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A Quickie: The Merrick Garland Impasse

Chuck Schumer and the Senate Dems seem to have a bone caught in their collective throat and that bone is best represented by Senator Jeff Flake’s boneheaded tweet:

The Dems have a Merrick Garland-sized bone stuck in their throat as they sit at the table trying to eat their Neil Gorsuch dinner! In the article, Jeff Flake says that the GOP played nice with Obama’s TWO Supreme Court nominees, so the Dems should with Gorsuch, too. Um, excuse me? let’s count Obama’s supreme court picks:

  1. Sonia Sotomayor approved on 6 August 2009 by a 68 to 31 Senate vote.
  2. Elena Kagan approved on 5 August 2010 by a 63 to 37 Senate vote.
  3. Merrick Garland nominated on 16 March 2016.

MerrickGarlandYou see the problem here, right? The Repubes slapped a perfectly good judge a real live human being figuratively in the face, spat on his shoes, and kicked sand in his face! They didn’t even meet the man. They. Didn’t. Meet. Him. No hearings. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Persona Non Grata

That erasure from the history books that purge of the past continues to this day! The Repubes didn’t filibuster Obama’s Supreme Court picks. It is the tradition of the Senate to approve most Supreme Court nominees — very few are voted down. Hell, Clarence Thomas , the Original Pussy Grabber who thought that the site of one of his pubes on his coke can would get Anita Hill so sexually aroused, she would have sex with him who thought that bragging about the porn he was watching would impress her so much that she would have sex with him. He was passed. It’s the Senate tradition! You’d have to be a Bork to be Borked!

Until now. Refusing to meet the nominee, refusing to hold a hearing, refusing to even acknowledge his nomination is not the Senate tradition.

So, how do we get past this? How do Dems swallow this hellatious insult and get on with the business of the nation?

There is a simple start: the Repubes should apologize. That’s right. Mitch McConnell should take to the Senate floor and issue an official apology to Merrick Garland for his shabby treatment at his and the Repubes hands, to the Senate Democrats for their insulting treatment of Merrick Garland and the traditions of the Senate, and to the American people for their borderline treasonous treatment of the Constitution.

It has to be a real apology. A real apology has three parts:

  1. The apologizer is actually sorry, sorrowful, shamed by the actions apologized for.
  2. The apologizer is promising not to do it again.
  3. The apologizer is offering to make it up to the offended party.

If Mitch McConnell could put his hand down his pants, find his balls, and make such apology, then we might be able to move on. Might.

But, since the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is in trouble with the FBI and the NSA and is actively being investigated for possible collusion with the Russians for making war on the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid, they should offer to postpone any action on Neil Gorsuch until it is resolved. That might could be part of making it up to the Dems.

mcconnellmemeBut, we’re so far down the black hole of being fucking stupid, that Repubes won’t acknowledge that the Russians are at war with us. The Repubes would rather accept open naked aggression and attack by the Russians than investigate and respond than defend the country from open naked aggression by one of our greatest enemies! Hunh. It seems like we shouldn’t let someone who was elected with the aide and abatement of one of our greatest enemies make a lifelong appointment to the Supreme Court until we’ve got it sorted out and know for sure.

If we are to return our government to anything remotely resembling functionality, then that seems like a good step. Just like a married couple whose marriage has been rocked by infidelity, we need to take steps to build trust between each side, again. The Repubes have got to give up their aspirations of turning the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid into a single-party “democratic” kleptocracy and their ridiculous gerrymandering scheme.


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  1. Great post! The Repubs are indeed so far down the black hole that quite frankly not only can they not climb out of the hole, they are happy to be down there! I do not feel any Democrat should vote for any 45 appointee until The Speaker and the rest of the GOP not only apologize, but give Garland his due. He is entitled to go through the process too. He is owed that! (Whether he is approved or not.) The GOP did not follow rule of law and that was a blight on democracy. And cruel to do to such a qualified man. I would have sued and cried Discrimination if I were Merrick. (He’s Jewish) . He certainly was a moderate as his record proves so legally it should not have been political, and that means he was snubbed by right wing Repubs due to his faith. (However, I’m a radical progressive and Garland isn’t. ) To me until Congress meets with Garland, They should NOT move forward. Dems should stand up for “we the people” by holding Repubs responsible for their actions at every turn. Give them a little taste of what bUll they gave the noble and competent Obama. We have a drooling dictator in charge now. I wouldn’t trust any policy he brings to the table. Especially, while he is under investigation. Screw 45 and his entire group of gutless fools who nominated him and voted for him.

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