Trump Supporters Show They Smarts

This clip from the Daily Show of Jordan Klepper interviewing Trump supporters about various views of Obama, the election, and Clinton sure does explains a couple of things. First, why Trump is popular among certain segments of American stupid. And second, why that certain segment of American stupid is so intractable in its support.


I’ve had to watch the entire nightmare several times not only to write this post but to write a second time. I don’t know what blogging goddess I pissed off, but there was something corrupt in the first post, and I ain’t talking about Trump. Finally, I had to delete it and just start over.

thumbsuckingSeriously, after watching this mess, I had to gargle with battery acid and read Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia from cover to cover. Sweet baby Jebus sucking His precious baby thumb, I thought I was only joking about the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid. Honest engine, I was not wishing for it or casting any sort of spell. I take it all back and would swear off snark, sarcasm, and profanity and just be some empty dried up husk of a curmudgeonly curmudgeon and live the rest of my life as drifting hulk because, let’s face it, without cynicism and sarcasm, what am I? But, I’d gladly give it all up if it would just mean that these people wouldn’t be this fucking stupid!

Really? You aren’t kidding? Really? Oh Fuck! You’re really not joking. Oh Fuck!

Watch the video. You have to. It is just too too much not to be seen. It’s like a car wreck that way. You have to look even though you know you’ll be sorry. I’m sorry, but misery loves company. You have to watch. I can’t do this alone. I can’t be the only one. Please watch it, please.

Comment Drinking Game

Please also play the game of putting your favorite detritus of stupid in the comments and we can all commiserate together. Don’t leave me hanging here. My misery needs some company, and I can’t afford to pay for it!

Now, you’ll need to excuse me while I drill holes into my feet and eat paint.


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    • Howdy Wendy!

      There really is no reason to watch. It is one of the most traumatizing things I’ve ever seen. If it weren’t so funny, though, it would be sad. Seriously. Sad. But, it’s funnier than sad! Ha Ha!



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