MEME: Trump’s Feculent Touch

In Trump’s America, everything he touches turns to shit. Ever notice that? Every agency in the executive branch has been corrupted including the bleedin’ National Archives — say it ain’t so! The National Archives reportedly blurred posters that were critical of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber in photographs of the Women’s March in order to avoid political controversy, meaning upsetting the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and causing a kerfuffle on Twitter. The only agency that might not be corrupted is the Government Accountability Office, which found that the Office of Management and Budget, acting on orders from the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, broke the law when it withheld military aide money from Ukraine, so there’s that.

The Congressional Repubes are corrupt and backing the Ol’ Pussy Grabber no matter how blatantly corrupt and dishonest he is. And, the judiciary is clearly making politically motivated decisions in several cases. We’ll see if they’ve bought Chief Justice John Roberts in the same way they bought Anthony Kennedy, Neil Go-Suck, and Boof-K.

And corruption isn’t enough for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, he’s got to destroy our carefully built and maintained alliances, destroy our trade policy, and hasten the demise of our climate.

To celebrate the absolute terribleness of our everything the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has done, I made this here meme:

Go ahead and download the meme and share it widely! You know you want to. Seriously. Share it. It’s good.

Media Attribution

The photo of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber was found using a Creative Commons search. It is licensed as Attribution-Share a Like 2.0 Generic. The photo is by Gage Skidmore.

The poop emoji is a free image from

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  1. well said!!!! Watching him squirm is a delight! and he is in for a hell of a lot more! He is getting a boatload of crap from the rest of the world and is in a world of nervous …. sigh …. yes ! he is getting his just rewords..


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    • Howdy Francese!
      We can only hope that he will get his just rewards before he stands before the pearly gates because with the Repubes in Congress led by the authoritarian, #MoscowMitch, he may not. Hopefully, though, We the People will rise up and clean house in November.


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