Your Call Your MoC for the Week of Sunday 18 August: Steve King, Sister Lindsey’s Asylum Bill, SNAP, Guns, and SO MUCH MORE!

It’s been a busy week! There is always lots to talk to your MoC about! I hope that you’re becoming first-name basis acquaintances with the staffers who answer your MoC’s office phone. “Hi Jezzabel, it’s me, Beelzebub calling, again! How’s the cat? And the dog’s anal infection? Still needing to clean the wound and apply the ointment? Yeah, that’s nasty. Can you connect me with the staffer who works with this issue, please?”

Remember, be polite. That’s a real live human being you’re talking to. No matter what the issue, we’re all real live American human beings and we should treat each other as such. Also, people help the polite; people spit in the food and drink of those who aren’t.

Anywho, here’s your call list! As always let us know how the calls go in the comments!

Five Issues

Steve King

There is a movement on to demand that Rep Steve King (R – Racist Misogynist Pedophilia) resign from Congress. Any decent human being would resign after any one of a number of King’s racist or misogynist statements. Any decent human being would resign after being sanctioned by his Congressional caucus and being removed from all of his committee assignments — that means he has lots of “representative time” on his schedule and fund raising.

So, yeah, ask your MoC to “demand” his resignation for his latest outrageous comments seeming to endorse incest and rape. Maybe he’s so relieved that Epstein is dead so he cannot finger fuck King for his participation that he let this one slip out. Who knows? If anyone needs to leave Congress, it is King.

He ain’t likely to do so no matter who is making the demand. Seriously, this man has no shame, which is a strong indication that he is a psychopath.

Ask Your Representative To…

The House can also censure or expell a member. He can be hauled before the ethics committee. These are meaningful steps that Congress can and should take.

Ask your MoC to censure or bring King before the ethics committee. Whatever you do, express your outrage and let your representative know that you expect them to take some public measure against King.

Asylum “Reform”

Sister Lindsey woke up with gas or a cramp or an idea in his own little brain so he directed his staff to write up a bill that will “reform” asylum.

Sister Lindsey’s Bill

The bill is S.1494 “The Secure and Protect Act of 2019.”

It will make the asylum process more difficult and puts applicants at greater risk. Remember, seeking asylum is legal and a legal reason to enter the United States. This bill changes the process in three ways:

  1. It eliminates asylum applications at the border and shifts them to the applicant’s country of origin. Presumably, living in the country of origin is dangerous, so keeping them there longer just puts them in more danger.
  2. It will extend the legal time — not like this administration follows the law — that migrant children can be extended from 20 days to 100. I guess if you won’t follow the law as written, change the law to be more similar to what you’re actually doing. How fucked up is that?
  3. Unaccompanied minors can be deported. Think about that. A ten year old under extreme threat can be put on a plane and flown to the capital city of the country that endangers them and left.

Ask Your Senator To…

Oppose this bill. This isn’t a reform, it is death sentence. It is an extension of the New Cruelty that defines this administration and the GOP.

There is no way that this bill passes the House, but just on general principles, it should not only be voted down but buried deep in the Arctic ice while it still lasts.

Gun Reform

I know that the shock and horror of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings has abated somewhat, and thank goodness, too. Can you imagine walking around with all that stress, worry and dread every day? But, we still are losing 100 or so real live people to gun violence every single day, and brothers and sisters, that’s way too many.

Five Policy Choices to Choose From

According to 5 Calls: Gun violence prevention experts have recommended a number of policy approaches to reduce gun violence:

  • Congress can close legal loopholes that allow people to buy guns without background checks from private sellers, websites, or gun shows. A move that over 80% of gun owners support.
  • Congress can institute universal background checks for both gun and ammo purchasers and require gun licenses, all measures supported by the vast majority of Americans.
  • Congress can adequately fund community-based interventions such as the nearly 20-year-old Ceasefire program, an underfunded effort that has helped to reduce gun violence in cities through education and public health crisis strategies.
  • Congress can reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004, or pass new legislation banning the purchase of high-capacity magazines and military-style assault weapons.

Tell Your MoC To…

  • Tell your senator to support the three House bills languishing in #MassacreMitch’s ass and hold him to his word to bring them to the floor for a vote!
  • Choose three of the five issues listed above and tell your MoC to support them with meaningful legislative action.
  • Tell them to vote to override any veto by the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

Changes to SNAP Rules

Steven Miller stuck his head up the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s ass and started throwing his voice and directed that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to exclude 3 million more people from food assistance. I say more because we’ve been eroding the social safety net for decades.

Remember that for every dollar spent on SNAP produces $1.22 to $1.84 in economic activity. In other words, it helps the economy. It has a multiplier effect, which, BTW, tax cuts for the 1% don’t.

Tell Your MoC to…

While this is not a bill per se, you can ask every member of your state’s Congressional delegation to condemn the rule change. We need a public outcry led by our elected officials.

Also, they could write legislation that would undo the order and protect the most vulnerable and actually do something to stimulate our economy during the next upcoming very soon recession.

Impeachment Inquiry

I know Rep. Nadler mumbled something about an impeachment probe or inquiry or hearing or something. It was just a little underwhelming, don’t you think?

Tell Your Representative To…

  • Co-sponsor Rep. Tlaib’s impeachment resolution, HB 257.
  • Make public hue and cry and demand a formal impeachment inquiry!
  • Demand that Nancy Pelosi, the Dem leadership team, and Rep. Nadler stand before the nation and declare that impeachment proceedings are under way.
  • Make regular public statements about progress and the possible crimes that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is being investigated for.

Bonus Issue: Austin Tice

Ask your MoC what they are doing to bring Austin Tice home!

Facts and other important points:

  • A photo-journalist
  • Captain USMC
  • Detained in Syria in August 2012
  • Held for seven years!
  • Transferred to an “affiliate” of the Syrian government widely believed to be Iran.
  • Awards (Bona fides): George Polk Award for War Reporting, the McClatchy Newspapers President’s Award, the ASJA Conscience in Media Award, and the National Press Club John Aubuchon Freedom of the Press Award.

Steps you can do to help free Austin Tice:

Upcoming Events

  • Monday 23 September: rally outside of the Capitol — URGE YOUR MoC TO ATTEND!
  • Photo Exhibit: Austin Tice’s photos will be on display in the foyer of the Sam Rayburn Building.
  • Sign up here to volunteer.

Contacting Your MoC

Find out how to contact your MoC using these links!

  • Common Cause will give you the names, party affiliation, direct phone number, website link, and social media platforms of all of your federal, state, and local elected officials.
  • Call My Congress: Uses your zip code to locate your Congressional Representative and your Senators. And, it returns phone numbers, tweeter handle, party affiliation, voting record, and link to C-Span appearances!
  • 5 Calls: I am sad to report that Call Your Rep is no longer supported, but you can sign-up for 5 Calls which is a service that will help you contact your Congressional representatives and keep you abreast of on going issues that are important to you! Now, that is a good deal.
  • The Capital Hill Switch Board: (202) 224-3121.
  • #MassacreMitch and #MoscowMitch: (202) 224-2541. Call him throughout the recess!

Join Indivisible

Follow the link to Indivisible to find a group near you, their campaigns, events in your neighborhood, and download their handy-dandy booklet!

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  1. Rep. King’s remark makes one wonder what a deep dive into his computer files and browsing history would turn up. Does he have daughters, granddaughters, nieces? If so, I would fear for them.

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