My Prayer for Trump

When something bad happens to the president, we’re all supposed to rally around the flag, pull together, and wish her well! But, when the Ol’ Pussy Grabber fell ill with the covfefevirus, conservatives were shocked and appalled that liberals were gleeful and full of Schadenfreude that he got his comeuppance! How could we be so callous? So heartless?

It’s like the conservatives want us to forget the attitude of Trump and the GOP towards the rest of America as we struggled with the #COVID19 pandemic. It’s as if they were saying

If Trump were to die of the covfefevirus, it would be a tragedy, but the 214,000+ real live dead Americans, meh, they’re a statistic. The 7.4 million+ infected now afflicted with a preexisting condition, meh, such is life. The tens of millions out of work, what can you do? The evicted, they shoulda planned their lives better, know what I’m saying? Those struggling to understand how to protect themselves and their families from the virus, trust us, it’ll be okay. Go about your lives like it ain’t even there. Those that die, should be happy to sacrifice their lives so that the one percent can continue to enjoy their revenue streams. Be happy we’re letting you live in Cancer Alley and drink Flint water. Those are privileges. You ain’t gotta have them. And, when you can’t contribute to the one percent more than you’re costing them, have the decency to die quickly and quietly.

Yeah, like we should really be overly concerned with the health and welfare of the man who callously turned his back on the entire country and refused to enact the recommendations of our best scientists to limit the spread, damage, and suffering of the coronavirus because it would wound his narcissistic pride. Give me a fucking break.

He didn’t care about our dead, infected, an suffering, I ain’t got too much to give him, but I will offer this prayer for him. Maybe you can, too. And, light a votive candle while you’re at it.

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“jesus-praying” by ThiênLong is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. Jack, check out the short interview on NPR with Mary Trump []. The WH doctors are saying he might be discharged from Walter-Reed tomorrow (Monday). My bet is that the discharge will be AMA (Against Medical Advice) and we will not be told that fact. We know how much respect the man has for medical advice if it contradicts what he chooses to believe. The doctor also was careful to point out that the medical team can only report what the patient allows. I predict that he will not isolate at the WH and one of the first things he will do is go on camera sitting at the Resolute Desk (sans pee-hookers) telling us he has beaten the virus and will be going to the second debate and to a rally very soon.

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    • Howdy Bob!
      Thanks for the link. That confirms a lot of my suspicions. Trump would never fake a #COVID19 infection because narcissistic wound of being sick. But, you’re right, it will extend to his ignoring symptoms and treatment recommendations, too. Since he left the hospital to do a drive-by wave at MAGA’s outside the hospital, I wouldn’t put it past him to leave AMA. Since he doesn’t actually work and he feels the need to be careful about tweeting at this moment, not to mention the extreme fatigue he must be feeling, he is probably extremely bored. As soon as he is able to push his way past all the impediments that his doctors and aides have put in the way of him leaving, he’ll leave WR. If he leaves AMA, it will only make his situation worse. They’re already giving him experimental treatments and treatments reserved for those close to the end. They’re probably doing that out of an abundance of caution, as they say, but still, they wouldn’t be doing it if he weren’t really sick.



      • My thoughts too – they have been throwing the kitchen sink at him. Remdesivir is a 5 day course of inpatient treatment, and he’s only been on it for 2 or 3 days. Its known possible side effects include cognitive and mood problems (anxiety, depression, and paranoia are mentioned). This is a man who is fully capable of relying on the Power Of Positive Thinking to get him through pretending not to be sick and doing business as usual to the point of public collapse. He could become an object lesson in how not to deal with the Corona Virus, not only in others, but in oneself.

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  2. Given that the primary driver of classical Greek tragedy is Hubris, and the divine agents of retribution The Furies, that is where my imagination of an appropriate entreaty goes. Never the less, it is downloaded.

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    • Thanks Bob! I think a lot of us were looking for a middle road that threaded the needle of wishing him real harm and hoping for his well-being. This balances both by acknowledging his crimes and putting it in God’s hands, which some of us, at least, grew up with as the ultimate solution for situations that are out of our control.


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