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All of the Expelling, Impeaching, Refusing to Assign Committees are Symptoms of the Sportification of Our Politics

During the past decade or so, the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid has been finding new ways of being stupider mostly courtesy of MAGA and the Republican politicians that are now complete!y beholden to them. Just when you think it can’t get any stupider, you hear some widget mutter, Hold my beer, and we’re sinking lower into the cesspool.

Republicans have locker us into a demented child’s game of “I’m rubber and you’re glue…” in which they try to accuse Democrats.of.every offense they’ve committed and Democrats call them on, and whatever punishment Dems work out for their offenses, they want to met out into Dems for the crimes Republicans imagine they’ve done.

Here are some recent examples.

NANCY PELOSI AND HOUSE DEMS removed Republican lawmakers from committees after the Republican leadership refused to discipline them for clear ethical if not criminal behavior.

  • MADOG GREENE was removed for the following outlandish, threatening, and downright dangerous behavior:
    • Spouting ridiculous QAnon conspiracy theories to whoever would pay her any attention and on social media during a deadly pandemic which resulted in over a million real live dead Americans dying needlessly.
    • Calling for.violence against Democratic leaders
    • And, not only suggesting both the Sandy Hook and Stoneman Douglas shootings were faked and harassing survivors. I sure wish someone would sue her.
  • PAUL STOCHASTIC TERRORIST GOSAR whose own siblings not only don’t support him being in office, actively work to keep him out of office, was removed for simply publishing a video of him murdering AOC and another of him attacking Handsome Joe. The nerve of Democrats. Can’t they take a joke?

At the time it happened McCarthy couldn’t hold his water and incontinently leaked all over the media — like he’s some kind of common Trump pee hooker — that he would be removing Dems from committees should he ever be in a position to do so. He’s taken a page from McConnell’s playbook and forced Democrat’s hand by refusing to do what the situation calls for — in McCarthy’s situation, he refused to honor blue slips for judicial nominees from Democratic senators, so Reid nixed the filibuster giving McConnell a flimsy excuse he needed to ignore Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, Merrick Garland — so now McCarthy has his flimsy excuse for denying Democratic representatives committee assignments.

These denials are for political reasons, not actual rule or legal violations.

DEMOCRATS THREATEN TO EXPEL LAWMAKERS over participation in an actual insurrection and not seat representatives pushing the fraudulent stolen selection narrative. As if in response to some childish playground taunt, Republican state “lawmakers” in Tennessee try to expel three Democratic representatives for the insurrective practice of protesting gun laws after a mass shooting at a Christian private school by a maybe trans person — something straight out of rural conservative white Christian nightmares, so you’d think they’d be DYING to legislate that crime into purgatory or worse; perhaps, if the shooter had been a Black Muslim immigrant using the “wrong” bathroom to selling abortion pills to encourage guilt-free sex, they would’ve.

To their chagrin — you can tell by the ringing silence from all conservative sources — and in a move that would make Streisand blush — they let the expellees plead their case in the legislative chamber on national TV and one, Justin Jones, has been reappointed and is already back in the House and the other, Justin Pearson, could be later this week.

The point is that the cover for the expelling of BLACK legislators (and the sparing of the white one by one vote) was merely speculating aloud that expulsion was an option for committing the very real crime of insurrection. Democrats didn’t even have to do it for Republicans to get their dander in twist over it and actually do it for political stuntsmanship. Your-tit-for-my-twat seems to be the game Republicans are playing here.

THE SPEED OF POLITICAL RETRIBUTION is increasing exponentially as evidenced by the threats of the Wisconsin legislature to impeach recently elected state supreme court justice, Janet Protasiewicz. She won by a veritable landslide, 56% to 44%, in a non-gerrymanderable statewide election.

By an ironic coincident that only an Old Testament god could love, the Republicans won a supermajority in the state senate, so impeachment talk started immediately of Protasiewicz and other office holders. All of the talk of impeaching recently approved SCOTUS appointees and now of Clarence “Just Give All The Moneys To Gini” Thomas for his egregious conflicts of interest and active solicitation of his vote, allegedly giving cover for a flagrant abuse of political power.

Sportification of Politics

This kind of eye-for-an-eye give and take in our politics comes from sportification. Ye Olde Blogge has posted about sportification before. We’ve also confused the term. It is sportification. All other variations we’ve used are wrong, so it is this one. We will quote liberally from two previous posts. Follow the links to the posts.

Dan Hopkins the University of Pennsylvania originated the term. He uses it to describe an approach to politics that is wildly popular in the US now. It’s an analogy to the way we watch sports. See if you can see why it is also the stupidication of the nation.

  • We’re only interested in national races, so every race is nationalized.
  • As many a parent has found out, our biggest impact is locally. While the occasional low-information liberal voters only in presidential elections, the rabid older Republican voter votes in every election, and Steve Bannon has been urging MAGA to run for everything from dog catcher to the local school board.
  • Just like it don’t matter who the players are on your favorite sports ball team because you’re rooting for the team, people don’t vote for the politician, they vote for the party. That’s how wankers like Paul Gosar and George Santos get elected.
  • Sports don’t cost people their lives, politics, do. If the Philadelphia Eagles beat the San Francisco Giants in the big game, no body dies. There are real live dead Americans walking around dead today who would be alive if it weren’t for knee-jerk Repube opposition to Democratic laws and policies over the last fifteen years.

If you’re running around with your self-image and self-esteem based on your political affiliation, as so many of us were forced to do in the past couple of decades: MAGA vs #Resistance, anyone? then you’re far more likely not only to see it as fair and just for your party to do unto the other one before it does unto you, you expect it and reward it for doing so.

Next time you’re wondering how MAGA can support such blatant anti-democratic moves as expelling office holders for minor infractions and impeaching electing office holders before they’re sworn in, now you know. It matters less who they are and what they’re doing and more which party they belong to.

Remember the old joke, it’s okay, if you’re Republican. Well, it ain’t no joke. It’s literally true.

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Sportification of politics
Sportification of politics

18 replies »

  1. Other matters to not Jack. I’m wondering Jack why Garland is dragging his ass so much regarding the Trump investigation. Having keyRepublicans speak at the NRA convention just after a mass shooting is Fascist ply into making. Out Florida governor has turned this state into a postWorld War II Russian satellite. So much for the sportification of politics.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Usfman!

      Garland is a head scratcher, that’s for sure. From listening to a variety of legal experts (ex DoJ lawyers like Joyce Vance and Barbra McQuaid, the Watergate investigator, Jill Wine-Banks, and lawyer-reporter, Kimberly Atkins Stohr, collectively known as the #Sister-in-Law as well as others like the Prosecuting Trump podcast by Andrew Weismann and Mary McCord) it seems like legal cases move slowly because prosecutors will not bring a case unless they have every t dotted and i crossed. Trump is an expert at using the legal system against itself to slow down any investigation and prosecution. What passes for convincing evidence in the news media and on social media is not always in courts of law. In this situation, I bow to Garland’s experience, expertise, and judgement.

      That said, however, experienced federal prosecutors have said that he seems to be moving slowly and should have plenty of evidence to use already just based on what is in the public sphere.

      I’ve yet to really focus on DeSantis, but he really does seem hellbent on making Florida into some kind of authoritarian state complete with its own gulags and concentration camps. It is the problem with gerrymandering your way out of accountability by voters. I’ve asked the good folks over at FiveThirtyEight several times if there comes a statistical, probabilistic, or numerical point when a minority cannot gerrymander itself to a majority, but I’ve gotten no reply. It seems to me there should be a tipping point, but I don’t know.

      We can only hold on to the next election and keep working to get people to the polls.



  2. And then, there are the pollsters and media “analysts” covering every election at every level from the yet to be announced but potential candidate announcements to the election result challenges (can’t just accept the calls of the referees, have to challenge them) as horse races. It’s a situation that only media execs watching their ratings and bookies could really love.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Bob!

      It’s funny how accurate the odds makers in Las Vegas are in elections. When your profits depend on clicks, likes, and shares, we shouldn’t be surprised when companies do everything possible to increase those clicks, likes, and shares, including making races seem much closer than they are.

      When we insulate an individual or party from accountability, we’ll get corruption and bad governance. It doesn’t matter if it is a democracy or an autocracy.


      Liked by 1 person

        • Howdy Bob!

          And, now Musk is tagging news organizations on Twitter as being government funded if they take any government money no matter how independent their editorial decisions, causing NPR to quit Twitter. The problem with news organizations quitting Twitter is that it has become part of the their business plan. The contact with readers and viewers has elevated media companies and individual reporters. Losing Twitter actually hurts them.

          Our friend, Tengrain over at Mock, Papers, Scissors had a good short piece detailing the conundrum Twitter has put news companies and reporters in.


          Liked by 1 person

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