Weekly MoC Call List: Making a Difference in Immigration, Endless War, and Lowering Drug Prices, Week of Sunday 21 July

There is so much going on right now, the Squad, Mueller’s impending Congressional testimony, national flooding and the heatwave, and all the other mishegas going on in the country obviously has the Ol’ Pussy Grabber on edge and seeking to distract the country by upping the racism ante. With all of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s theatrics it is easy to lose sight of what is important and effective in resisting the continuing fascification of the nation. #Hashtag resistance is fun and exciting, but not very effective, but contacting your MoC and other government representatives is! So, read on for my recommendations for the five issues to bring up out of the myriad of possibilities.

Unfortunately, two of the three recommendations from last week are still there. You could just use them and add your favorite three of those five issues. There are so many issues that I try not to repeat too often. Following immediately is the annotated list for this week. After that is the way you can determine who your MoC’s are.

  • United States–Northern Triangle Enhanced Engagement Act: This act addresses the root causes of immigration in Central America and will actually have a real effect in the crisis at the border of asylum seekers. It has passed the House, of course, and is now available for the Senate to consider. SMitch probably won’t which makes it doubly important for you to call your Senator and demand that the bill be brought tot he floor for a vote.
  • End abuses of immigrants (5 Calls) or Defund hate (Indivisible): With the Ol’ Pussy Grabber trying to arrest everyone who crosses the border without documents — remember crossing the border and presenting for asylum is legal — we’ve seen a spike in detentions. It is over-burdening the system that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has done his best to hamstring to up the cruelty ante — welcome to the New Cruelty. Call your MoC and demand that they outlaw mass detention of immigrants, provide adequate funding for the immigrant court system to deal with the 800,000 cases now pending, and provide for adequate care for those we are holding. Do not believe the GOP lies that it is because the Dems refuse to address the issue by passing legislation. This crisis is entirely of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s making and we can put additional pressure on the GOP over immigration if the House passes legislation addressing the issue for Smitch to ignore.
  • Demand your MoC read the Mueller Report: This may not be a bill, but it should be. Everyone should read the Mueller report. You can too. You can pay Amazon or Google Play for it, or you can download it for free from right here: The Mueller Report or directly from the link below. Organize a reading party among your friends pass it around and read aloud. It is a fascinating read. But, also organize a call you MoC and demand that they read the damn report, too! It is un-American not to have read the report.
  • Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing: I believe I wrote about this one in the first edition of this regular feature, it is HR 1046. This bill allows Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices like insurance companies do, and since Medicare is the biggest buyer of pharmaceuticals in the country, it has a lot of negotiating power, if we’ll let it. You know it is one of those famed market forces that the GOP likes to tout instead of government intervention but won’t allow because Dems. But, it doesn’t stop there, if the drug companies refuse, the Secretary of Health and Human Services could issue a “competitive license” to allow generic versions of the drugs to be manufactured not that a Repube secretary would actually do that, but hey that’s why god created the 2020 elections!
  • Require Congressional Approval for Military Force: This is an amendment for the 2020 Defense Appropriations Bill — a bill that is (a) hard not to pass and (b) hard to veto given that it is so necessary to keep the Repube heart beating — but instead of requiring the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and his chicken hawks to receive Congressional approval before making war with Iran, it will eliminate the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force which has been abused for the past 18 years — and not repealed by a Repube Congress even though the Obama administration asked them to — in making war on Muslims. The House has approved the amendment, so it is up to the Senate… what’s the over-and-under that it will survive the Senate?

Here’s your link to download a copy of the Mueller report for your very own from Ye Olde Blogge because #Resistance.

Contacting your Member of Congress

Here’s how to contact you’re member of Congress (MoC):

  • Call My Congress: Uses your zip code to locate your Congressional Representative and your Senators. And, it returns phone numbers, tweeter handle, party affiliation, voting record, and link to C-Span appearances!
  • 5 Calls: Sign-up for 5 Calls because it is a service that will help you contact your Congressional representatives and keep you abreast of on going issues that are important to you! Now, that is a good deal.
  • The Capital Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

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