Cognitive Psychology

Clinton’s Theory of Mind

Clinton can’t seem to get anyone besides that philandering bastard, Bill Clinton, to love her! No one trusts her and she didn’t even have sex with Phil Ander as far as anyone knows. She doesn’t come off as sincere. She doesn’t seem to be recalcitrant about any of the fake scandals that have been investigated and come up wanting. She doesn’t even

seem recalcitrant about the hysterical Politico overwrought needlessly extravagant headline of Clinton buying her private server using taxpayer money. Why oh why can’t she just be nicer and  more sympathetic to the public?


Theory of Mind

My reckless irresponsible speculation about the cause of her difficulties is that she lacks a theory of mind. For the uninitiated, the theory of mind is a bit of a misnomer, but once explained, it is, well, clearer. Still a bit of a misnomer.

Pepe Le PewHere’s the idea: I know my own mind. I know my thoughts, feelings, desires, reasoning, memories, and all sorts of stuff, right? When I talk to you, I continue to know these things about my own mind, but if I can imagine your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, desires, reasoning, memories, and other stuff, then I am said to have a theory of mind. I can theorize about what is going on your mind… usually what goes on in other people’s minds when I am around has an uncanny resemblance to the female cat with Pepe Le Pew.

However, if I were unaware that Penelope was struggling to flee the arms of Pepe, then it would because I was unable to imagine the goings on in her mind. I would not have a theory of mind.

Hillary Clinton

Remember when Clinton appeared on Fox News — apparently they had originally wanted to call it Foxxy News, but cooler heads prevailed — and no one was asking her about the color of her panties or suggesting what she’d have to do to turn a hard interviewer soft, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, and she was asked about how FBI Director said she deserved to be in jail for using her emails to kill Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi and re-starting Russia pushed them into Ukraine, Syria, and Iran? And, she said something like, that’s not what I heard; I heard him say that I had been truthful. And we all cringed and dropped our glasses of absinthe and dropping to our knees begging God to not let that be the end of Clinton’s flawed candidacy and allowing Trump to win the presidency only to resign after the inauguration, which was the only part of the job he liked anyway, and allowing Pence to be president only if he would let Trump run again in 2020 so he could be inaugurated again and then resign again to allow Pence to be president again? Remember all of that?

Clinton-Hillary-771x523If you’re like me, you wondered how on God’s green earth she could say something so sensitive in a way that screamed kick me to curb to her detractors. The theory of mind thing fits the bill: she can’t imagine what it sounds like to others. She knows she’s innocent. She knows she didn’t lie, deceive, or trick anyone. She knows Director Comey thought she had accurately represented the amount of classified material in her emails, but she just can’t imagine why everyone else doesn’t know these things.

The Sally-Anne Test

When psychologists and others of their ilk want to test a child for autistic tendencies, one of the tests used is called the Sally-Anne Test. The researcher pulls out two dolls and introduces them as Sally and Anne. Sally has a piece of candy and hides it in a box. Anne leaves the room. Sally then hides the piece of candy in a basket. Anne returns, and the child is asked where Anne will look for the candy. If the child says, Anne will in the basket, she doesn’t have theory of mind. The reasoning is that the child knows where the candy is and can’t imagine that Anne doesn’t know what she knows, so, obviously, Anne will look where the child knows the candy to be not where Anne last saw the candy. Of course, we all know that by the time Anne gets back to the room that there is no candy because the child ate it, but that’s a different test all together.

So, you see, kids, Clinton is like the child being tested for theory of mind, the candy is her lie about how she didn’t gift wrapped all of our state secrets and mailed them off to Poutine and China and everybody because she hates America for our freedoms that much, and the public is the doll, Anne. Clinton can’t conceive that we don’t know what she knows, so she thinks that if she says it, we’ll believe it, and not react in abject horror at her clumsy obvious bald-faced lies.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism advocates and people with autism and those of us who know a whole whole lot about autism say that we are all on the autism spectrum. Everybody has a varying ability to be socially savvy. Clinton maybe a little higher on that spectrum than we thought. That’s okay. It generally means that the common high-functioning autistic trait of obsessive focus on a topic will serve her in good stead as a policy wonky president. It means that she isn’t constrained by social rules because she’s less aware of them and can think out of the box. It means that she may not deal well with surprises and changes to schedule. And it means that she may not deal well with people and social situations, especially large groups of people. As many have said, she’s a good president, but a terrible candidate. This may or may not be why, but it would wrong of me not to use my knowledge to wildly speculate about someone that I don’t know at all for grins and giggles.


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  1. well Jack ( I can call you Jack can;t ?) I suppose you might be right about the autism thingy… but then she is doing/saying and acting exactly like what a lot of the males have done …. why is it now so important to bring up.. after all most of the sitting prez’s were not always caught in time by their handlers to keep a lid on their mouths either … just askin’…

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    • I might be right about the autism thing, but I might be wrong. But, Bill was clearly not autistic. He had great social skills and social awareness. She has an awkwardness unless she is in a familiar situation with a small number of people. She goes beyond just saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, she seems not to realize how others will react to her words. Is it narcissism? Arrogance? Ignorance?

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment!



      • Is it narcissism? Arrogance? Ignorance? Good point indeed…
        .Actually think that is is more a case of being in over her head….comfort wise..She is not used to being at the head of the fray, she has usually been some what in the back ground,. and the truthfully, l I am not confident of either contenders for the throne. How ever…….. I will have to vote for the less eloquent who happens to be a woman, rather than the bombastic boob.who happens to be male


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