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The Narcissist’s Playbook: Predicting Trump’s Post-Election Behavior

SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER: On the question of whether Trump should receive courtesy intelligence briefings once he’s out of office, the Narcissist’s Playbook says, Of course, he’ll demand them to make Biden deny them and produce a controversy. And, you know that in 2028, the next Repube president will deny President Harris briefings in retaliation. But, there is no way he should be given any more national secrets than absolutely necessary since he could never be trusted with them. He’s blurted secrets just because he can and bolster his sense of importance. He’ll sell them for personal profit. He can’t be trusted with them.
THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER: Please note that it is the prediction of Ye Olde Blogge that at some point Trump will simply go to one of his resorts and never return to the White House. He will do this with as little fanfare as possible. Anything else, but especially, being physically removed from the White House, would be a narcissistic wound that he could not bear to endure.

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber is going to grouse about having the election stolen from him for the rest of his life. It is now and will be forever more the dominate narrative of his life. Even if he manages to steal the election, he will be milking this grievance forever. Just like he has never been able to let go of these grievances: Lock Her Up! the millions of illegal votes in 2016, Obama spied on me! the Russia! Russia! Russia! hoax, and Obama.

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The never ending list of grievances that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is increasingly focused on is all part and parcel of being an extreme narcissist, which, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly here on Ye Olde Blogge over the past four years, makes him very predictable and manipulable. It’s as if there is a narcissist’s playbook.

My prediction: no one is safe from the wrath of Trump. He’ll alternate between pouting and raging. In between, he’ll be targeting the people, groups, organizations, and institutions that aggrieve him (Pro-tip: it’s everybody) because this is what the narcissist’s playbook says he’ll do.

He’s a Narcissist

Donald Trump is a narcissist. All narcissists have two layers: their inner self and the facade that they present to the world. The inner self is a core of shame and the facade is an illusion of perfection.

The inner self. The core of the narcissist is a fear of being discovered for who you truly are and being hated, despised, and banished for it. It is a shame so deep that it is approaching critical mass. It will implode on itself creating a black hole where their soul should be and suck in every last remnant of humanity. It is a constant feeling of despair that threatens them every moment of their life.

The Facade. Narcissists wrap this core of shame in a cocoon of lies about their accomplishments and fantasies of success, power, brilliance, beauty. They delude themselves with visions of their perfection and project this illusion on to the world. It is a very fragile facade, and they know it.

Coping Mechanisms. They have developed a sophisticated collection of coping mechanisms to distract themselves and the world from their core of shame.

Narcissistic Wounds. When something happens and the facade cracks and the core of shame is visible to the world, the narcissist experiences a narcissistic wound. They are engulfed by their feelings of worthlessness, and it threatens to destroy them.

When wounded, narcissists will become in enraged and try and destroy whatever has injured them. They will lash out in any way they can to removed the reminder of their shame, distract the world from it, and repair the delusion of perfection.

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The Narcissist’s Playbook: Destroy the OFFENDERS

Losing Election 2020 is the greatest narcissistic wound that Trump or any narcissist has ever experienced. He will spend the rest of his life trying to remove this reminder of his inner core of shame, distract the world from it, and repair his delusion of perfection. What does the narcissist’s playbook tell us he will do?

He has already started destroying the people, organizations, and institutions that he blames for his loss. He blames everyone. And, when I say everyone, I mean everyone. No one is spared:

  • Joe Biden: He beat him, duh!
  • Democratic voters: They didn’t vote for him, double duh!
  • Kamala Harris: She beat him; she’s a woman; she’s black, triple duh!
  • MAGAs — WHAAAT? — They didn’t vote for him in sufficient numbers for him to win, so they’re guilty! 72 million duhs!
  • Specific Republicans who are not helping him steal the election! Brad Raffensperger, Brian Kemp, and Gerogia’s Republicans! Duh, y’all!
  • REPUBLICANS WHO ARE CALLING ON HIM TO STOP: The dream will never end! You cannot stop him! Chris Christie gets a double duh!
  • The GOP — WHAAAT? — If they would’ve supported him right, he wouldn’t have lost. And, he hopes Mitch McConnell chokes on this duh!
  • Fox News: They said he lost, duh, of course!

Specific Predictions

No help for the gop! The Repubes are no longer useful to him. They were a vehicle for his adulation and ascent to power. He will enjoy their courting of him so his base won’t turn on them, but that’s about it. He’ll milk that for as long as he can.

The Georgia runoff is the perfect microcosm of how he’ll treat the GOP. So far, he’s ignored the runoff. He won’t even try a little bit to help get Loeffler and Purdue elected. He’s taking his toys and going home. He’s got better things to do. He’s got an election to steal no thanks to Georgia Republicans. If they weren’t losers and suckers, they wouldn’t be in a run off.

Expect Trump to attack Repubes and Dems alike. He won’t distinguish. Both parties let him down.

Milk the Base! Trump has a love hate relationship with his base. He needs their adoration, but they are losers and suckers. They are also a good source of money. He’ll hold rallies, eventually — it still hurts too much to do so right now — just to hear them cheer and collect the gate and spread #COVID19 further.

It’s weird, I know. He needs his base, but he hates them, too, and needs to hurt them. He’ll infect them with #COVID19 to prove that he is powerful and he’ll take their money that they can ill afford to give.

He won’t appear in public, much. He’s too ashamed of having lost to face the public. Simple as that. As time goes on, he’ll appear a bit more. Not much. He won’t be taking questions lest someone ask him about losing. Whatever he does in public, it won’t be presidenting, though. Towards the very end in mid-January, he might could even have a rally. He’ll go to golf courses, but not Mar-a-Lago because there are too many “members” there that he might have to talk to.

he won’t Concede. But, he has CONCEDED! This incoherent tweet — why hasn’t he figured out how to make a tweet thread? — is as close to a concession as he will get.

The transition. @GSAEmily has FINALLY authorized the start of the transition in true Trump style with lies, grievance, excuses, and never directly acknowledging the truth of the situation. The people serving in the various departments can and are reaching out to the transition, but there will be no head of department help, no cabinet officers, no personal adviser who will do anything beyond the minimum.

There will, however, be deliberate acts of sabotage. Records destroyed — especially those that are incriminating — and hostile actors embedded in civil service positions. There are also the indirect acts of sabotage: The many positions they never filled so there is nothing to transition when there should be. Records that were not kept because they couldn’t be bothered.

Thumbs Up ICON

Carrying on the VOTER FRAUD conspiracy theories and law suits. This is a big bonus multi-pay off act of destruction. (1) It de-legitimizes the Biden-Harris administration in the same way Mueller and Russia interference de-legitimized his victory. Revenge, amirite? So, it’s a win! (2) It damages our democracy, which let him down by not bending to his will, making an exception for him, and prevented him from winning. Win-win! (3) Even though none of the law suits will overturn the election results, they make him feel better. Win, win, win! And (4) it is a handy grift to fund his future and the money donated by the rank and vile hurts his supporters. Are you sick of all the winning, yet?

I am not familiar enough with the intricacies of the government to know all the ways that he will try and hurt the country, but I know he will. For example, he has pulled us out of the Open Skies treaty, is destroying the two planes that were used to overfly Russia to watch its troop movements, and has made it very difficult to replace them anytime soon. Look out Ukraine. You in trouble.

That’s the playbook. He will be hobbled by this loss for the rest of his life. If you thought that his grievance over the size of his inaugural crowd was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  1. Hmmm – I just thought of something that can make him feel better, a brand new, younger, sexier Trophy Wife (maybe one who looks a lot like Ivanka?). It got me wondering how the timelines of his bankruptcies and his divorces might align. Whatever else, he will definitely thrash about breaking things, maybe he’ll set fire to the Resolute Desk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Bob!
      In the back of my mind, I’ve been holding on to the thought that he might could burn the whole White House down. I guess there’s still time. It is a good thought about the wives and affairs. I really wonder how they’ll leave the White House. They definitely are destroying incriminating files and evidence, but I bet they just sabotage lots of stuff. When the going gets tough, the petty get pettier.



      • I don’t know of anybody who can beat Trump at petty. The thought of him burning down the WH occurred to me too, in the “If I can’t have it, nobody can.” He’s just about done that to any semblance of duty, honor, decorum, and decency in the office of President. If Joe can restore those things in a way that makes another run by Trump or anyone like him ever unthinkable, he will have done his country and the world a great service.

        As for how they leave the WH, I think it will be either kicking and screaming (him, at least – I suspect the First Bimbo never wanted to live there.) or just going to one of his properties for a weekend and not coming back. In that vein, it seems the I&J are finding NY is unfriendly now and talking about Florida.

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        • Howdy Bob!

          It is worth thinking about how Trump will leave the White House. First, the family will be out well before Inauguration Day. Melania and Baron will have moved to whatever residence. Probably Trump Tower in New York. Jared and Ivanka will move to wherever. For Trump, though, it would be a narcissistic wound for him to be drug out of the WH. It would force everyone to think of him as a loser. He will simply go to one of his properties and not come back at some point. The problem for him is that appearing in public hurts too much. The lesser golf resorts are preferable to Mar-A-Lago for this reason.

          The notion that they will hurt the country and, literally, kill people just because of Trump’s narcissistic wound is galling. But, that is reality. Hell, they are urging people to gather for Thanksgiving because it may be your last one. It is unconscionable.

          The only thing to do is to get through it and deal with whatever mess Trump has left.



          • I have to agree that the Nixon pardon was a huge mistake, the Great Authoritarian Get Out Of Jail Free Card. It did not heal the country. It left a gaping wound, now gone poisonously septic and stinking.

            The only way Trump would let the situation devolve into his being dragged out of the WH would be if he had called out the militias to defend him and they showed up. No, he will slip into a sort of internal exile still claiming to be the rightful President.

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            • Howdy Bob!

              I have to say that I’m relieved that the Proud Boys turned out to be a bunch of wussies and not producing the violence that Trump was hoping for.



              • There is something about the possibility of return fire that tends to diminish the enthusiasm of some people for actual combat. I find it a bit hard to take very seriously somebody who decides to wear a colorful Hawaiian shirt to a fight. I think the more dangerous group is probably the Oath Keepers. They are the ones inside the police and military.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Howdy Bob!

                  I think that is one of the lessons from the Trump era: pretending is better than doing. Or at least the lesson that Trump supporters have taken from it.

                  I am thinking that since the report that domestic militias are the largest source of terrorism, the FBI has infiltrated many of them and keeping a close eye on them including the Oath Keepers.

                  Of course, it could be since there was no precipitating incident of violence that could justify a conflagration of right-wing extremist militia violence, we were spared the civil war and the worst deprivations that the Oath Keepers were willing to inflict upon us.

                  We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.



                  • I’m reminded of a story from the 50s. Supposedly, when the American Communist Party held their national convention, about half of the representatives were undercover FBI agents. Something similar may be happening with the militias. The kidnapping plot in Michigan was busted via “an informant”.

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                    • Howdy Bob!

                      I think that the FBI has had their eye on the militia movement for some time. They’re especially motivated by wanting to avoid future Ruby Ridges and Wacos. The memory of both of those catastrophes are clear in my mind and weigh heavily on the leadership of the FBI.


                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Howdy Bob!

                      Unfortunately, all of those events are coming up on a generational change meaning the generation that experienced them directly is passing. We may have a little let down as new trends emerge.


                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Add to the retirement of aging career people on those systems the demoralization and hollowing out of federal agencies during the Trump years. Will the next generation entering into the management levels remember the history and learn from it, or have to repeat the lessons? We will see.

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  2. You understand the emotional and cognitive pathology of a narcissist very well Jack. Other than a few (or more) unique disorders for many other clinically diagnosed narcissists, you’ve evaluated tRump quite well. His own niece, Mary L. Trump (licensed psychologist), has done America a great service by her many interviews about the outgoing President revealing (as if it weren’t already obvious) that Donnie tRump manifests and exhibits Mb>sociopathic tendencies, however, not at an intelligent, high-functioning level as the father or grandfather. 😄 Well DUH, right? Just listen to his 6th-grade level speech and vocabulary! And he cannot explain any complex OR abstract concepts without making himself sound like an utter imbecile. 🙄🤦‍♂️

    Jack, for you and I with backgrounds in psychology—and me in inpatient acute pysch/A&D rehab—this is again not breaking news. 😉 The symptoms and behaviors are not difficult to pinpoint and have been noticed by many, many experts and therapists.

    My hope is that once he returns to being a normal citizen in Jan. 2021 without the ridiculous protections of untouchable and operating with impunity and WAY ABOVE the Law—that all us pee-ons and peasant Commoners must live under, respect, and obey!!!—the SDNY Attorney General’s Office nails his ass on several/many counts of illicit, explicit, illegal financial, business, and tax-related crimes… and he goes to prison! I would LOVE THAT and the USA could only be so very lucky to escape that bullet!

    But I heard today that Biden doesn’t think tRump should be prosecuted, much less thrown in prison. No former U.S. President has EVER been criminally indicted, much less imprisoned for the entire history of this country. But we all know that 2-3 Presidents and their minions SHOULD’VE been charged, tried in court, and then face the punishment of those crimes just like all us Americans can be for any felonies or egregious crimes. Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that a democracy where EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN is equal under the Laws and also punished by the Laws if found guilty???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Professor!

      I must’ve written 70 blog posts on narcissism over the past four years. That’s over 20 a year and just over one a month. I gotta say, no matter how often or how much or what I said about it, pundits never seemed to get it right. It’s as if they weren’t reading Ye Olde Blogge. I really have gotten tired of writing about narcissism. I’ll be happy to write about other aspects of Joe Biden.

      While Joe Biden says he doesn’t think we should go after Trump for federal crimes, he’s also said that he won’t be instructing his DoJ or IRS (I assume) about what cases they pursue. It is still possible that some DA could pop an indictment on Trump’s ass. I know that there are several rumored to be out there.

      I would feel remiss if I didn’t point out that every Republican president since Nixon deserved to be impeached and removed from office and prosecuted for federal crimes. Let’s go through them, shall we?
      (1) Nixon for Watergate
      (2) Reagan for Iran-Contra
      (3) Poppy Bush for Iran-Contra
      (4) W for war crimes and crimes against humanity
      (5) Does Ford really count?

      Every Democratic president that followed them declined to pursue charges against them to heal the nation. I think that’s part of the problem. We have shown that we are still willing to look the other way when it is the president committing crimes.

      The good thing about Trump, though, is that he’s the kinda guy that if you give him enough rope, he’ll shoot everyone around him in the gonads and blame Obama. But, he can still be charged with crimes he’s committed AFTER leaving office, which he’ll commit because he has a felonious soul.


      Liked by 1 person

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