Pass a #COVID19 Stimulus bill now

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s got a super diabolical plan to win reelection. All the other politicians are surely going to be impressed with his political instincts now, especially that mean old Mitch McConnell! They’ll seem him for the very model of a modern stable genius now.

He’ll hold the #COVID19 stimulus bill hostage!

He won’t sign a bill unless and until he is reelected! The American people will surely vote for him now!

It’s genius. Simply genius. He’s outdone himself this time. It’s not just genius, it is is super genius.

If you’re as outraged as I am, please follow the link and call your MoC and demand that they resume negotiations and pass a bill over the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s veto.

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  1. A thought on Trump’s refusal to participate in the remote Town Hall style debate next week: The key sentence in that refusal was, “They can cut you off whenever they want.” That would interfere with his bulldozer debate tactics (can’t really call it strategy, just his bullying narcissism in action). Of course he wouldn’t want anybody to be able to cut him off in mid rant.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      Yeah, that was one of my thoughts on it, too. Per usual, he blurts the real reason he’s doing something. The second debate rules represent a narcissistic wound: (1) cutting him off implies that he is being punished which is humiliating and implies he less than perfect; and (2) making it virtual means that people think he’s still infected and contagious which is a narcissistic wound because it implies he is less than perfect.

      And, now he’s blaming gold star families for his infection because it is always someone else’s fault.

      At least Pelosi is talking about implementing the 25th Amendment.


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      • Well, you know how families get to be Gold Star Families, and what he said about the soldiers in the cemetery.

        Having to admit to being very sick is also a wound. So he promises others the “cure” he got, which he cannot deliver, but hey, it sounds good and that’s all that counts. Reality be damned.

        Whether it is the meds or the stress, he may actually be breakdown bound, and itching to get to a big rally and not physically or mentally up to it, but starving for narcissistic food.

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  2. So, he announced stopping negotiations, the stock market cratered, and he said he would go for small deals. The big key is that he and Mitch just do not want the Dems to get credit for anything good or necessary for regular people. The other side of the plan(?) is to leave the Dems with the worst and deepest mess to fix if they win.

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