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Why is it so hard for white people to recognize the Republican racist dog whistles for what they are?

The Cognitive Tom Fuckery that Maintains the Inner Racist of Many White People

Reading time: 7 minutes
There’s a lot of cognitive Tom Fuckery going on in all our heads when it comes to race, racism, and racial animus. Here we go over some of what is helping maintain the inner racist of many white people, keeps them falling for racist dog whistles, and means they’ll vote Republican.

Are Political Lies Protected Speech?

Is Knowingly Lying for Political Gain Protected Speech? Or a Solution for Bridging our Partisan Divide

Reading time: 6 minutes
There is much talk about bridging our political divide with lots of talk about reaching for white voters being regurgitated. The real problem is the social support that the lies of Trump and the GOP have. To break that social support, we have to consider banning knowingly telling lies for political gain. Those lies are destroying the country.

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