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The Narcissist’s Playbook: The #COVID19 and Omnibus Spending Bill Debacle or Trump’s Revenge on the Country

As the walls are closing in on the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, it really feels like the walls are closing in to him. It is getting awfully claustrophobic in Trump’s small mind, and two tasks become increasingly imperative: (1) Stay in office, and (2) punish those who have hurt him by not helping him stay in office. The narcissistic wound of his loss must be avenged. Consequently, his narcissistic fantasies of greatness will become more grandiose, fanciful, further from reality, and much more dangerous. When you’re grasping at straws, that last straw, no matter how weak or unlikely to succeed, has to be grabbed. While he isn’t likely to stay in office, his attempts at revenge are going to be terrible and cause a lot of pain and needless suffering to a lot of real live and some dead Americans.

[H]e will never do anything that he cannot cheat at.

We’re seeing the death throes now. We’re getting down to the bitter end. There are no more legal loopholes that will lend a thin veneer of legality to the disenfranchisement of millions of legally cast ballots. As we all know, he won’t be ordering up no military, paramilitary, or militia action. He may be urging followers to violence, but he won’t be at the head of it because he will never do anything that he cannot cheat at. If he cannot cheat and ensure success, he won’t try it. Put that one in the bank. It is why he never did anything about #COVID19 and only used the fed to prop up the stock market but never did anything substantial or real about the economy.

He will spend the remainder of his 25-odd days attempting to destroy all those he blames for his election loss, which explains his inexplicable attack legal moves of late: He vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act; he’s urging Congressional Repubes to object to the electoral vote count on 6 January; and he is attacking the #COVID19 relief-stimulus bill and omnibus spending bill. The first two were explained in an earlier post on how he will exact revenge on Congressional Repubes for not couping openly and enthusiastically for him.

His attacks on the stimulus-relief bill and the omnibus spending bill liberally mix karma, comeuppance, and schadenfreude into a toxic stew of bittersweet pain. If he vetoes the bill, it means no #COVID19 relief and stimulus for you, America, and it means that the entire fucking government comes to a screeching halt on Tuesday 28 December, which is the same day that his defense spending authorization veto is set to be overridden, so it’s a big day, America.

There’s so much overlapping and intermingling of we’re so fucked in this, we should layout the important details in a bulleted list:

  • The 116th Congress, the current session of Congress, comes to an end on 3 January. All business has to be finished and done and dusted by then. If the Ol’ Pussy Grabber doesn’t sign a bill into law, then it is gone daddy gone and needs to be taken up in the 117th Congress.
  • Vetoes, how do they work? When a Congress loves an idea very much, they sometimes will produce a bill and give that law to the president to sign into law. But, if the president hates the bill and decides he wants it to die, he can veto it! Bad president! But, the bill is not dead because if the Congress really really loves the bill, they can override the veto! That is the power of love.
  • Is that a veto in your pocket or are you just happy to fuck us over? The president has ten days excluding Sundays to sign a bill into law. If he doesn’t, the bill is returned to Congress, and if the Congress is still in session, it can override the veto, but if it is not in session, then the Congress cannot override the veto because, well, they aren’t there to vote to override it, see? This is called a pocket veto.
  • The problem is that the #COVID19 relief-stimulus + omnibus spending bill passed Congress and was laid in the permanent puddle of pee-hooker piss that now adorns the Resolute Desk, the Constitution, and American values within the last ten days excluding Sundays of the Congress. That means if the Ol’ Pussy Grabber golfs away his time at Mar-a-Lago until 3 January, poof! it is gone, vetoed by being carried around in his sweaty grubby pocket.

This whole situation proves, once again, as if there were any doubt, that we are the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid. This situation exists because Mitch McConnell has Grinched any and all stimulus and #COVID19 relief bills since May 2020. Had he brought even one of the three bills the House passed to the floor and been a good faith negotiator, this situation could have been avoided. But, for McConnell protecting craven corporations from being held accountable for their callous inhumane treatment of their workers around #COVID19 was more important, so he stood in the way of any and every bill until the lies of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber about the pandemic didn’t pan out the way he lied about them — No fucking DUH, Mitch! Did you really think the third peak and tens of thousands of deaths weren’t coming? — we have no relief from the pandemic. Not financial, not social, and not healthcare-wise. Look what happens if #COVID19 relief and the omnibus spending bills can’t be enacted until 117th Congress and #BidenHarris are sworn in:

  • No funding for the distribution of the #COVID19 vaccine! No one gets inoculated prolonging the pandemic and our misery.
  • No stimulus checks of any amount or for anyone will be available
  • No extension of unemployment insurance or added weekly federal dollars
  • No protections from evictions
  • No PPP money to pretend to give to small and moderate-sized businesses but really give to corporations and members of Congress
  • No funding for state and local governments
  • Furloughing of federal employees, closing of government agencies, and forcing essential personnel to work without pay

If this doesn’t sound like a fucking disaster to you, then you must be a MAGA because if we thought it was bad now, we just dropped our meth in some steroids and injected it straight into our hearts.

So, why is the Ol’ Pussy Grabber threatening this bill since he has refrained from using the v-word with it? (a) He’s conflated the two bills thinking that the #COVID19 relief and stimulus bill has provisions for things unrelated to the #COVID19 pandemic, like Trump ever cared about it anyway. It doesn’t. Those provisions are in the omnibus spending bill. (b) The stimulus checks are too small! Of course, we’ve all known about those small numbers for weeks and months, and he’s had ample time to make his opinion heard. Why didn’t he? Because he won’t take a chance if he cannot cheat, remember? So, he was mum until after it was all decided. Now, if the checks don’t change, it’s not his fault. If they do, he’s a savior. And, no matter what, he’s fucked up the process causing pain, confusion, and consternation. (c) It screws McConnell and the Senate Repubes royal because they weren’t couping hard enough for him. And (d) it screws the American people, including MAGAs, because they didn’t vote in numbers sufficiently large to get him close enough to a win to steal the election. For the Ol’ Pussy Grabber it is win-win-win! All the people who hurt him are now going to feel the brunt of his wrath, and, bonus, many will die.

Fortunately, he hasn’t really threatened a veto, yet. He might could still sign the damn thing. But, if he doesn’t and just lets it languish like a common Mitch McConnell, then there is nothing anyone can do about it. We are literally out of time. Thanks, Mitch.

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“My goodness how the time has flewn!” by Cate Storymoon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. Ah, yes, the near perfect solution of one who won’t do anything if he can’t cheat, the Pocket Veto. After all, he can present himself as waiting for Congress to write the bill he wants. If they run out of time, too bad for them. Not his fault.

    A Vice President and Cabinet with a spine and intact genitalia would be having him packed off to a rubber room at Walter Reed with Amendment 25.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      It seems to me that the GOP’s calculus goes something like this: If Trump’s authoritarian power grab works, then it’s great for them since they won’t have to abide by election results ever again, but if it fails, then they are rid of him and can continue with their lower-level obstructionist do nothing ways forcing who ever is president to rule by executive order. Either way, it is a win for them.


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      • I think the flaw in their thinking in that case is that win or lose, he is not going away because he cannot let losing be real. He clearly is in the process of shifting from blaming the Democrats for stealing the election to blaming the Republicans for not stealing it. If so, he will be undermining the “failed” party leadership and promoting inexperienced and incompetent loyalists, especially to mount primary challenges to any and all insufficiently loyal GOP incumbents in 2022. They are in a battle for control of the party more, at this point, than for control of the country. If they (Mitch, Pence, et. al) do not purge him, he will purge them as no longer useful.

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