America’s Sexual-Assault Epidemic – The Atlantic

This article makes the extremely interesting point that part of the reason so many powerful men across industries have been accused of sexual assault or harassment and have faced consequences is because the Ol’ Pussy Grabber had confessed to sexual assault AND was elected AND beat a woman AND denigrated women so frequently and often during the campaign that these accusations are coming out. I suppose the success of Gretchen Carlson against the toad, Roger Ailes, and the shit canning of the old goat, Bill O’Reilly and the frustrations of prosecuting serial rapist, Bill Cosby all have contributed to the sense of outrage and frustration and the urge to do something.

However, I think the focus on “powerful” men is a mistake because there are many relatively powerless men who nonetheless still have power of a woman somewhere — think fast food restaurant and convenience store managers, for example — who are abusing the women around them.

Men like Harvey Weinstein and Brock I finger fucked an unconscious woman behind a dumpster for ten minutes of fun so I shouldn’t be punished severely Turner are protected by the system. Their livelihoods and careers and reputations are protected instinctively by those around them. The knee jerk response to the accusation of sexual assault against a man of privilege is “we can’t let this get out,” and not we have to prosecute this disgusting motherfucker. It happens across industries and up and down the social hierarchy.

America’s Sexual-Assault Epidemic

The Harvey Weinstein scandal rocking Hollywood has now spread throughout the American business world, with a growing list of firings and suspensions among high-profile men.

Gillian B. White

The allegations started in Hollywood, then spread to Silicon Valley, and after that engulfed New York City media circles. Harvey Weinstein’s downfall was just the beginning. The accusations, then firings, of many other powerful men have sparked a public conversation about an uncomfortable issue that rarely surfaces. And, at least for now, that’s created a very different kind of dialogue about sexual assault.

<Ed’s note: skipping ahead to give you a taste of the juicy bits>

This focus on abusive behavior from powerful men comes at an interesting moment for the country, which is to say, during the Trump presidency. In the final weeks of his bombastic presidential campaign, several women came forward to allege that Donald Trump had made unwanted sexual advances toward them. Barely a year ago, The Washington Post unearthed audio recordings of Trump bragging about how he kissed and groped women. (Trump could be heard saying, “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” and “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Less than a month later, he was elected president—helped by more than half of white women who voted for him.

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