Whaz Up!?! Commemorating Back Spasms, Insurrection and Cambodian Genocide

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a week both personally and for the US. Let’s review:


  • BACK SPASMS: I felt a twinge in my back on Tuesday that normally precedes back spasms. If you’ve never had them, I was once trapped on the roof of an apartment building for 45 minutes as I waited for them to subside enough to allow me to make my way to my apartment. I was literally unable to do more than just crouch on the floor. I used my TENS unit then and on Wednesday and Thursday to undo the knot that was forming in my lower back.
  • SCHOOL RESUMES today! Posts have been written and scheduled for Wednesday and Friday.
  • VICTORY OVER GENOCIDE DAY was Friday 7 January here in Cambodia commemorating the end of the Khmer Rouge in 1979. To mark the occasion, the fam went to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

The Nation

It was an important week for the country as with two major speeches. First, AG Merrick Garland addressed the staff of DoJ to outline the departments response to the insurrection. He vowed to hold the insurrectionists to account whether they were present during the attack or were otherwise criminally responsible for the attack on our democracy. Let’s hope so. And second, President Biden addressed the nation on Thursday to mark the 6 January Insurrection anniversary. It was one of his best speeches. Hopefully, it rallies all who are not in MAGA Nation to vote for democracy and not be seduced by the dog whistles and other BS that GQP will sling at us. If you haven’t watched them, you should. I’ll embed them here because embedding is cool, but you won’t watch them because buffering.

Merrick Garland
Joe Biden

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Things I’ve Read

Subscribed Blogs

  • YOU’D THINK that the richest country in the history of humankind could get its population tested for #COVID19, but, spoiler, we can’t. Brendan has several complaints about how the whole #COVID19 testing thing is being done including the PCR and at-home tests. (BlindJustice)
  • IMPORTANT HISTORY that we all need to know. As the 6 January Insurrection commission — the Representative’s committee investigating the insurrection — releases more information about the evidence they have, it is important that every American understand it. The historian, Heather Cox Richardson, outlines recent findings clearly and succinctly. (Letters from an American)
  • LUNCH BAG LET DOWN getting you down at the beginning of the new year? Well, you’re not alone. Elizabeth puts into words what most of us are thinking and feeling. (bluewater)
  • LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING no matter how much guilt we may feel moving on with our lives after losing someone close to us, eventually, we all do. Charles tells us about the beginning of his new year and the changes it has wrought. (gayandgrieving)
  • THE SINKING OF THE CARDBOARD GLORY is a truly compelling film that must be seen to be believed. Thanks to Tally, the Chatty Introvert for bring it to our attention. (The Chatty Introvert)

In the MSM

  • SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE: 2021, amirite or am I right? What in gawd’s unforekinned name is wrong with 2021? The year that continued to amaze and offend all the way up to its last moment. As if killing Betty White weren’t enough to impress us that humankind’s days are numbered, it rained young white bass in Texarkana on 31 December! Or skip straight to the inadequate explanation of the phenomenon.
  • STARTING THE NEW YEAR RIGHT: A one in two million chance beginning of the new year seems pretty lucky to me, and those were the odds beaten when twins were born not only on different days but in different years. 2022 already has 2021 beat.
  • FUCK IT, CHUCK IT! Terri Gerstein spent her endless hours of lockdown-induced belly button gazing coming up with a way to feel GOOD about doing little or nothing! Fuck your bucket list! Start a chuck-it list! It has that same satisfying feel of checking boxes on a list without requiring you to get up off the couch, turn off your streaming service, disconnect from the Interwebs, or even talk to anyone! Win-win! Feel your self-esteem inflating right now.

It’s satisfying. A list of hobbies that don’t interest you that you didn’t pursue. Travels that didn’t appeal upon which you never embarked. Goals you never set and also never met. Check, check, check. Didn’t want to, didn’t do it.

Terri Gerstein To start 2022 off right, chuck the bucket list

In the Niche Media

  • THE LEGACY of FDR’s disability is marked as an opportunity lost over on New Lines Magazine. I am forever grateful for having found this rag. It is always insightful and reporting on issues — the Middle East, but others as well — that you don’t find in the MSM. Give ’em a visit.
  • THE FOOD-SLEEP CONNECTION is one that doesn’t seem intuitive, but there it is. We’ve long known that too little sleep can lead to overeating, especially those sugary fatty foods that we all love. Now, there’s evidence that a healthy diet akin to the Mediterranean diet promotes a good night’s sleep. (Medscape)

Friends of Ye Olde Blogge

New Years and the holiday season has come and gone yet again. Here’s what the special friends of the blog were blogging about in the last week of 2021.


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A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) by Michaelj0505, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

15 replies »

    • Howdy Ten!

      Only reasonable and responsible Republicans will object to the “irregularities” in the elections in Democratic precincts. Only reasonable and responsible Republicans will be concerned enough about women’s reproductive health to further restrict those dangerous abortion procedures. Only reasonable and responsible Republicans will limit aide to the indigent and poor so they don’t become dependent and learn the value of hard work at less than sustainable wages.

      We will have lots of reasonable and responsible Republicans in the coming #GOPDystopia.



      • Having slept on it … this can easily be overlooked: those (McCarthy, McConnell) comments were preprepared, they were blaming antifa, BLM, ooggaa-boogaa caravans of women and children fleeing drought and rapid desertification in Meso-America. They weren’t blaming Trump for this, they were trying to establish the narrative. Write – not re-write, write – the story. That they can come back later and use these as demonstration of they’re having at the time been (((the voice of reason))) is a potential boon to them that we have to watch out for.

        That say God watches out for fools; I don’t have much experience with that but the view from this hinterland is these fools could very well get lucky with comments made before the gravity of the situation were fully realized.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Howdy Ten!

          MAGA Nation no longer cares about any kind of consistency in reasoning or narrative. Mass psychosis has kabashed any capacity to engage in rational reasoned thought on their part. From what I understand — I don’t have any firsthand knowledge, so your perspective is important to me — MAGA Nation is concerned with taking their country back which means supporting the Republicans and opposing Democrats, which is all just shorthand for racism, whether they realize it or not. Consequently, as long as whatever the Republicans are doing hurts Blacks and liberals first and worst, whatever pain they have to endure will be worth it.

          Most MAGA would argue with me, but they don’t seem to believe in freedoms so much as they believe in their white privilege. Like Nelson Mandela said, if freedoms are not universal, then they are privileges.


          Liked by 1 person

          • I’d be willing (no liberal I) to let attrition run its course but unfortunately this Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on Fox Kool-Aid induced psychosis that has the barely literate, bare-footed rubes blindly following a charismatic “leader” to suicide is dragging the rest of us with it. Which is, when you stop and think about it, is not the best position to be in. No liberal I, but these animals would kill me as quick as any.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Howdy Ten!

              Maybe the Internet does work in ways too mysterious for mere mortals to comprehend. As luck, or the Internet, would have it, I am working on a post right now about how life will be different in the #GOPDystopia once minority-rule autocracy descends upon us. This is one of them: government persecution targeted groups and everyday citizens caught up in accusations of being against the state.

              The rank and vile will be willing to turn any and all of us in to the government-sponsored political prosecution machine and act as judge, jury, and executioner for many of us. We are about to enter some pretty harrowing times that should it get out of control will rival the Holocaust and witch hysteria. God help us if it gets to the Rwanda genocide level.



  1. The example of Tucker Carlson using Jan6 footage to talk about BLM, as much as anything possible illustrates that the MAGAganda doesn’t need to make sense, or even pretend to make sense.

    Of course some MAGAs tried to vote twice. After all, they know all the Libs are doing it, so its just self defense, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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