Meme: A Single-Party, Pseudo-Democratic Authoritarian Regime Just Like in Russia

Given all of the cover being given to Russian interference in our election by the Repubes in general and #MoscowMitch in specific, you gotta start wondering if the entire ding-dang-dumb party ain’t been bought and paid for by Putin and Co.

Look at what has been reported recently:

  • Ellen Weintraub, chair of the FEC, released record evidence that the Repubes on the commission refused to investigate the relationship between Russian agent, Butina, and the NRA. They wouldn’t even let the commission contact the FBI to see if there was an active investigation going on.
  • #MoscowMitch won’t even allow debate on bills to protect our elections!
  • #MoscowMitch’s and Gov. Bevin’s roles in securing money from Rusal — the Russian aluminum monstrosity controlled by Oleg Deripaska– by lifting sanctions against Rusal and Deripaska. Then, the Pentagon white paper published recently describes how Russia uses such investments to compromise government officials into doing their bidding or else they’ll take their business and go elsewhere. Mitch has fought Putin too long to fall into this simple trap. He walked in with eyes wide-shut.
  • The Ol’ Pussy Grabber denies denies denies any Russian involvement or minimizes the severity of the involvement in our elections.
  • Congressional Repubes attack and undermine the intelligence community.
  • Repube Governors across the country dragging their heals or being drug kicking and screaming to election security — Georgia comes to mind.
  • There are so many more. Please fill us in in the comments.

The only conclusion that one can draw from all this hemming and hawing and caterwauling around the no-brainer of election security is that they are hoping that Russia steps in to help them again in 2020.

Just from his behavior alone #MoscowMitch is clearly compromised.

But, there is more. There are the attempts to gerrymander permanent majorities in the House of Representatives and state houses. There is the slow walking of Obama judicial appointees, and the fast-tracking of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s. There is the theft of a SCOTUS seat when #MoscowMitch refused to interviews or even a confirmation hearing to Merrick Garland. There was the purchase of John Paul Stevens’ seat to get him to resign. The packing of the courts with young conservative judges with dubious qualifications has to be one of the most concerning developments of all.

The hollowing out of the administration by using only acting department heads and cabinet positions — without a confirmed cabinet, there can be no amendment 25’ing of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber! Using obvious political hacks in lieu of anyone even remotely qualified to work in the few positions that have been filled.

Attacking, questioning, and undermining the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The political compromise of the Justice Department.

At the end of the day, you can only conclude that Repubes do not want a democracy. They want a pseudo-democracy — one that only goes through the motions of democracy, but really is run by a single party for the benefit of the party.

A permanent majority is not democratic. Refusing to follow the traditions and norms of our government is not democratic. Refusing to compromise with the opposition party is not democratic. Blatantly breaking laws is not democratic. Skewing economic inequality is not democratic. Giving unwanted, unneeded, and unnecessary tax breaks to the wealthy that are paid for by the middle class is not democratic.

It is clear that the Repube view of government is that it is of the wealthy, by wealthy, for the wealthy. According to the Repubes government’s only function is to transfer the wealth of the nation to the one percent as quickly as possible and sell the rest of us as cheap resources to have every cent wrung out of us until there is no more to be made from us and then we are thrown on the slag heap to die quickly and quietly, you know like Repube constituents do living poor in Cancer Ally.

Single-Party Pseudo-Democratic Authoritarian Regime

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    • Howdy Bob!

      And throwing the people of HK under the bus. It was the equivalent of Poppy’s Iraq ambassador, Glaspie, giving Hussein tacit permission to invade Kuwait. He’s basically said he will not respond in the least. He gave Xi a free hand. I’m surprised Xi hasn’t acted on it yet. Probably the only reason he hasn’t is because a FOURTH of the HK population was on the street protesting and another million sitting home sympathizing.


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      • Another thing that could be holding Xi back is that a full intervention and absorption of KH in violation of the One Nation, Two Systems agreement would mean the multinationals (banks in particular) would abandon HK. The Party may be “Communist”, but very much about BUSINESS. Also, they’ve spent a full generation erasing the memory of Tienanmen and HK takeover would be at least as ugly.

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