Election 2020: Postcards to Swing States, the Georgia Senate Runoff Edition

Understandably, everyone is worried about the outcome of the election, both the presidential and senate elections. The best way to cope with the stress and anxiety that we all are feeling as we ride the #COVID19 pandemic to its worst peak yet is to take helpful action. Get busy. Do things other than social media and read blog posts! Er… I mean still do those things, but add a couple of concrete actions to your steady diet of meme posting and commenting on Ye Olde Blogge.

If you’ve been following Ye Olde Blogge, you have been contacting @GSAEmily to POLITELY urge her to ascertain #BidenHarris are the apparent winners of #Election2020 by #SignThePapers to stat the transition. You’ve also contacted the Michigan State legislature leaders and urged them to stand up for our democracy, which they did even though their statement was a bit vague and left some wiggle room.

Now it is time to turn our attention to the senate election. Control of the Senate will be determined by a runoff election in Georgia on 5 January 2021. There is something you can do about that. You can write postcards to swing states! It’s easy! It’s fun! But, it takes some planning and budgeting because there’s a deadline, 26 to 28 December, and purchasing, postcards and postage, involved.

Luckily, we all have time to become helpers if we plan it right. Here’s how it works:

  • Acquire the number of postcards you want to send! They have options on their website:
    • 50 postcards for $9.00
    • 100 for $12.00
    • 250 for $21.00
    • 500 for $36.00
    • 750 is SOLD OUT! WHAAAAT?
    • 1,000 for $45.00
  • Get your instructions and voter addresses from a document emailed to you.
  • Buy your stamps. They are $0.35 (US) each. So, you know budget.
  • Copy the message and addresses onto the postcards. Stamp them. Send them!

It’s that easy. Okay, it isn’t. You have to plan because there are things you have to do:

  • You have to buy the postcards from them, and they use a third-party vendor, so there’s shipping and handling involved, and there is that pesky deadline, 26 – 28 December, timed for maximum psychological effect.
  • There is writing involved, too, so you’ll need time to actually write the damn things.
  • My suggestion for all things affecting our government: Why not make it party? Defray the cost! Defray the writer’s cramp! Help a good cause! Have fun at the same time! It’s win-win-win, amirite?

I know what Ye Olde Blogge family is doing after the Feats of Strength on Festivus! We’ll be sitting around writing our postcards to swing states, Georgia!

Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into, here’s the script they want you to transcribe:

[Voter’s First Name(s)], Thank you for being a voter! Please VOTE in the Tuesday Jan. 5 Senate elections for Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff. [Your First Name]

Postcards to Swing States

Image Attribution

The image was found on Needpix where all of these pictures and illustrations are freely available under the Creative Commons Zero, or CC0 Creative Commons License.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      #UnintendedConsequences and #SilverLining. We may be able to fend off the Republican mania for privatizing all of our government services just a little longer because of their monkey shines with the election.


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      • Perhaps. One thing we are seeing since the election is state and local level Republicans who have actually been running the election standing up for following the rules and doing it right, and getting openly angry with the fraud myth.

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      • Howdy Bob!

        I think there maybe a bit of self-selection error happening here. The people who aspire to be local and state election officials do so because of their devotion to elections and their political affiliations are secondary. People who aspire to state-wide and national elected office do so because of narcissistic needs and political affiliations are primary.



      • Good point. I had a “Holy Shit” moment last night. The current Continuing Resolution expires on 12/11. Assuming that the House and Senate manage to pass either a new one into 2021 or an actual Budget, Trump will have to decide whether to sign it, veto it, or leave it unsigned for 10 days and allow it to become law without his signature unless Congress adjourns withing that time in which case it become a Pocket Veto. The Transnational Narcissist can’t not see in this an opportunity to either make a deal (presumably about the election results) or to punish the country by forcing a government shutdown. He will see that bill on the desk as leverage.

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      • Howdy Bob!

        The number of GOP senators who are quarantining will hamper their ability to cause too much trouble. I wonder if Dems will have the majority on the floor at that point. It could cause for some interesting politicking.

        Also, how much longer will we have Mitch McConnell will be walking among us? Missing in the news is the obvious poor health he is suffering. I worked in geriatrics at the end of my social work career. I’ve seen older adults hit lows like that and bounce back, but I’ve seen them not, too. He looks awful. I’m surprised the issue isn’t in the news more. And, were he to die in office or be forced to retire, a Democratic governor would appoint his replacement, which could throw the Senate to the Democrats if we split in Georgia.

        I doubt Trump does anything except screw the country. Trying to force a shutdown and defaulting on our debt is one of the biggest screws he could give us. Hopefully, McConnell and McCarthy won’t allow that to happen and rally the GOP contingent to override a veto.



      • You’re right that Mitch does not look well, but he’s going to hang on to the power as long as he can. I think that if Trump were to veto the spending bill, McConnell and Pelosi would have engineer a fast override vote in both houses. They would have no real choice other than to send all the Reps and Senators home for the holidays with a shutdown to explain, which the Repubs would find rather difficult. Getting the Dems to vote override would not be a problem. For Trump, a veto override would be a narcissistic injury nearly equal to losing the election.

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