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What happened to the sparrow that Ye Olde Blogge rescued this week and everything else of interest over there?

Whaz Up!?! The World Kindness Day, edition

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We’ve had a big week in which Ye Olde Blogge celebrates World Kindness Day by rescuing a sparrow and encouraging sixth graders. And, we managed to read from our blog roll, AGAIN!

To Save A Path

to write to help

Building The Love Shack

This is the story of building a cottage , the people and the place. Its a reminder of hope and love.

The Honest Courtesan

Frank commentary from a semi-retired call girl

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Tales + Tails: Novel Writing + Culture + Compassion

Carla Corelli

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse and Improving your Mental Health

Stories I've Never Told...

(...and some I have)

Krista Marson

Author Traveler Photographer