A Nation That Isn’t Crazy About Labor Celebrates Labor Day – Wonkette

One thing we want to do at Ye Olde Blogge is introduce annual days of acknowledgement, remembrance, and recognition. And, what better day for a progressive blog to do so with than Labor Day? Labor Day is an extra day in the year for laborers to have free to get shit faced and forget how shitty their shitty lives are for a moment before dragging themselves back to their shitty jobs hungover and all that shit.

As explained in this excellent annual Wonkette article, Labor Day was created to help pacify the teaming masses yearning for better treatment at work or in the words of conservative rich fat fucks, socialism. Demagoguing socialism and communism to split labor and pit one laborer against another is an age old fun parlor game that rich fat fucks and their political allies have been playing for a century and a half to keep the lower and middle class living in Cancer Alley, dying young, remaining poor, and transferring as much of their hard earned money and production value as possible to the rich fat fucks and their political allies all while keeping them happy to do it. See? It’s win-lose, but who gives a fuck about you, you got Labor Day?

So, we at Ye Olde Blogge think it important to remember every year while we are all out drunk driving and killing each other in drunken car accidents and buying appliances and sheets and all kinda other on sale items. Even though, this year, it has already passed, it still counts because procrastination. This is the Procrasti Nation.

A Nation That Isn’t Crazy About Labor Celebrates Labor Day

Doktor Zoom September 02, 2019 11:29 AM

Go watch ‘Norma Rae’ … Or ‘Matewan’ … Or maybe ‘Office Space.’

Yr Dok Zoom wrote this Labor Day column in 2017. Here it is again, revised and updated to reflect The Current Moment!

Since Ken Layne wrote America’s Ultimate Snarl about Labor Day in America in 2013, it seems a bit redundant to try saying anything more. Honestly, go read it. It’s every bit as bleak as the title, “Labor Day Is a Scam To Keep You Poor and Miserable Forever,” suggests. And funny as hell.

The thing about Labor Day is that while it was, at least for a few decades during the “Progressive Era,” something that workers and unions actually marked with parades and demonstrations and stuff, it’s been a long time since Labor Day has really been marked by anything but furniture sales and the mandatory newspaper piece on The American Worker and/or the Decline Of Unions.

The basic irrelevance of Labor Day, as a thing people give any thought to, means the federal holiday succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of those who made it official. The very first Labor Days in the 1880s were organized by labor unions, who went on strike to call for recognition of the union movement; the first organizers picked September 1 as a convenient date because it fell halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. The establishment of the federal holiday was a fairly cynical move meant as a sop to angry trade unionists, in hopes that they’d be happy with a gesture from the government saying “OK, you exist. Good for you!”

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  1. And, in the rest of the industrial world, there is no “Labor Day”. They have May Day instead, the real workers’ day, the “socialist” day not so much of faux celebration as of DEMANDS. They don’t go shopping. They march. There was a time that happened here too, but in their gaslighting wisdom or leaders had to replace that tradition with something non-threatening.

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