This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach – Vox

I offer this article from because it gets to the core of the Repube white identity politics and their gaslighting of America for the past forty years or so. The Repubes would have you believe that they are fiscal and deficit hawks who are bent on smaller government, lower taxes, and zero debt and deficit. But, that is a lie. It is easily established by examining the fiscal history of Repube presidents: ballooning debt and deficits, growth of government, and raising taxes on the middle class.

So if the core Repube political plank is a lie, then what is their core? Look no further than the Southern Strategy, the dog whistled invitation to every shriveled pink dick out there. We’ve all known this, but we can’t seem to make it stick.

The fellows defiance of clear air is the cut your dick off despite your sexuality that makes the modern Repube party so soul-twisting maddening and exposes it for the gaslighting torture of the white rural Christian voter that it is.

The blindingly stupid but angry defiance of we’ll pollute the air even while it kills us, and there is nothing you can do to stop us dovetails right into we’re racists and you can’t stop us + we’re rapists and you can’t stop us + we’re murdering suiciding gun-owners and you can’t stop us. It is essentially the reasoning of a two-year old.

That’s the modern Repube party. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber seems a fitting spokesperson for it since he regularly and frequently shoots everyone around him in their dicks and stand s there with the smoking gun pointing at Hillary Clinton saying, She done it! I saw her! Believe me! And, the dumb fucks do.

We’re not the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid for nothing, are we?



This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach

Before Donald Trump, GOP elites — policymakers, intellectuals, DC operators — were in the grips of a comforting illusion: that their party was united around the principles of limited government and free markets. The family values and national security stuff rounded out the picture, of course, but small-government economics was the core.

That is how the elite — with help from a compliant media — interpreted the Tea Party uprising that followed Obama’s election. Here were patriots devoted to reducing burdensome regulations and defending economic freedom.

Post-Trump, this illusion has become untenable. Trump never paid lip service to conservative economic ideology. He doesn’t even possess the vocabulary, the catechisms that virtually every Republican candidate can recite by heart. He bypassed small-government ideology almost entirely in favor of white resentment. And Republicans, at least a plurality of them, embraced him for it.


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