Meme: The Supreme Court

Oh, Clinton was too corrupt.

Both parties are just as bad.

There’s no difference between Clinton and the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

They shoulda nominated somebody better than Clinton.

Can you hear the pathetic excuse mongering by those who sat out the election or voted for a third-party candidate or secretly, never to be divulged, voted for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber? Have you heard these self-serving self-absorbed hacks trying to excuse away the way they let the country down? They failed. The one time our country truly needed us and they failed. They helped elect the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

The 2016 election should not have been close. Should not have been close. But purists and undecided uncommitted fence-dwellers threw the election to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber either by staying home or voting third-party or clutch the pearls voting for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. Anyone but Clinton, amirite?

Sure the Russians helped, but just like a poorly reffed game, it wouldn’t matter if one team had just taken care of business and scored a mess a points. If the liberal-progressive coalition had just voted with their fucking heads, we’d have one of the most competent and well-qualified presidents of our lifetimes! She woulda followed one of the most competent and well-qualified presidents of our lifetimes. Now, we have a confessed rapist, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, shitting on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office destroying our traditions and dismantling our democratic institutions and ushering in a era of authoritarianism.


No where is it clearer than at the Supreme Court. We are at risk of having every one of our hard fought progressive victories overturned. The Voting Rights Act has already been gutted. They are coming for Medicaid and Medicare. They’ve threatened the Civil Rights Act. The minimum wage will be lost. Unions will be vanquished. They’ve been chipping away at Roe v. Wade. They’ll even try to undo Social Security if we let them.

It was always the Supreme Court, you morons! 2016 was one of the few chances the liberal-progressive side of the spectrum has had to make enough appointments to swing the court to a consistent liberal majority.

We had our warning shot when McConnell stole Obama’s Supreme Court nomination. Why the fuck wasn’t that outrage enough to get every swinging dick and bouncing tit to the polls? Why? Oh, yes. It was take your pick from the laundry list of faux reasons:

Her emails.

The bodies.


She’s not very likable.

They shoulda treated Sanders better.

You fucking shallow-arsed idiots! Roe v. Wade and Medicare/Medicaid at the very least are on the line because you let them have Gorsuch! Rot in fucking hell! We deserve every goddamn misery they inflict on us while they squeeze every drop of blood out of the middle class so they can further enrich the wealthy and satisfy the sadistic value voters’ blood lust.

2018 is literally our last shot at getting it right. If we don’t elect a Democratic Congress, then everything from the environment to progressive social legislation to civil rights to women’s health is gone. The fucking franchise itself. Gone. All of it gone. Dust.

If the Ol’ Pussy Grabber gets to make two more nominations, then it will be a 6 – 3 conservative majority. And the Authoritarian Party will have its boot on our throats for a generation. We might not ever recover.

We are the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid.

It’s the Supreme Court, stupd! The Supreme Court.

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  1. If we do take the Senate in 2018, our Senators should block any Trump (or more likely Pence, by then) Supreme Court nomination(s) until a Democratic President takes office. If McConnell could block Garland for eight months, we can do it for twenty-four — especially since the Trump/Pence ticket, unlike Obama, is of genuinely questionable legitimacy due to Russian meddling in the election.

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    • Howdy Infidel!

      Exactly! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s a fucked up precedent tactic, but it also drives home the connection between the presidency and the supremes.

      And at the very least, it will drive the nominations to being more moderate like Garland, Beyer, and Kennedy. And, now maybe Roberts! Ha ha! Unexpected consequences: Gorsuch is such an obnoxious ass, Roberts may be moving centerward as a reaction! You gotta look for those small glimmers of silver round those dark centers, amirite?



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