MEME: Putin has bought the Republican Party

Putin has figured out how to defeat liberal democracies! I’m sure he’s kicking himself for not having realized it earlier because it is just that fucking simple.

He uses capitalism against us. He buys our politicians. It is that simple. Look at the Republican Party! How many pundits and members of the media profess abject confusion and consternation about the behavior of the Republican Party? When will they get a backbone? they lament. Where is the patriotism of the Republican Party? they wonder.

They won’t. Putin has sold them on the idea of an oligarchy just like they have in Russia!

  • Fixed elections! They’ll never lose another election because of gerrymandering, voter suppression, structural advantages in the Senate and electoral college, and foreign interference.
  • Fixed courts! They’ll never have another law overturned by a judge because they’ve packed the courts with their radically incompetent judges. And, they stole a SCOTUS seat from Obama (Go-suck) and they bought a seat from Kennedy (Boof-K). Before Trump is out of office, they’ll buy Thomas, Alito, and Roberts, too, so they can appoint 40 year old incompetents and cement their 5-4 conservative advantage for a generation.
  • Unchecked executive! No one in the government will challenge the presidency ever again because he can use the DoJ, FBI, IRS, and other agencies to intimidate opponents. The other two branches will acquiesce to the executive.
  • Oligarchy! They’ll transfer the nation’s wealth to the 1% as fast as possible. Just like they do in Russia. And, who will be left to stop them? Certainly not the voters or the Democratic Party because there will be no tools left to stop them with.
License CC0, photo from Piqsels
MEME: Putin Buys Politicians

The Great Civics Lesson continues! In this lesson, we find out why it is important to elect people who hold democratic values, who believe in democracy, and who will follow our norms, traditions, and laws. We cannot tolerate corruption because it will erode the foundation of our democracy.

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The image was found by using a Creative Commons search. It was found on Piqsels. It’s licensed as Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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  1. Jack, you are right and I totally agree. I will be voting and helping to get out the vote. Now I need to go and enjoy my day and hope for better days ahead .
    Thanks for replying .

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  2. I pay attention to politics and all that is happening in the Republican party and I shudder when I read this!
    I knew Trump would be a horrible president but I never imagined such horrific outcomes!
    Looks more gloom and doom awaits us!

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    • Howdy Margie!
      Of course, all of this is speculation on my part, but I find it a very compelling and convincing explanation for their behavior. A general principle I work by is to look at behavior and its outcomes and assume that was the goal. If the GOP is gutting the institutions that make our democracy work, then they must want our democracy gutted. Who keeps giving insane tax cuts to the rich when it’s been amply demonstrated (Reagan, Poppy, and W) that when you do, the economy crashes and burns? The list goes on. When Newt Gingrich talked of a permanent majority back in the 90’s, he was talking about authoritarianism. A permanent majority is antithetical to democracy. It’s like the president for life of a tin-horn dictator.

      It should be good motivation to vote and get out the vote.



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