 unless he absolutely had to. That tells you that it is worse than you think, and, sure enough, as I write this, Hallie Jackson reports that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is experiencing mild flu symptoms having fallen asleep on Air Force 1 on the return trip from the Minnesota rally and being lethargic as he very actively spread the virus at a private fundraiser at his Bedminster Golf Course. So, there’s that. And, there is the very real possibility that we’ll have a hot spot centered on the White House among staff, cabinet, and Congress people and other hangers on.

Signs of Life

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“Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2” by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. Quite so! And, if he proves to be asymptomatic, he will trumpet that a proof of his super-powers, that he beat the virus in his body (or, that the test was wrong) and can beat it in the country by proclamation. If he gets seriously ill, he will never turn over power while he can utter the word, “No!” He can’t, because he can never trust that he will get it back.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      Right on both scores. If he lives, he will claim super-power abilities to defeat and at the same time claim that he never had it in the same press conference in rapid succession. The reporting as of nine hours ago — I just got up — was that he had mild flu-like symptoms. This could be very bad for him since the latest is that he’s been hospitalized. So, we shall see.

      I don’t wish harm or death upon him, but I can relish the rich irony of another #COVID19 denier and promoter being brought low by the virus.


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      • As the saying goes, :”Karma is a bitch.”

        I think, considering the number of staff and visitors at The White House testing positive we can drop Trump’s “China Virus” name and call it “The Republican Disease”, or rather, “The Other Republican Disease”, the first one being Trump himself.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Howdy Bob!

          It couldn’t be happening to a more deserving bunch. They knowingly exposed people to the virus throughout the week. If it weren’t for Bloomberg News, they woulda never said anything until they had to. As it is, it looks like the initial infections occurred Saturday during the roseless Rose Garden thing for Amy Coney Barrett. How fitting. So, either they had a whole string of rapid tests come back as false negatives or they knew.


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          • I’m thinking of that photo of Melania’s jacket with “I DON’T CARE” on it. They don’t, when it is about other people. After all, it would get you Tweeted about to wear a mask at a special (aren’t they all?) Donald Show.

            Liked by 2 people

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