The Unproductive Malignant Narcissist WATCH: NEW CRUELTY Style

I’m borrowing the phrase, New Cruelty, from Wonkette to describe the policies of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, AND I even got their explicit permission to use it. But, you know what they say over there, Must credit Wonkette! And, hey, you’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. We’ve got enough dishonesty going on in this country to be making any more contributions to it, amirite?

Hondurans and their Temporary Protected Status

I can’t think of any crueler thing to do than ending the Temporary Protected Status for about 57,000 Hondurans, meaning they have to get out and return to Honduras. These people have only been living here since 1998 after a hurricane turned them out of their country and President Clinton was nice enough to allow them to come here. They’ve only been building a life and contributing to our country since then. They’ve only put down roots, paid their taxes, bought homes, gotten married and had children since they’ve been here. How could that hurt anyone?

Hey, you sniveling soft-hearted liberal pansy, what part of temporary don’t you people understand!!?! They’ve been here long enough; they’ve got to go back now! Shoulda been preparing for this day for years! The damn freeloaders.

The TPS program is a humanitarian response to inhumane conditions that may develop in other countries allowing their citizens to stay here until things get better at home. But, when countries treat their citizens like the Ol’ Pussy Grabber treats Puerto Ricans, the effects of those disasters can linger for years and even decades. So, we’ve had some people from some places with terrible conditions staying here for a long long time. Instead of making a road to citizenship, we get the crueler option.

A Little History

Way back in 1990, Poppy Bush signed the law that allows the US government to accept immigrants from countries that have been affected by war and strife, natural disaster, or other extraordinary conditions. Those people have been welcome to come here and live like real human beings as if they were equal to every white American.

It is a humanitarian act that no other president has been willing to end until the Ol’ Pussy Grabber decided to make America great by introducing us to the New Cruelty kinda like the New Deal but with daggers.

The Shithole Countries

Since its inception, ten countries have been added to the list allowing about 436,900 people into the country. These are the affected countries: El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has announced that his administration is ending the status of four of them: Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, El Salvador. And now, Honduras.

You remember, all of this was a result of his remarks about accepting people from shithole countries. He’s doing it because he has a malignant heart. It is the malignant — psychopathic — part of his diagnosis.

To help us keep the face of the NEW CRUELTY in mind, Ye Olde Blogge is publishing this nifty new meme that you can download and share!


The WATCH: New Cruelty

The Puerto Rican Cruelty

But, wait, we’re not done. There is still yet more cruelty lurking in the black malignant heart of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber! After all, these people don’t discriminate, they hate all the brown peoples equally. It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t heap some cruelty onto some American browns, now would it? Someone might think our cruelty was racially driven or something.

We’ve been ignoring the pain and anguish in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria landed on 20 September a mere eight months ago! And, they still don’t have adequate water, electricity, food, and infrastructure, but they aren’t really a state, so who cares? They can’t even vote for federal office holders! How could they possibly qualify for civil much less human rights?

On 1 May, Puerto Ricans took to the streets to voice their frustrations. They were met by tear gas, pepper spray, and truncheons. If they didn’t know any better than to let the rich and powerful rape and pillage their pathetic little island forcing it into a crushing debt that only severe austerity measures will allow them to repay in anything even remotely resembling a timely fashion, then they don’t deserve our help! And, if they couldn’t figure out that living on an island amidst all that water would make it hard for the richest country in the history of human kind with the most advanced military anyone has ever seen to reach them after the hurricane struck, then they deserve what they get! And, didn’t the Ol’ Pussy Grabber show up there and toss some paper towels at a few people? The ingrates.

So, because the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and his Repube brethren can’t be bothered to actually provide for actual Americans — they are brown after all, what else do you need to know? — Ye Olde Blogge has produced a New Cruelty meme to commemorate the malignancy of this government.


The Watch: New Cruelty, Puerto Rico

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s malignancy truly knows no bounds. He has exactly zero-degrees of empathy. He has no compassion. No understanding of the human condition. He is nothing more than a caricature aping human existence. And, in our decency, we must turn him and his enablers out of office.

Help me in tarring our government with the New Cruelty label. Spread the memes as far and wide as you can.

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  1. If only they were from Norway. they wouldn’t be problem, but they’re not and making America White is the priority. Besides being from “shit hole countries”, they had the nerve to have children here who are citizens (“anchor babies”), a horrible, sneaky invasion. They must be punished. He promised to do something about immigrants and as the poet wrote (who would be appalled), he has promises to keep and miles to go before he sleeps. Alas, the woods he sees are not lovely, just dark and deep, with lions and tigers and bears.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      The id on this man is shocking. In fact, you could argue that he is all id. All impulse and no reason. When you see lives destroyed and disrupted, it really just breaks your heart and causes you want to turn the bastards out. This is just unbelievable and no Repube in Congress will raise a whimper much less a hue or cry.


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      • It is the delusional agenda of their primary election base. Also, when these people who have gotten established in jobs, bought houses and cars (i.e., taken on debt), and built businesses (often, more debt), are forced to leave, they will have to sell off those assets (in part to try to clear the debts) for whatever price they can get, and leave jobs open (presumably to be filled by the “real American” workers whose jobs they “stole” in the first place. Financial vultures will gather to pick the bones of their lives and dreams in “The Land Of The Free.” There will be business opportunities, and we know how important that is to the GOPers.

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