MEME: Most Prolific Liar!

And, the most Prolific Liar Lifetime Achievement Award goes to… <drum roll>… The Ol’ Pussy Grabber!

But there’s no surprise there, now is there?

For someone who holds a multitude of records in dubious categories, this one has got to be one of his most dubious! Check out all the hard work and effort that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has put into sinking to the lowest point in human lying history!

I’ve been thinking about this one ever since I re-blogged Bella DePaulo’s story about how much the Ol’ Pussy Grabber lies in the Chicago Tribune way back on 3 January. She found that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber averaged a whopping NINE public lies per day! The worst liars in her studies told only 6.6 lies on average a day. Worse, though, is that we only have a count of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s PUBLIC lies. We have to assume he’s lying just a bit in private, which would put him at an even higher average.

Absolutely amazing! That’s got to be some kind of lying record! He’s a machine, a lying machine. You really cannot trust any fucking thing he says with a lie-rate like that, can you? And, good news, we don’t. DePaulo went on to say that about 60% of the American people don’t trust him. That’s also some kind of record because, as she notes, we’re hardwired to believe! We usually err on the side of believing someone with 56% of statements made in a study being judged as true that is after the participants have been clued in that half of the statements they hear will be lies. They’re trying to detect lies that know are out there and they still judge over half of the statements as true.

MEME: Most Prolific Liar

This is another one to download, swap, trade, and, otherwise, make go viral! It’s a keeper! It commemorates an achievement that no one ever wants to see achieved again!

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The image is a stunning free image provided by Pixaby. It was made by Triburi.

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