UPDATE! Reaping What You Sow: Trump got TROLLED!

The highly esteemed Rachel Maddow gives more information about the seal trolling of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber! I’ll add it below.

In a classic case of reaping what you sow: the Ol’ Pussy Grabber appeared in front a parody seal at the Teen Student Action Summit. It had a double-headed Russian eagle which was clutching a set of golf clubs in one of its claws. Ha ha! Talk about your epic troll. The student responsible was fired but is a legend. #WorthIt!

You know for the man who made a mockery of his office, our country, and his life, is it any wonder that some punk-assed smart-assed kid made a mockery of him? Really? Is it any wonder? Can you imagine being a kid at a Never Again, MSD event or Fridays for the Future event and Obama came to speak pulling a prank like that? Hell no. You’d be too damn awe-struck.

But, the guy who is paying pee-hookers to piss on the Resolute Desk and all of our American values, who can’t respect his wife, children, colleagues, fellow party members, the opposition, allies, or himself, gets pranked. Why because he’s a punk that no one respects.

According to Rachel:

  • The seal came from a website, One Term Donnie, on a website, myshopifie.
  • She gives us a very useful visual comparison (given below). Please forgive the modified screen grab — Just let us know if it needs to be removed. No need to sue or anything, honest. There isn’t. — Wouldn’t it be cool if TRMS did, though? I mean, it would mean that someone from there was reading Ye Olde Blogge! I’d just die! — Only the solid red arrow is TRMS’. The other arrows both solid and outlined are mine.
  • The red arrows point out that the real seal has the motto of the US: E pluribus unum, Out of one, many. On the parody: 45 es un Titere, 45 is a puppet.
  • The blue arrows point to the shield. On the real seal, a sky-blue field. On the parody, a dark-blue field with hammer and sickle icons!
  • I missed the eagle heads. Oops. Sorry. But, as covered in the non-updated version. On the real seal, a good-old American, totally normal, single-headed eagle’s head. On the parody, a Russian Federation, Chernobyl-ized, freakish and totally abnormal, double-headed eagle.
  • The green arrows point to the stuff held in the eagle’s right talon. On the real seal, an olive branch. Peace out, dude! On the parody, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s heart and soul, cold, green, hard-currency, cash!
  • And the orange arrows point to the stuff held in the eagle’s left talon. On the seal, 13 arrows, one for each of the original 13 colonies. On the parody, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s greatest government expenditure — buying himself through his golf clubs. See what I did there? His golf clubs? Hunh? Hunh? He owns golf clubs and golf clubs? He uses his golf clubs at his golf clubs? Hunh? Get it? Pretty good, hunh? Man, I crack myself up, sometimes.
TRMS comparison of the Seals! The real is on the left. The parody on the right. The solid red arrow is TRMS, the others are mine.

Also, TRMS reports that the seal was up for more than an hour. And, that the One-Term Donnie person did not have anything to do about it and was as dumb-founded as the rest of us. It really was the aide at the kiddie-club who done it. Wow. Someone punked the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. Really punked him.

And now back to your regular post.

Damby dumby. Whoever punked the Ol’ Pussy Grabber… respect!

Trump appears in front of doctored seal with Russian and golf imagery, TPUSA aide fired

By Betsy Klein, Thu July 25, 2019

An audiovisual aide for conservative student group Turning Point USA was fired this week after President Donald Trump appeared on a stage in front of a parody image of the presidential seal at its Teen Student Action Summit.

As the President took the stage Tuesday morning before a sea of 1,500 teenage cell phones, a screen behind him showed a fake presidential seal featuring a two-headed eagle — which bore similarity to the State seal of the Russian Federation — clutching a set of golf clubs in its talons. The seal was visible for a short time behind Trump, who stood behind a podium affixed with the official (and un-doctored) presidential seal for the duration of his speech.

Continue reading at CNN: Trump appears in front of seal with Russian, golf imagery, TPUSA aide fired – CNNPolitics

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